Looking for a Tribe? I found you one!

Helllllo my sweets, I am hosting an Instagram challenge!!! Omgosh can you believe it?!? I am actually really nervous! I don’t know why? I love yoga and motivated women, so this should be super fun. I have two awesome co-hosts Georgina (ERYT-200) and Alex (RYT 200) they are part of my local yoga tribe here in Seattle area.

Coolest thing is this challenge doesn’t alienate anyone! We want all girls to join! So we have 3 hosts to show you 3 different options for poses, so you can adjust them to your practice. Georgina will be posting for beginners and anyone with injures


I am so beyond ecstatic to invite you to join a tribe of women who are passionate about building a sisterhood- bonding, and supporting other women.

OUR MISSION- breaking down barriers and perceptions, linking arms, and spreading self love through movement. We want to grow united with other women as we develop our own individual love for our bodies and deepen our own unique practice. We are opening our hearts & humbly asking you to go back to basics with us as we find our own strength and let go of comparison.

How to participate- ON INSTAGRAM
1. Repost this image and tag a friend (or 4 😘) just screenshot or use a repost app.

2.Follow @mamarazza , @gnamaste , @ascarredyogi, and @sukha_yoga_photos to be eligible to win.

3.Post the pose of the day each day starting Sept. 1 and tag @mamarazza @ascarredyogi
@gnamaste @sukha_yoga_photos and use #loveyogatribe in every post.

4. Join the Tribe by commenting and liking other challenge participants posts and sharing on social channels.

You may participate on FB as well as Twitter for weekly prizes, but grade prize will be on Instagram only.

*this is in no way sponsored, endorsed or affliated by Instagram, FB, or Twitter. Challenge is Sponsored by @Vitacoco



We welcome you, your beautiful bodies, and your open hearts to this challenge! We hope before ever pose you will warm up, seek calmness, and come to your practice with a fresh mind. Most importantly during each pose we ask you to focus on your body in a positive light and tell us what makes you feel strong in the pose. Set an intention, what are you letting go of? What affirmation can you give yourself? Love your body! Make sure to swing over to my amazingly awesome co-hosts gnamaste (modifications for beginners or injures)
& ascarredyogi (advanced) ‘s pages for their love, light, and beautiful practices. Let’s go love on the other participants posts too since this is a tribe and all #loveyogatribe

Here are a list of the poses for those who need to plan ahead

Day 1- Downward facing dog



Day 2- 3 legged dog


Day 3- lizard pose


Day 4- pigeon pose


Day 5- mermaid pose


Day 6- plank pose


Day 7- warrior 1


Day 8- warrior 2


Day 9- reverse warrior


Day 10- Wide legged forward fold


Day 11- Goddess pose


Day 12- Triangle pose


Day 13- standing split

IMG_20160809_085013 (1)
behind the scenes shot of Danielle doing her magic

Day 14- Tree pose


All professional images for this challenge are courtesy of Sukha Design and Photography one of our sponsors. She offers beautiful yoga photography and focuses on capturing memorable and creative moments in your practice. She is also a yoga teacher who can help you move through your poses.



We thank you so much for supporting our journey!

IMG_20160808_234139 (1)
your challenge hosts being silly after our shoot

disclaimer- please consult your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen, this  challenge is meant to help you establish or grow deeper in your practice, though 2 of the hosts are RYT they are not able to see and help adjust you so all poses you you try our at your own risk. Please warm up before each pose and only go as far is comfortable for your body. As this challenge is meant to help you learn to love your body a little bit more, give it the respect and time it needs to safely go into each pose. All of us are at different levels in our practice, but we chose these specific poses to help you go back to basics and focus on how you feel in each pose and find accountability, support, and self love.

All prizes only ship inside the U.S. and Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/ your sponsors and hosts are not responsible for injury  You must be 18 yrs or older to particiate unless participating with an adult.

Sweat ’til You Shine,



  1. What a great idea. i’m in. thanks to all of you for being so darn creative. hope i can figure out how to get it all posted – either way it will still be fun to do each pose – not to mention trying to photograph it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay excited to have you! I usually video on my cell, and then screenshot a picture. Have fun doing it, we will post the new pose at 5pm the night before

      copy and paste these tags it will save you time.

      @ascarredyogi @gnamaste @mamarazza @sukha_yoga_photos #loveyogatribe


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