Disclosures and Policies

Comment Policy

I happily and humbly accept feedback, opinions, and discussions on Mamarazza on a Mission posts; with that being said, I reserve the right to delete comments that I feel may be offensive to myself and/or others.

Disclosure Policy

I may review a product, service, or event. If I have received compensation, free product, or have benefited in any other way, disclosure of this information will be provided. The opinions I share are my own and I practice truth in blogging. The compensation or gifts received will never influence how I choose to post about my experience. Though, I tend to be loyal to brands and companies who support my journey, I at no time will favor or lie about an affiliation with a brand or the quality of the product I receive, especially if/and/or if I am an influencer or brand ambassador. I take pride in working with brands and companies I love, but also require integrity from them as well.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information you provide including your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address (such as in the comment fields) will not be released, sold, or rented to any outside parties.

Affiliate Links

I may post affiliate links to a product, service, or brand website.  This link may contain a code that provides me compensation when an item is purchased, the price of the item is unaffected. There will also be no swaying of my opinion of the item. Though I may receive compensation for your clicks I will not try to trick you into clicking, I provide links so you can access they pages where the item’s provider may give descriptions, reviews, and offer purchase options. There may also be embedded codes that are clickable that may earn me money per click when I am working with a community that tracks who is seeing the items from my pages. I promise to always verify what you are clicking on is safe from spam, adult content, and vulgar images. I avoid those kinds of advertisements and campaigns, if you click on any link and you are directed to pages that are offensive or have vulgar images please email me right away at mamarazza@hotmail.com