How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

Call me crazy, No really go ahead, because what I am about to tell you is gonna make you think I have lost my mind.


I am running 3 half marathons in the next 2 months. Okay, that isn’t really the crazy part. The part that pushes it over the edge is that I have only ever run 3 before this, and they were in 3 years time. My third was a few weeks ago. Crazy right? Well I am gonna add a little bit more to that just incase you didn’t say I was nuts out loud yet. I told you, I am off my rocker. I am so not alone in this, my husband who has never run a half, is running his very first in VEGAS with only 3 weeks of training and I am his trainer!

All joking aside, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I try not to self-doubt, but remember in my post How To Be An On-The-Go Boss Babe how we talked about how important scheduling is? Well case and point. I may or may not have written that tip off of this specific scheduling conflict.

Even though you now think I am a tad looney, I put together a few ways to keep you from making the same half marathon mistakes. I am pretty sure you will find a few you can relate too.

Go without running for a few weeks.-

This is the one of the biggest no no’s before a race, for me. I need my legs to be fresh, but not sedentary. Not to mention, I have noticed a huge time decrease. Last time I lost 2 minutes per mile just trying to warm up. I finally was warm by mile 5! I was a struggle bus rider. Even worse, I broke down at mile 8 and never got new energy until mile 11. You don’t even wanna experience cramps like I had above my knees, they were horrible. Make sure you at least get a few miles in race week, trust me.

Do leg day 3 days before the race.-

We all want a nice booty and because I absolutely love lifting weights, I figured it couldn’t hurt to get a little extra cross training. I felt so strong after one of my last shorter distance runs the week of my half, I decided to hit my favorite bar. Okay let’s not hold back on the info. I did lunges, deadlifts, leg lifts, and a large amount of reps of a variety of squat variations. Oh gosh, not only did the D.O.M.S. kick in the very next day but the day before my race I couldn’t even walk the stairs of my house or the potty, I will let you imagine that one. On race day, my legs were tired and weak, I noticed my legs were heavy like I was wading through peanut butter by mile 10. Except it didn’t feel as funny as it sounds, it was actually the weirdest sensation-pain mixed with tingling and numbness. So this may not have been a problem for me if I would have been lifting like lets say at least a few times that month. BUTTTT, nope. I hadn’t been to the gym for weights in a MONTH, so face palm. Go ahead I know you want to. It wasn’t my smartest hour. I kicked myself for 13.1 miles.

Stand on feet all day in heels they day before your long run.-

I am one of those girls that is always torn between active wear and street style. Because I am mostly a fit chick, I hardly ever get to wear anything but active wear. But I LOOOVVVVEEEEE to get all sassy in my ripped skinny jeans and heels whenever I get a chance. So you can imagine when races fall on a Sunday, and I have events on Saturday, I always risk sore feet to get to dress up! The stay at home mom struggle right?!? Well once I went the beauty is pain route and learned it was very very wrong choice. I stood all day at an event for 2 days, instead of wearing some comfy athleisure, I went with heels. The pads of my feet were puffy, the and tired and my heels were rubbed raw, ouchie.

Drink a diuretic morning of the race-

So as much as I love coffee, it is really a no go before a workout, let alone a run. Why you ask? Ummm imagine this pretty much every few miles you need to pee. and you are surrounded by porta pottys, but of course nowhere near when you actually have to go.

Fueling with sugar before your race-

This is the most common kick myself before a run, for me. I mean as I type this I am eating a piece of chocolate cake (we will call it carb loading lol) 2 days before a half marathon. I am a last-minute kind of girl so getting as much sleep as I can race morning is quite the struggle. Especially, when I have to drive for an hour every single race.

Get no sleep before your race day-

I feel like I led right into this one. I don’t know why I get so nervous before race day, but I do. I tend to stay up almost all night trying to psych myself out. I get into deep thought about what I haven’t done, what I need to do, and especially self-doubt. Then this crazy thing happens, I get stressed about needing to sleep and then get no sleep! I set like 14 alarms so I don’t miss my wake up and then miss my race. Before my last half a few weeks ago, I slept for 4 hours…4 I felt like death. Don’t be like me, go to bed early, sleep well, and don’t suck at your whole race.

Now that you have my what not to-do’s I hope you will take my advice. I am a glutton for punishment, so I have been told. Don’t be like me. Train up, fuel properly, get enough sleep, and hydrate before your half marathons, so you can enjoy them as much as possible. There is really no reason to run miserable. xoxo


Sweat ’til You Shine,



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