Flowin’ with my Omies!

If there is one thing I absolutely love about my community, it’s yoga. Seattle has one big huge tribe of yogi’s and I am happy to say I “fit” right in here. Guess what? So do my girls. I am blessed to have daughters that genuinely want to go to events with me and ask if they can join me. I got invited to Tulafest, a local Seattle yoga festival on Lake Union. I was so stoked to attend another festival. I went to Wanderlust 108 earlier this year, it was my first yoga festival, and I loved it. When I heard about Tulafest, I was all in! Especially, because it was put on by locals! I am a huge believer in people chasing their dreams, we they are in my area it makes it way easier to support them.20160709_104419

We were running a little late well because of traffic and well life. So we missed the first class, but that gave us a little time to walk around and look at the venue. No opportunities missed. It ended up being more of an open plan than we thought.

My pretty lil peachy
my sweet bitty


It was really fun to watch the classes that were going on and get to see if I would be interested in any of the styles and teachers for the future. Everyone was teaching from their heart and the energy was really positive. Some were by the water, some were on the lawn, there were at least 3 classes going on at all times.


20160709_114350 We also got to mingle with the awesome vendors! I was excited to see some of my favorite beverages. I am totally a beverage junkie. Pretty much every day I have a Brew Dr. kombucha, Kevita, or coconut water, most of the time sometimes, all three.We stayed and played with Vitacoco for a few, because they are totally my peeps!

“lawn” chair pose
hammocks and chill
Georgina and I, visiting Brew Dr.
popsicles? heck yes, we each got one, of course.


I got coconut lime! it was delish.

It was finally our turn to do some yoga!!! We took Chloe Dee’s class!


sissy snuggles
bitty was cold obviously lol



look at that form!!!
my friends Kathy and Cindy playing with inversions and basing
pigeon is my happy pose



I really could take Chloe’s class everyday ! She had such good energy and we really loved some of the fun ways she brought body movement and pulled our hearts strings. We threw love bombs, aimed true with arrows, and did a huge group hug. It was vibe-a-licious!


After our awesome group hug, me and the girls went to a kids class. I loved that multiple moms were out doing the yoga with their children. Our teacher Jennifer had such a great approach to children. She was tender hearted, silly, and really spoke to them at their level so they could follow.

IMG_4627IMG_20160709_211935IMG_20160709_23225820160709_170438_resized (1)

The girls found one of our local gym friends to play with at the event


There is so many fun things in walking distance from Lake Union so we went for a lunch break adventure. We found some cool fountains to play in and we met up with my sweet IG friend Alicia.


I was such a great day in the sun.

If I could give any critique it would be that the lawn was covered in duck mess and there ended up being a wedding scheduled at the building next to us so the last class kept being interrupted by the party planner wanting quiet. I am sure the city could have scheduled this better and cleaned up the park better for the event. I am glad that because yogi’s are such happy people it didn’t bother us one bit. We just enjoyed the event and took in all the positivity and let go of everything that didn’t serve us. I am so happy I had this day with my girls. It was sure special to us. A great memory was made.xoxo


Sweat ’til You Shine,




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