Get your VIBE on with VibeBody.

fresh-fierce-funYesterday (Oct 3rd) something fresh and fierce started! Vibe Seattle is hosting their very first Instagram Challenge and it’s a the whole month of October! And I am so stoked, because I get to be a part of it!!! Not only do I get to share the goodness with you, I will be jammin’ along right next to ya on my Instagram! Because what kind of fitness blogger would I be if I didn’t get my sweat on? and post it all over social media? So be prepared for fun videos of me learning some new moves! You in yet?

I know you are thinking maybe you need a little fun this month? maybe you haven’t broke out those dance moves for a bit? Be Honest…when is the last time you twirled? Come on ladies life is so boring without a good dance party in your kitchen and sweat sesh to make you feel like an empowered woman! Well this might just be the month that, that changes!

“The entire challenge is FREE, hosted on IG (@vibebody #vibebody) and includes daily workouts, fit tips, nutrition tips, inspiration and PRIZES!

To receive the bonus starter guide + weekly motivation — sign up here!  ”

soooo…What’s the dealio?

Here’s what you do…you hop on your cool kicks, go to Spotify and follow VibeBody, and get to getting your girl squad goals on!

You start each day with a check in at VibeBody’s Instagram account, the daily workout (10 mins or less) video will be posted at 6am every morning M-TH and a link to a special  LIVE class on Friday at 6am. Then you post your workout to your own Instagram and tag @VibeBody  #VibeBody so we can all follow along with your journey.

What is better than free workouts, free motivation, free accountability, and free nutrition tips? AHHHH PRIZES!!! Every week Vibe Body babes will post a special weekly prize and a winner! 4 chances to win, get healthier, and maybe even sculpt some new muscles. I am hoping for a cuter booty!!! How about you?

If you are ready to jump in on this awesomeness, sign up and share one of the photos below on your IG account and tag @VibeBody + hashtag #VibeBody to let us know you are ready for the challenge!

Photo credit @_ElizabethKathryn

More in store-

If you are local (to Seattle) and want to sweat with the babes at Vibe Body, classes will be held HERE at these times

Flow @ 6 am + 7:30 am

Hustle @ 6 am

Flow @ 6 am + 7:30 am

Hustle @ 6 am

HIIT @ 6 am
Flow @ 7:30 am


These babes are so much fun.

Meet Jenn she is a fab co-founder of Vibe Body not only is she science savy but she is a master workout builder.  Here is her Instagram

Meet Ari she puts all the fun in the funky dance moves for the challenge! Here is her Instagram

Meet Adrienne she is the boss babe behind the scenes! Here is her Instagram if/when you sign up you will get your welcome email from her at

Meet JJ she is the Nutritional ACE up the teams sleeve. Here is her Instagram


photo cred @_ElizabethKathryn

Now that you got the details, downloaded the playlist, and have met the ladies, what are you waiting for? good-vibe-tribe-1

I can’t wait to see you over in the Insta community. I myself am planning to dance and sweat this month away. Who else is extra excited for the nutritional tips and positive motivation? I, seriously need a lot of it this month. I am taking on some huge challenges! Don’t you worry I will be sharing plenty of the details over the next few weeks, Instagram and here.But real quick before you go, here is a teaser…I am sharing my very first Fitness FASHION post tomorrow! eek! I hope you will swing back by! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,




This post is sponsored by Vibe Body. All challenge information can be found on their website. All opinions are my own.




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