Friday FAB Five

I  am always on the look out for new ways to spice up my health and fitness.You guys know me, you know I try new workouts, new products, and I adore new active wear! So I decided to hop on the bandwagon of Friday fives!!! Why? because there are way too many wonderful things to miss out on any of them. Plus you know I love to share things I love.

So a lil while ago I token-ed myself the #beveragejunkie, So let me tell you a little background on that real quick before I share my first fave, because you will understand why I always have new drinks in my hand.  I am 7 years sober. I chose to give up alcohol, when I realized it had always been a key part to my ability to be happy. I was a total party girl in high school, my hubs and I were the party house for our military friends (though I didn’t drink much), and then one day I woke up decided I didn’t want my fun to depend on alcohol. So from then on I have not drank, nothing. Kombucha is the closest I have gotten to alcohol. So you can imagine my summer sips have to be pretty legit. I love when I find something I adore that doubles for health and fun. So I will roll out my fab five with my fave drink

  1. Kevita- If you haven’t had Kevita before it is a sparkling probiotic drink with apple cider vinegar (ACV) so it is good for your gut and the flavors are pretty amazing. My favorite is their Lemon Cayenne. Oh and they are organic!!!! This is our favorite summer soda replacement.
    summer patio refresher
    after workout treat

    omgosh I am all purple, even my toe nail matches
  2. Pop Flex sports bras– these little beauties know how to make the girls look good, but they still work hard!!! I love the fun styles that Cassey chose, if you don’t follow her hurry over to her page! like seriously! her workouts are as amazing as her fun clothes! I mean who doesn’t love a print called mermaid? I am all in!20160719_11424720160803_163755
    Photo by Jenna Lynn Photography

    20160820_114053 (1)

  3. Noosa- My new love is Noosa yoghurt (spelled how they spell it) They use an aussie style culture and they come from Colorado. They have the best flavor combos I have ever tasted. My fave is their blueberry, hands down. But I love their spicy flavors next in line. I top my smoothie bowls with them, eat them straight, or add them to dishes to give the flavors a boost. I am a fruit at the bottom kind of girl!
    This one I lick out of the tub. lol
    Acai bowl topping
    Sweet Potato, avocado, and blueberry Noosa, That’s it.

    4. Next in line is a new (to me) local to Seattle company, Seattle Salads. I had the pleasure of trying the delish wraps and salad cups at a local race! I bought 1 of everything! Even Desirae’s popcorn, which was pretty much the best I have had! If you are in Seattle swing in, you wont be disappointed!


    This was amazing, I wanna say it was a ginger dressing, I couldn’t get enough.


  4. Last but not least, I take it everywhere, especially hikes, my Live A Great Story sticker. I decided my adventures needed a good intention, and living a great story fits me well. I am all about moments, because I understand that there are always good and bad days, and time apart. My goal is to work happy great stories into my life that out way the struggle. I am all about spreading that inspiration. I hope you will join the movement. They even featured my picture on their Insta page today!!! So much fun!!!!
    20160804_172828 (1)20160814_120101 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well now you know my Friday FAB Five for this week, maybe you will get to add some of these things in this weekend! I would love to hear if you have tried any, and your thoughts. Check back next week for the new things I find! If you ever have some fun things to share or you want your product to be considered, tag me on Instagram or message me at I love to try new things! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



Kevita graciously provided me with product to sample and I got to choose the flavors ( I already love them) so it wasn’t hard to share honestly. No affiliate links were used in this post.




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