10 Ways to Self-Love in the City

I love the city.

Like love it.

There is something inside me that lights up as soon as we cross over into Seattle via Ship Canal Bridge. It is home, the home my heart loves. I took my first breath here and ever since this place gives me life. I find joy here, passion here, and even rest here. The city is a one stop shop for me to recharge my passions and get a fresh perspective on how small my daily stresses are compared to the hustle and bustle. Every time I get into the city streets (I have run so many) I feel healing. I feel like me. The inspiration and motivation rise up and the self -love bubbles up and overflows. I feel ready to take on the world after a day in the city.

Photo Credit Missy Palacol Photography


One thing is for sure when you are chasing down your goals, raising a family, or rising to the top of the corporate ladder, you need to take care of yourself to stay on your game.
Now-a-days there are boss babes everywhere running errands, being a soccer mom, sneaking workouts in, and scheduling ubers with very little time to catch their breath. We are stressed and exhausted, and busy is the new joy stealer. So how do get back to caring for ourselves? We gotta love ourselves enough to pause our hustle and reset every now and then.

Photo credit Missy Palacol Photography


I love myself, and because of that I have learned how important it is for me to take care of my mind, body, and soul. So many times we forget to take a little productive me time. I know sometimes we go out with our friends or take a bubble bath (with little hands under the door) but what if we scheduled self-care time for ourselves the same way we plan our workouts. I try to add at least one “love on myself” activity a week that doesn’t involve my norm ways to take me time, or my house. With that being said, I have compiled a list of 10 different ways you can self-love and care in the city.

Photo credit Missy Palacol Photography


  1. First things first, coffee. There is nothing like going to a downtown artisan barista and getting a little cup of bliss to take the edge off. Especially, when the latte art is top notch.Whether it is alone to clear your head or with a group of friends catching up, it is always a good way to treat your self.
  2. Spa days are perfect way to unwind.Cities are known for having amazing day spas, either stand alone or in the promonate hotels. Massages or sitting in a sauna always helps ease the tensions of a busy schedule on your shoulders or just help you release toxins. I like to do this alone. It is nice just to have a quiet day, to regroup and let go of what doesn’t serve me.
  3. Salon pampering is always top 5 of the list. Instead of going to my usual salon, it is so much fun to go get a style or blow out in the city. I mean who doesn’t want to feel all bombshell walking down the streets hailing cabs. Perfect empowering activity to build self-love.
  4. I love going downtown and finding the funnest most decadent desserts! It makes me so giddy to go in and out of bakeries and restaurants and get my sugar fix. I often come across them on instagram and then go find them in person. Sugar is a special way of indulging, it never asks questions, it always understands.
  5. Art in the city is such a wonderful way to learn about your creative side while pleasing the eye. Walking through a beautiful space or expressing your artistic side always helps boost inspiration. Museums, painting classes, or watching a show also connects you to your areas cultural side. Most cities have show boxes and venues that are easily accessible day or night.
  6. Learning a new skill is one of my favorite ways to loosen up and play in the city. I highly suggest taking  cooking class, crafting, or even going to a seminar. Education is definitely a self-love symbol to me, we all deserve to grow into who we are and develop what we love.
  7. Retail therapy is self explanatory. You buy a little somethin’ somethin’ and feel a whole lot better. I would say avoid the dressing room for this one and window shop fun boutiques build a must have list. I do suggest eclectic stores such as furniture, make up, and floral stands. It is also fun to play pretty woman (minus the hooker thing) and do fun fashion shows with your friends or significant other, just stick to stuff you know makes you feel good about yourself. Love that body , accept it and flaunt what you love about it.
  8. Get a little juicy. I find when I am walking downtown it is nice to have a power juice or smoothie to sip on. I always find the freshest and most wonderful recipes and get tons of photos, of course. I think fueling your body is one of the top ways you can show yourself some love. Greens and fresh pressed juices are a power packed way to say “I love you” to your body.
  9. Which leads me to brunchin’ find a nice spot, snuggle up with a tasty meal, and maybe even blog or read for an hour or so. Food is always a pleasure for me, just make sure whether it is clean or comfort food to eat in moderation. Over doing any activity leads to stress and we are focusing on self-love/care.
  10. Last but definitely not least, self-love to me is always going to equate to sweat. The very best way you can love on yourself is to treat your body with respect and keep it active. The city has many studio classes that offer drop in sessions, take a cycle class, boxing class, or maybe even try a barre class. All are guaranteed to make you feel like a totally boss and maybe even help you see how amazing your body is. Feeling strong and beautiful in my own skin always helps me to remember how WORTHWHILE I am.
Photo credit Missy Palacol Photography


Above all else, never feel like the city is too overwhelming. The perfect way to see a city is to break it down into community or neighborhood. Take it day by day, visit one section one month and another the next. If you are a weekly self-care lover pick one thing off the list for a few weeks and decide which ones you would like to keep around for revisits. If you need a jump-start here is a detailed list of places I have found to be perfect for feeling the love in the city. I broke it down into Seattle and Bellevue so incase you go to one or the other you are set. I researched some of the top places thanks to Yelp and or my own personal experiences. I hope you enjoy them, I know I have.


  1. Fika House Kafe
  2. Yuan Spa
  3. Chromatique Salon
  4. Vivo 53
  5. Bellevue Botanical Garden
  6. Hot Stove Society cooking class
  7. Shops at the Bravern
  8. Jujubeet Cafe
  9. 99 Park
  10. SoulCycle BLVU


  1. La Marzocco Cafe
  2. City Sweats
  3. Swinks Style Bar
  4. Cupcake Royale
  5. Chihuly Garden and Glass
  6. Creative Live
  7. Westlake Center
  8. Pressed Juicery
  9. Biscuit B**ch
  10. Barre3



Photo credit Missy Palacol Photography

Outfit and boots are from H&M


Now that you know a bunch of ways to treat yo’ self-love in the city, I would love to hear any more places you think could be added to these lists! What is your favorite way to love on yourself in the city? xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,




  1. I got to go to Barre3 for Molly’s (@stylemissmolly) event, now I am hooked. It was an amazing class,great workout and really nice staff. I hear great things about Yuan from every person I talk to! I need to get in there!


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