image How To Be An On-The-Go Boss Babe

Ladies, We all know a boss babe, and love her passion. A girl hustlin’ for that dream. Getting her go-getter boots on and hitting the city streets with moxie. Being boss babe isn’t an exclusive club, nope, it is just a decision to take your goals and get to WERK. Any girl can be one. Even you and me! img_20160915_212250I am gonna share a few tips with you about how you can go from a goal digger to a full time boss babe! There is one tiny rule that you always have to remember, you are not workin for someone else’s dream.So you should absolutely ONLY focus on your path and inspiration. Comparison is a thin line. Best to walk away from that, and toward positivity.screenshot_20160915-202550

Tip 1- Dress to impress, yourself.

I think way too many girls dress for other people. They think style is decided by a magazine, stylists, or other girls in their area. But the truth is a good trend has more than one way to wear it. A good stylist wants to help you find your own personal style out of trends they watch. I am lucky to know a few stylists in the Seattle area and they are amazing passionate boss babes themselves. Each has their own style, none less stylish than the other. Find what you like and put your own spin on it. Whatever you wear, YOU should shine! I mean who doesn’t need an excuse (like goal domination) to go shopping. Speaking of, I had a blast at the Athleta Bellevue’s grand opening and as promised on my Instagram I am going to share my first fall active wear look!

Tank- With Ease in Iron Blue Heather from Athleta

High Rise Metro Drifter Tights in Ancient Forest from Athleta

Sam & Libby Suede and studded ankle booties from Target

Ready to Run backpack in Cobalt from Baggallini

Motivational wraps from Momentum Jewelry20160915_142836

Tip 2- Get fresh, goals.

It’s a new season and Fall brings all kinds of changes-leaves and weather, fashion trends and color palettes, and goals. Ladies, we all know the second summer is over we wanna work on the next summer’s body. We evaluate what we need to change and start our plan of attack. Best way to go about that is to look at things realistically. A boss babe knows the difference between obtainable and unrealistic. Don’t run yourself crazy trying to obtain everything all at once. Make a list and check it twice, make sure it fits your overall goals. I recommend working on a daily goal, weekly goal, monthly goal, and a yearly goal. It sounds like a lot, but break it down. Here are a couple examples-

daily- something productive like checking emails/Bible/whatever you like for an hour, doing a mile morning run, or eating well balanced meal.

weekly- run 3 times a week, eat 2 plant based meals a week, or go to bed an hour earlier every night.

monthly- I want to do a challenge, participate in a monthly run streak, or try a meal prepping program.

yearly- this year I want to finish my certification, lose 10 lbs, or run a 10k.

Whatever ever you decide to do to help your girl power grow, make sure you do it with the right intention.

Enter a caption

Tip 3- Be a calendar girl

There are so many ways to keep your plans at your fingertips now-a- days. Besides having a calendar hanging in your home, you can have a calendar on your cell phone that links to your computer as well. Wanna stunt your growth in any business, event, or race calendar? All you have to do is double book one thing and you find out how much momentum you lose. Scheduling is key. It is the background music to your dance solo. We all know the phrase time is money, but that isn’t a cliché, it is real. Every time you double book or miss an appt, that could be a missed opportunity. Utilize your cyber calendar, fill in on your phone, then when you get home pencil in your physical calendar. If plans fall through you just get some extra time to regroup and/or make it a R&R day. So either way it helps you master your schedule. A dry erase board is a great way to write up your goals and manage a calendar, I keep one by my bed next to my vision/inspiration board. I also suggest an app that allows for your schedule as well as your family’s! I recommend the Cozi family organizer. Here is a little side tip, schedule family or couple time before your events and outings, so you don’t lose your TRUE purpose chasing your dreams.


And last but not least…

Tip 4- Bossin’ is better with a backpack.

I know every boss babe has a bag that would stop you in your tracks. But an on-the-go boss babe needs something more to make her hustle effortless, without losing her stylish swagger. We all love a clutch in spring, a tote or cross body in summer, I say backpacks are what fall is all about! Not only can you still show your personality but it is functional to boot. Pockets on pockets, and you can wear it so many ways! Off one shoulder, over both shoulders, gripping the top handle, or on the inside crease of your elbow. Not only can you take it on the run, but you can take it to new heights too. Especially, in the PNW we like to go from downtown, to functions, to rivers, to hikes, and Fall yields all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. Check out what you can fit in a back pack that you can’t fit in a purse- laptop, change of clothes, goPro, makeup bag, brush, snacks, water bottle, shoes, and more. Talk about a go-getter power tool! With all the zippers and pouches, you can never misplace your items, and you don’t have to worry about spilling or dropping things out while you have to grab something quickly. You can hang your keys on the hooks and cell in the front pocket so I can grab and go. Best part is it is travel ready as well, one carry on? no problem. The jet-setter can pack for a whole day and still have hands free.

What’s the backpack in this boss babe’s arsenal? Baggallini Ready to Run in Cobalt. Not only is it street savy, but its soft quilted fabric is water resistant.20160918_164118

On little secret, from me to you…it is also doubles for those Mom bosses as a diaper bag! It comes with a changing pad, removable water resistant zipper pouch, and the interior is also a quick clean fabric. It is extremely light weight and it has stroller straps. The quiting on the side pockets are great for insulating a bottle or water bottle.



It is available in 3 different colors, colbalt (pictured), black, and smoke (dark grey) and here are the specs- 11.75″ (W) x 16″ (H) x 5″ (D) – 1 lb. 14 oz.

Wanna know they best thing about this backpack? Baggallini was started by two jet setting boss babes (flight attendants) and if anyone knows on-the-go, they do!

Now you know a few fun ways to up your girl game! I would love to hear what your favorite tip is! Or if you have one to add! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



Baggallini graciously provided me with a backpack of my choice to review and as you know my opinions are my own. I always try to align myself with people and products that put time and energy into women’s wellness


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