Feed Me Pretty Things: Dueminuti

As you know I have been hinting (on my social channels) to some changes that will be happening here on my blog.  If you missed my little cues, this is the first of the changes, the addition of fueling posts (recipes, product reviews, and restaurant visits) Hope you like my dive into my other passion, food. Because sweat is fun and all, but ALL the EATS!


You know that meal that literally makes you smile with every bite? I found mine. Pure joy in creative shaped homemade pasta. 7972c483-d331-4e29-8e80-b0eb78ac79a0

I was invited to Dueminuti “healthy pasta” to sample some Italian cuisine that is made with fresh, local and sustainably-grown food. Really, they had me at pasta, but add in the healthy and I was intrigued. How can pasta be healthy? Well first things first, Dueminuti’s pasta is a gluten conscious blend. Not only did they try out 30 different ingredients before they found the perfect pasta formula, but they do not use eggs. So this actually lessens the “food baby” and dart in the neck sensation after eating pasta. Trust me, I ate 4 bowls of pasta and never felt stuffed or uncomfortable.  20161206_122037

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412 Broadway E, 98102 Seattle, United States

The menu revolves around local and seasonal items so don’t be upset if your favorite dish is gone when one of the key ingredients is not in season. And sauce is all house made so when it sells out, it has to be remade before they can offer that dish again. Even though some dishes go away for a while, there are always new and exciting additions. One thing does remain the same, old fashion traditions meshed with modern ideas. Did you know in Italy tomatoes are not served on pasta? Crazy right? But I think they would rethink that whole idea if they had these amazing romas that are slow and low roasted for 8hrs. They were like candy. I love how Dueminuti brings old world and new world together.img_20161223_114712_997


Here was my review on yelp, if you have been I highly suggest you review it too, since they are a new restaurant. My Favorite dish is the Oxtail Ragout, here is the recipe for it, provided by the Dueminuti blog. 20161206_130132



Then there was my husband’s fave the braised hen and citrus! It was amazing as well. The pistachio topping was the perfect crunch for this dish. I may have snagged a few bites off my husband’s plate. img_20161207_170226



Quite possibly one of the best soups I have had, this squash soup and the bread crumbs on top hit the spot on a cold winter day.


This is where the magic happens, you can watch them make fresh pasta while you wait for yours to come out of the kitchen.


Co-owner Filippo works the pass, how cool is that? We love that his passion for food shows through his recipes and in his plating. It is pretty rare to have the chef owner come chat at your table about the sourcing of his ingredients! Totally reminds me of sitting in the kitchen and talking to the cooks at a family meal. Or maybe it is because I am from an Italian family?! We always gather in a kitchen.


The “healthy pasta project” was born in 2013, when Davide was working in Australia and Filippo in China, during a lunch break in Sydney when Filippo was visiting Davide we shared our common frustration for the very few healthy lunch options available

He and his business partner, hunted all over the world for a place to bring their brand, and Seattle was the spot they felt met all their needs. Hey guys, we welcome you with open arms, as long as you keep the oxtail on the menu lol j/k but seriously. We really loved their story which you get a hint of on their walls, by a local artist. Not only does their wall art tell their story, but their lab speaks volumes about their dedication to provide fresh flavors. How often do you see a set up like this? Ummmm never.





Dessert is kind of a thing here in Cap Hill. You have Molly Moo’s, Trophy Cupcake, Hot Cakes, and Bakery Nouveau, but I think this Dueminuti has a perfect addition to the crowd…


There is no doubt that when you have a chance, you always order a panna cotta (tiramisu and crème brulee ALWAYS!) whenever and wherever it is available. But since Dueminuti is the freshest new spot in Cap Hill, they have basil and lavender options. 20170118_124727



I am so thankful for my wonderful community and the delicious food it offers, but even more of the story tellers that make Seattle worth being a chapter in many people’s book.

Thank you to Dueminuti for having us and feeding us so well. Il pranzo era delizioso. Grazie davvero.

The meals were provided at no cost to us to by Dueminuti. All opinions are my own but I choose to share with you the things I love along my adventures.

All photography is my own, to see more of my food photography visit my IG account. To host me or collaborate with me please send all inquires to mamarazza@hotmail.com xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



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