Do you need a magic pill? Swallow this!

IMG_20151002_181723                                                                        Sweat + REAL food


Have you ever got so sick and tired of the new fad way of weight loss? Every couple of months there is some new pill, diet plan, or weight loss super cleanse. It is absolutely ridiculous to me how many companies get rich off our insecurities and pipe dreams for the perfect body.

I may not have been a big diet or  weight loss supplement fan, but I loved me some cleansing. I tried majority of the ones you have heard of trying to lean out with out pills. With as many as I took you think I wouldn’t need to sweat, to be sparkling clean. I still have to fight the urge. Everyone wants to rid of junk/toxins. I am not different, now I just do it with foam rolling and eating cleaner.


Don’t worry we have all fallen for the gimmicks, not just you. We all want to wear that bikini. But let’s be real for a second, even when we get there we will still find something that needs more work, less fat, or to be bigger. Because we are dying to “fit” in.  To feel good about ourselves, and to have others see our hard work. I don’t know about you but I still evil eye the mirror sometimes.


And you ask how can I even make it when everyone is out to make me feel like I won’t be good enough unless I buy into their product for the elusive best me EVER?!?


Don’t worry there are plenty of us who have accomplished weight loss without the get unthick quick scam. Here is how I did it.


Four tips to help you succeed-

1. Eat in moderation, portion control yourself! Use pre-sized or marked containers and measure out the serving size according to the label for snacks! I have found a lot of awesome products to help portion control. To take snacks, I found that many stores sell marked measured sandwich bags. There are lots of companies that make bento style lunch boxes, to-go packaging, and even pre portioned meal plans.IMG_20161207_155701

2. Most people will tell you “Never miss a Monday”, I won’t. It can be destructive if you miss one. Instead, I say plan 5 workouts on 5 different days (Or your amount of days, preferably over 3 days (30mins-1hr)  for weight loss way you have 2 rest days you can choose days as they come or make a schedule. If I am tired from a busy weekend I take my rest day Monday. etc. You need real motivation, not pressure. Accountability, should never be a negative. To me, the word NEVER has a negative ring to it.

3. Fuel your body with health building super foods. I am huge on fueling with organic or non-GMO rainbows, vegetables and fruits.  I started on super foods a little over 2 years ago, it wasn’t a fad for me, I needed them. I have many vitamin deficiencies, I was 2 months premature. Calcium, iron, vitamin D, and like most Americans magnesium shortages didn’t help my low immune system. I needed to get my body eating REAL food and nourished with known immune builders. I could write a whole blog post on superfoods, not now though. Here are a few I highly suggest to look into and add to your diets. For energy- maca, matcha, and cacao. For over all health- Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, spirulina, and cinnamon. Omegas- chia seeds, hemp hearts, and flax. There are even some berries acai, pomegranate, goji berries, blueberries. IMG_20170216_083458

4.Get a personal trainer or pay for a workout plan from one. It is super common nowadays to find a skilled personal trainer online or a local gym. There are even gyms that have scheduled workouts or  a WOD. I have many trainer friends that specialize in specific areas of fitness, find the one that works with your needs. I highly suggest lifting fairly heavy with a coach. The more muscle you build the better the fat burns (p.s. Quads are great fat burners SQUATTTTTT). There are also many that train specifically with weight loss and injuries so check into them before just picking a random trainer. Think about this, would you let any chick of the street dress you? Nope. SO don’t let any random person “style” your workout either. With this knowledge please verify your trainer is indeed a CPT (keyword CERTIFIED personal trainer) if they are not they more than likely do not have the knowledge or training it takes to build you a workout for your desired results. Please also verify with your doctor if you are ready to start an exercise regimen.


I hope that my tips can help you achieve your goals without running to fad diets, weight loss schemes, or get skinny quick pharmaceuticals. You honestly need to remember your weight loss  sticking will depend on how much you love your self/body, not by how much you hate or hurt it. The best results are the ones you EARN and can be proud of. There is no better way to believe in yourself and your abilities than to work hard for them.IMG_20170212_140921_814


Here are a couple of chicks that absolutely should be in your motivation and inspiration wheel house they are finding health and strength one day at a time and one workout and meal at a time. Adrienne   Autumn  Missionfitchick Meme and if you haven’t followed me on there yet here is mine xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



  1. So true! There are so many gimmicks out there and all it comes down to is eating healthy, portion control and exercise. I have been wondering why I’m not loosing weight while neglecting the exercise portion (knowing my body and that just won’t work), so I am getting back on the wagon this week!

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    • Absolutely! I used to micro manage the hell out of my diet, even going as far as weighing my food, I hated it. I made the goal for my year to just eat more nutritious vegetables and fruits and I’ve been happy ever since. I don’t even like to call what I’m doing a “diet”. It’s a lifestyle change. I want to be able to live in a way where I feel my best at all hours and it takes being mindful your actions. Take care!

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