Brunch, Babes, & Galentine’s Day


Galentine’s Day. What is it? Well it all started with Amy Poeler and Parks and Recreation. I won’t get too into details, because that’s what Netflix is for right? But it is a day set aside every year on Feb 13th to celebrate your gal friends! No matter if they are single or not, you are smothering them with love.



That’s what my sweet friend Kusum did for me and Angie this year. She is quite the hostess and even more of a friend. As you can see she is expecting a little one very soon, so this girl time was extremely important to all of us! And since Angie made her announcement over IG, I can share it here too, she is also having a baby! A little girl! Even though Kusum isn’t sharing her baby’s gender (it’s a secret) I am kinda thinking she is having a girl as well. That’s my guess anyways, I hope I am right!!! Eeek I am so excited to celebrate LOVE and LIFE with them.




We made our way into Urbane Seattle our amazing host, a modern locavore fare restaurant off 8th Ave in Seattle. Here are some pictures of our “first look” at the table and gifts. Here is a list of the amazing companies who brought Kusum’s vision to life.

Our creative team

floral design by First and Bloom

All featured Photography by Missy Palacol

Goodie box design by Holcomb Weddings

Venue and Cuisine Urbane Seattle Executive Chef Brian Pusztai and Nate

Stationary by Lindsay P. Designs




Okay so why celebrate a girls holiday? Well I can think of a million reasons, but I will give you 3.

  1. Because friends are the glue that holds our crazy together, especially if you are already a mom. I don’t know about you, but GIRL time is absolutely a necessity for me, I mean our men are great, but they can’t talk about 45 different topics, for hours. Our children are also amazing, but face it cutting up multiple plates of food at every meal…It is so nice to go out and about and just be ME for a little while.
  2. Because who doesn’t need an excuse to get out and have a fabulous meal, flowers, and girl talk.
  3. Because when your glass is half empty, they know just how to fill it up with whatever you need to make you smile. They also know sometimes that is literal and requires wine hot chocolate, if they are best friends they bring it in a cute target mug so no one will know.

One thing that was so special about this brunch besides getting to see my #sweatpink sisters, was we were getting pampered above and beyond. I think the other girls would agree we were treated like celebrities, I mean we had our own paparazzi! Hi Missy and Hayden!

As soon as we sat down, dreamy foods started appearing at our table and the chefs came out to describe them. They started with their breakfast and brunch menu. It included-

Mushroom scramble, Dungeness crab benedict, Irish cream French toast (recipe will be available at the end of this post), and a yogurt parfait.

I can’t even tell you how good it was, the parfait glass pretty much never left any of our hands until it was clean. Even though we had such amazing dishes to try, I like to eat light for breakfast, so the parfait was the closest to my style. kusumbasavaraju-2563kusumbasavaraju-2568kusumbasavaraju-0138

I made sure to take a few bites of each plate, but I wanted to save room for the next course, lunch menu. Which included-

Pastrami and Rye, Three cheese grilled cheese sandwich , Mac n cheese, and tomato soup.

After we sampled everything we decide it was time to open our gifts, because ummm GIFTS!!!

Kusum is just the sweetest! She hand wrote us cards! How rare is that anymore?! Thoughtfulness is a huge key to friendships, I am proud to know women who go out of their way and busy schedules to make time for me. It means so much.kusumbasavaraju-2465






All the goodies in the box came from Target and were under $15, perfect for a quick, affordable, token of friendship!

Don’t even think we didn’t save room for dessert!!! 2 pregnant ladies and a fitchick…it was happening! I ordered a lemon panna cotto, Kusum ordered espresso chocolate cake, and Angie got a hot peppermint tea. We had the perfect sweet finish to a beautiful and delicious meal.kusumbasavaraju-2800




As we headed out the door we were gifted a parting gift, this beautiful floral arrangement, featuring the amaryllis. Mine is currently sitting pretty reminding me of this amazing day brighten my blog space and inspiring me to put connection and relationship back into my social life.



I am so blessed to know such amazing women in this city. They are both talented bloggers and Angie blogs at Chasing my Halo and Kusum blogs at SveeteSkapes. I couldn’t think of two better babes (carrying babes) to spend my Galentine’s with. We had plenty of laughs and made wonderful memories. Not that they can’t wait to hold their precious babies, but these are their last days before their lives completely change (for the better), I am honored to be able to share these days and many to come with them as they start their own families.


A special thank you to my precious friend, Kusum, I am truly honored to have you as a part of my girl squad. This day was amazing, more than words can describe, and I use a billion of them a day! I am blessed that you share your time and friends (hi again Missy) with me, I love ya girl!


Not only did I get to spend sweet moments with two of my beautiful (preggie) friends, but I got to meet Missy, she totally gets me. I am goofy and clumsy and the primping-est tomboy around! I love that she saw right through my edgy “fit chick” persona and found my girly. Thank you for these amazing images and memories, you truly are a talented photographer and story teller.kusumbasavaraju-2950

You all know I spend a lot of time on my fitness and nutrition, but did you know one of my other passions has been rising and rising in my heart? Fashion. Where I never try to get tooooooo trendy, I love adding fresh new pieces into my closet, activewear and street style! And just incase you are wondering- my sweater, pants, and suede booties in this post are H&M. I hope you like a little style posts here and there, because I want to bring a hint of PRETTY (hint #2) to this blog.

Before you go I promised you a recipe!  Irish cream French toast download —> irish-cream-french-toast-1


Did my post make you hungry ? Well Urbane Seattle is offering a 4 course meal for $65 pp I hope you will swing in for a bite, If you do please tell them I sent them your way!!! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



All of the featured girls day was provided to us by the parties mentioned above (outfit I purchased), I wanted to share a HUGE thank you to them for their generosity. As always all opinions are my own. Please head over to my IG and give them all a follow, you can find them tagged in any photo from this shoot! If you are interested in collaborating with me, hosting a blogger event or have any questions about these vendors, please use the contact form below


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