Five Blogfest Faves

I am figuratively flipping for joy! Only 5 days left until Idea World/Blogfest with Sweat Pink! If you have never heard of it, it is a fitness convention where there are workouts, workshops, and lectures with the fitness industry’s best. I mean how cool is that?!? Not only do we get to absorb their knowledge but we get credit for our classes! Most classes are worth up to 2 credits, that’s up to 23 total, sadly, workouts don’t count. But I go to those for sweat and fun anyways! Blogfest was invite/application only through Fit Approach this year and I was invited!!! Don’t worry even though there’s not a way to jump in on Blogfest right now, you can go to Ideaworld!! There is even a free expo! I came home with a suitcase just of samples and goodies. I went to booth last year (Ideaworld is included in Blogfest admission) and absolutely loved it, and highly recommend it.

I have put together my top reasons for being so pumped about Blogfest.

  1. Starting the convention with a run! My awesome friend  Tiffany ( cute chick with both hands up) organized a 3 mile run directly before the convention opening ceremonies! It was the first time I got to meet any of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors and many I still keep in contact with over Instagram. I loved doing my fave activity first!!
    making new friends at 6 am

    thanks Sharpie for the awesome selfie

2. Getting all dressed up for the urban party night and networking party! I mean what girl doesn’t love a chance to get all done up and pretty with her girlfriends! The Urban Party is a blast, they had a photo booth, amazing catered meals, and time to dance and mingle with your friends. The Urban party was for all the attendees of the convention. The network party was very fun too, we got to talk with the sponsoring brands, pass out our business/contact cards and eat a meal together. The network party was Blogfest only.

networking and mingling with the coolest chicks around
urban party glammed up

3. Flexing and not even slightly feeling weird about it, because everyone else is doing it too! Okay so this one is silly, but if you know me I think flexing is cool as heck if you are showing your strong (not being a meathead).

at the sweat pink booth
after workout group poses are the best

4. Fun workouts specially planned for only Blogfest attendees. We are so dang lucky to get private workouts with some of the most awesome fitness clelasses out there and their owners. We got to do Kaia Fit, Zumba w/Beto, HighX w/Gabby Reece and this year we are getting. Pop Pilates class and working out with Gunnar Peterson (celebrity trainer).

finding zen
sorry it is blurry Gabby Reece was kicking our butts
partner routines with Kaia Fit

5. Last but not least, my most favorite-ist part of Blogfest is getting to be in a room with other passionate go-getters who are trying to make the world a healthier place! These talented bloggers, fitness leaders, and social media powerhouses so inspire me to be the best blogger I can.

do you see me in the pink hat? soaking up all the info

Well now that I have told you mine, maybe you will tell me yours? If you have attended Idea World Blogfest or Idea World what were your 5 faves? If you haven’t what 2 would you look forward to the most?

Sweat ’til You Shine,


I would love to hear what you think!

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