Athleisure for the Fitchick

Have you ever heard the fashion catch phrase Athleisure?

Well as you know because I shared in Treat Yo’ Self-Love + Event that fashion is one of my side passions! Over the last 2 years, I have made many fashionista friends here in Seattle, our community of bloggers is largely lifestyle and fashion. Since being around them I have seemingly woke back up my style love and can’t get enough. Don’t you worry, I am still fitness ALL THE WAY, but I would love to be able to dress this body I work so hard to feel good in and look good in my active wear and street wear! I started hearing about this awesome style that was growing in popularity and it sounded like it was right up my alley. Athle- is a great start to any word if you ask me 🙂 So I figured I would share it with you here. Athleisure is pretty much me in a nut shell.


Dress | dad hat | shoes | leggings

How-To guide for us #sweatlife girls who wanna go street style with athleisure wear.

tip #1

It is all about the shoes! For athleisure style, shoes make or break the look for sure! If you are going to wear a dress or skirt then the shoes must be athletic styles like Adidas (stan smith, neo, or super stars) or Brooks heritage. You are merging two styles so you must always remember to “look” athleisure one must not forget the athletic vibe. If you are gonna be in leggings with more casual top, then rock some heels, dressy sandals, or booties.


tip #2

Down play the dress. One key thing about bringing leisure and athletic together is, none of it says glam. This style is very versatile (work, school, errands, events) so remember that when you are picking out pieces to bring your personal style into play. I like to wear leggings under my dress, throw on a dad hat (or both), or grab a sweater or athletic style jacket to calm down anything I feel is too dressy. I often have plans to go to class after an event when I am in the city, so I tend to have a sports bra and a tank to switch out with my dress. Makes on-the-go much easier for us ladies that are already pressed for time! You never want to be too dressed up, or you will just look like a girl who forgot to change her shoes…that would be bad. Refer back to tip #1, shoes make or break this style.


Tip #3

Leggings aren’t just for the yogi anymore. As many of you know the hashtag #nostretchypants is a fairly loved by fitchicks because we get to share our regular clothes on our fitness pages! But since athleisure came out we get to rock our leggings for more than yoga and fitness; we get to be stylish ALL THE TIME. Women are really owning this style by pairing leggings with dresses to work and throwing on their favorite pair of heels and hitting the town after. We love going in between work and WERK as easy as possible when time is limited. Truth is leggings just make everything better. Okay so that probably isn’t true, but they definitely make us more comfortable. Don’t even get me started on compression leggings, yoga pants just don’t even compare. And if you didn’t know you can get high-waisted leggings, now you do. Women have totally embraced pants as a key fashion element of this style, so make sure you own at least some leggings, cropped sweats, or track pants to complete this look.


Leggings | Shoes | Top (similar)

Tip #4

Style yourself piece by piece. The funnest part about athleisure is that it doesn’t have to be a well put together ensemble. You can mix and match a blazer with track pants and heels or you can wear a pleated rose gold skirt with street shoes and an Adidas logo tee. One new way I have found I like to pair my pieces are with random add ins: a headband, vest, messenger bag/cross body bag,  and dare I say fanny pack?! I really love a leather jacket, bomber, or trench to bring the boss babe vibe with joggers or track pants. So many possibilities, I personally don’t think this style will ever go away.


Tip #5

Upscale that athlete. So we talked about down playing the dress, but how about when you need to street cred that comfy? Or business up that lounge wear? I love when I see girls in high tops and a pretty lacey dress, or a bold track pant with a feminine blazer. Add the right jewelry and heels and BAM you look like you just stepped off a runway. Like I said before, joggers and hoodies do well with a leather jacket and nice clutch/satchel/tote. I could totally go on, but I will leave you with this last example: cropped leggings with a dress shirt, statement necklace, and pumps. You see athleisure is endless possibilities of style options, but just remember meshing the two styles of lounge wear and athletic wear are key!


I hope you found some fun new ways to bring your fitchick fashion into street style, I would love to see you try some styles I mentioned above! If you do, please tag me! #healthysocialite Isn’t it great that athletic wear is finally in style? Makes it way easier for us health and fitness babes to navigate and share events and trends, without blowing out our social channels with fashion, when we want the focus to be on the smashed goals! My main goal is to help you have fun styling your awesome bodies, without breaking the bank or having dressing room melt downs. Be BOLD, be BRAVE, and be YOU.

xoxo, Carleeh


Photo Cred

Outfits provided by Divalani Style boutique in Bellevue, WA. All opinions are my own, I never keep the goods to myself so I share with you all the awesomeness I run across!


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