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I believe I can fly! I am not sure what gets me higher a high octane workout or a group of social butterflies? Mesh those together and AWESOMENESS happens.

You all know I love to sweat, well I promise you I found a way to earn my little sparkly beads, in a stream! I recently had the opportunity to attend an event at FlyWheel Bellevue that was co-hosted by Portia of Obsessed by Portia and her friends at Zico coconut water. FlyWithZico-23 (1)

Have you heard of FlyWheel? I have but, I really wasn’t sure what the hype was?!? welllll….FlyWheel is a stadium-style cycling studio that offers 45, 60, and 90 minute indoor cycling classes. Picture this- a room full of Seattle bloggers, rockin jams, swag upon swag, and 45 mins of pure high intensity butt kicking cardio. FlyWithZico-21 (1).jpg

I have taken many cycle classes in my years in fitness. As a matter of fact, I had my own spin bike for a few years. I have even considered becoming an instructor. I have many routines and playlists ready and waiting for me to get certified. Sadly, spin took a back burner when I moved back to Washington and had to sell my bike. I have never stopped getting on a bike, but I typically only get to use the one at my local gym. That’s why I was so excited to be invited to this event. annnnd I got to be a first timer, which you know I love. There is nothing like trying new things. I was In for a treat.FlyWithZico-01

When I walked in the door I was pampered with a swag bag, a super cute tank (photo above), and there was a table with coconut water to snag before and after!







Here is a fun selfie I took before class got started, since there is no cameras/video during our session (super hard for a room full of bloggers and social media mavens) but we stuck to the rules! Once we got in the room the staff walked around and helped us get our bikes all set up. It was time to get our TORQ ON!20160710_120616

So what sets FlyWheel apart from other spin classes? I know you are wondering. The best way to explain, is the musicality. They call it FlyBeats.

“Get lost in the music! FlyBeats fuses the precision of rhythm riding with our proprietary technology for a high-energy, endurance ride found only in a Flywheel stadium. With RPM dictated entirely by the rhythm of the music, you’ll never leave the beat.”

I gotta admit, I wanted to bust a move the whole time I was on my bike. Though, being that love a challenge, I decided I would focus on form and push myself past my comfort zone. They had this awesome Torq board that told you what you were doing & the class too. I am not usually a competitive person, but it was fun to try to get on the board. Though Marnie was whooping us all, I think I saw my bike number pop up there a few times in our runs. I couldn’t even sing along to the music, I was WERKIN so hard.

Torq down for what? Am I right?!

Actually, I am totally not ashamed to admit, I have had to torq down in a cycle class before. They are intense and beginners (really everyone) should leave your ego at the door, this is a pretty lit workout. It is your fitness, so give your best, but be safe! What is a quick and easy way to check yourself in the middle of a class, without unwanted attention? Check this out —> Did you know the easiest test of to determine your level of exertion which is also the most widely used & most convenient, method is the talk test? It is determined by your ability to converse while you power through your workout, especially good for checking to make sure you are still in a good cardiovascular training. “Above this intensity level pushes you out of your aerobic-conditioning zone (the aerobic exercise level that produces maximum training effects), and it becomes hard to sustain exercise for any length of time.”Runner’s World. So make sure you give yourself a few lower intensity songs focused on maintaining breath and using more endurance than speed, maybe even torq down or lower RPM until you are back in a safe range. The term Fly or Die is cute, but only as figurative speech lol. My new friends at FlyWheel are great at leading all levels and make sure to keep safety and form relevant in the workout. HUGE PLUS!


Super yummy green smoothie made by the Zico crew. You guys know I am picky, this smoothie had me getting seconds. They totally shared the recipe with me, so of course I will share it with you!
                                                 1 cup Natural ZICO Coconut Water
                                                           ½ cup frozen mango
                                                                ½ cup spinach
                                                                    ½ cups ice
                                                                     ½ banana


FlyWithZico-25 (1)

FlyWithZico-26 (1)
I seriously tried to eat this whole platter!
#sweatpink ambassadors NEVER COAST

Left to Right: Kusum from SveetesKapes, Portia from Obsessed by Portia, Tricia from A Couple of Dashes, Me, Sarah from Sweet Blonde’s Fit Life

Tricia is one of my fellow Seattle runners
FlyWithZico-51 (1)
my #girlsquad these babes make me smile so hard
My amazing friend Kusum and her hubby, I love seeing this power couple at events.

FlyWithZico-59 (1)

FlyWithZico-02 Swaggy bags filled with goodies, here is the line up. Thanks Portia for getting us hooked up!
  1. ZICO Coconut Water and bag
  2. 1 FREE Ticket to Fly (Flywheel)
  3. 365 Everyday Value Trail Mix from Whole Foods
  4. Justin’s Almond Butter and Peanut butter cups (above) were handed out as a post sweat treat.
  5. Luna bar
  6. Strideline Socks
  7. Kretschmer Wheat Germ
  8. Chococurb Nano Box
  9. Giorgio Armani Sample from Neiman Marcus


Who needs blush? Earn those pink cheeks?





This passionate and driven group not only are most of us fitness and health inspired bloggers but a few of us are even fitness professionals (yoga, group fitness, personal trainers)! Not to mention, many of us are a part of the Blogger group Seattle Bloggers Unite. If you are local you should join! It gives us a place to share, collab, and get support.FlyWithZico-39

I am so excited to share my fitness journey with you and I would love to hear if you have tried FlyWheel and/or what your thoughts are on spin. Have you had weight loss results? Or do you do it more for the cardio? Would you like to be invited to events like this in the future?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had such a blast. Fantastic workout paired with tasty food and drinks, and spending time with friends, is a perfect Seattle  day for me. I love events, people, and ummm DUH sweat!!! I swear social networking is pretty much my favorite. I love meeting new people and seeing them live out their dreams and passions. Many of the girls I have met at social gatherings really inspire me to live doing what I love. Whether it is a little bit of fashion, a handful of blogging, a side of foodie, and a ton of fitness, there is room for us all to be WHO WE ARE, without taking away from others.Find common ground, but build your tribe/squad/community with individuals. Empower and inspire. Inspire to perspire. Sweat and Motivation. xoxo

All of these amazing photos are taken by  Sukha Design & Photography she is also a highly talented yoga photographer. Oh and here is a little sneak peek- Be on the lookout soon (Sept) for a yoga challenge we are collaborating on.

I am always looking for other health and wellness people to collaborate with. Are you a local fitness professional or blogger, who would like to be a part of a Seattle fitness FB group? We are planning meet ups and workouts right now get on our invite list! Feel free to comment below or contact me by email




Sweat ’til you Shine,




I would love to hear what you think!

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