Tap it Back with SoulCycle

I was recently invited to the Grand Opening of the Bellevue SoulCycle. They have finally come to Washington State and it is all the buzz. They opened just around the corner from Bellevue Square, a block from the new 365 by Whole Foods. They had a live DJ, amazing snacks provided by my fave Bellevue healthy spot JujuBeet , and swag bags.IMG_20170121_081603_709                                                               Facebook | Instagram | Twitter




I have got to tell you, I was so pumped. Sadly, I missed the Target x SoulCycle pop-up last year, so I had been waiting for a very long time to clip into the pedals. SoulCycle is so awesome not only did they invite me to come, but they let me bring a friend! You will get to meet Lani later in my post!20170121_095033 Outfit details- Power Live in Leggings from Nordy’s by Zella, With Ease tank top by Athleta, Baseline shoes by Adidas, and as always my motivational wraps by Momentum Jewelry


Most of you don’t know this but I am an indoor cycling (spin, as we used to call it) lover. I even owned my own personal Schwinn Evo for a couple of years. I took cycle classes shortly after I had Bitty to help me get back in the saddle. (pun totally intended) Though I never certified, I built my own playlists and “classes” for almost a year before I attempted learning to run. I even had my own pedals, seat, and clip in shoes, I promise if there was a closer cycle class I would live there. I secretly kick myself for selling my bike to lighten our move load to WA. I have taken a few classes here and there to get my fix, but I am super picky. I love to base my rides off of the beats, letting the music decide for me the hills and runs. I am not for competition, but for inspiration. The words of the songs and the personality of the instructor make the class in my book. All I have ever heard about SoulCycle is just that, they got IT, the vibe and the tribe.


Have you ever walked in the door somewhere and felt like you found your people? I mean I am pretty sure this location won the jackpot on super cool and motivational staff. The ladies I got to meet were Camilla (the manager) is a spunky babe and Taylor is well know in the Seattle fit/blogosphere, she is as beautiful as she is sweet. But the staff isn’t the only thing that is welcoming, the building has flair and bright bold designs that automatically pump you up, but the clothes!!!  I want pretty much everything on the top shelf! The cool styles prove there is something for everyone, whether you want a local repping shirt or feisty leggings. They have bright and happy prints, as well as edgy funk! All I know is next time I come in, I am leaving with somethin’ sassy.



I am proud to say the Bellevue squad brings the rain (and they aren’t even from Seattle), because you leave the class soaked!! I had sweat puddles around my bike and I am not someone who pours sweat often. The workout was the perfect mix between runs, hills, and booty work. I really loved the weight component! I am one of those that prefers to use small hand weights and do curls, overhead triceps, and instead of pushups/tricep dips on the bars of the bike. That’s just because I know that it is harder to maintain proper form while pedaling in a standing position. Ain’t nobody got time to go around the room and correct 20+ people’s form. I had Earl as my instructor and he was highly attentive to his class, always cueing us to stay in form. He not only spoke about loving ourselves but reminded us that this workout was ours. It was the perfect first class. I left feeling so strong and inspired.


I did take photos of the room, but I think I will let you go to experience it yourself, without the spoiler… But I will share some of my fun downloaded event photos. Oh yay, I forgot to tell you, they have a photo booth!!! Meet my friend Lani! She is the raddest spunky little lady I know. We met at go figure  a fitness class, and we keep meeting up for fitness! This girl always brings a smile to my face and she says I bring out her silly side. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would have rather had as my plus 1.

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I am so glad I made it to this class! I hope to go to so many more, maybe even host an event there someday! It was a butt kicking, but in the bestest way. I say anytime you find a place that promotes good vibes and growing tribes, that you make that place somewhere you frequent. I know I will. If you ever want to catch a class with me or need someone to be in your health squad, you can find me on IG or message me below. xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,


All opinions are ALWAYS my own, no matter what. I hope that you can learn more about living a healthy lifestyle by following my journey. I love to share my adventures with you.





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