Keep Your Workouts Weird

I am so excited to partner up with Fit Approach and Prana, yet again to welcome their fall apparel line. Oh you guys, it is so great! The colors, the fabrics, and the cuts are body flattering. I promise here soon you will get to see the outfit I chose, but I write to you today about an awesome way for you to join me in getting pampered with Prana goodies and  more!!!!

photo cred Prana

Not only is Prana giving away $300 of gear but they have joined forces with Organic Valley who is giving away a 2 month supply of Organic Fuel and some swag! The giveaway opened on the 15th of August and will close on the 31st of August, wanna get in the running to be one of the 10 winners?!? click the link below to log in, there are 6 different chances to win.

photo cred Organic Valley

                                                                       Enter Here

photo cred Organic Valley

But wait! There is totally more, you can get in on some social media fun too!!! Use the hashtag #weirdworkout to show everyone how you get weird in your workout and not with what you put on or in your body! Do you like inversions? To lift weights? or something crazy awesome that makes you feel like you could do anything?! Share your photos! You don’t have to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador to play along, just jump in and sweat with us! Here are few places you can engage OV Fuel Twitter OV Fuel Instagram  OV Fuel FB  Prana FB  Prana Instagram  Prana Twitter

photo cred Organic Fuel

Now that you are signed up and make sure to swing over to Organic Fuel for some coupons you can click here —> COUPONS <— to download them.

photo cred Prana

I hope you will join me and my friends as we #weirdworkout all over social media! And just for you I have a 15% code to Prana to get you some goodies while you wait to see if you won! PFS16MAMA feel free to share with your friends and family, heck share it all over if you would like!

Check out the fall line here and let me know what your favorite piece is, maybe you will have a chance to win later on when I share my review! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,



This post was sponsored by Prana, but all opinions expressed are my own. This giveaway is run through Organic Fuel in collaboration with Prana, as well as the outcome and prizes.

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