What’s super and green and packs some protein?

Have you ever wondered if the Hulk even likes green? Maybe he doesn’t want the green life. I mean he seems super mad to me, maybe it is because he is green. I get it Hulk, I get it. Not all things that are green are super. hulk

I know it is gonna sound so weird because I am all for green living from the Ever”green” state, but I DON’T love all things green, not even really the color. Oh especially not green juice. I pretty much CAN’T EVEN for lack of better terms. So when I see the word green describing super foods, I lace up my running shoes and search for some hills. Don’t get me wrong I love greens, in their veggie form, but as soon as they are juiced, the very smell of chlorophyll makes me gag. Now it wasn’t always this way. Thanks to Jamba juice giving me a moldy wheat grass shot, I am now the recipient of a fun gag reflex and migraines. I partially blame this one the lack of adult leadership at our local store and the fact that I am pretty sure they were more worried about dates (flirting) than dates of the food. But seriously, I have never been more sick in my life. Ingesting mold is no joke. Now because I don’t like bashing anyone or putting negativity on companies that probably have no clue it even happened, I will be honest, I went there almost daily before it happened, so I liked them well until then. But my freak incident has actually completely changed the way I eat health food. I can’t even cut kale (see can’t even is the perfect description). The darker the green the stronger the smell. And if you have spent anytime around me you know I can hardly use anything because of my sensitive sense of smell. Makes me sad, I used to love wheat grass shots.

Okay, so I am done sharing my random story. I just wanted to give you some background why I don’t like green juice.

Okay so I don’t hate it. I actually drink a lot of green juices, but finding green things without the taste of chlorophyll is actually hard. So I have to mask it or go for sweet greens. I really don’t enjoy plugging my nose and chugging just to get healthy options. So you can imagine finding plant superfoods have been interesting.

Oh hey, in walks Amazing Grass. I got this happy mail package from Amazing Grass thanks to my Fit Approach community. I love packages!!! They make me sooo happy! When ever you see me post #happymail you know a happy dance came with the delivery! But I mean look at all these goodies! I adore mason jars, all yoga things, and protein, of course.



Okay so I usually start with vanilla or chocolate flavors of protein, because masking “green” and pea powder is hard. But for some reason I ordered the original. I guess something in me wanted to do a review off their base. Simply because as I am trying so many proteins, I want to be able to taste what sets them apart. I already use enough yummy fruit in my smoothie bowls anyways.


The first thing I look for in a protein is obvi -protein content, source and grams. As well as there are a few other important players, like additives, if it if organic or non gmo, and sugar. I guess I need to start a grading system. Let’s go back to school  A B C D E F.

Protein grams- 20g per scoop

Protein source- Organic pea, hemp, chia, and quinoa

Addititives- xanthan gum, natural vanilla flavor, organic madagascar vanilla

Superfoods- ALL organic-

greens- wheatgrass (powered doesn’t bother me), alfalfa, barley grass,spinach,spirulina,chlorella,broccoli.

fruit and veggies- carrot, acai, banana, beet,sweet potato, pineapple,raspberry, rose hips, and goji

and the calorie content is 110 per scoop.

fiber is a little bit lacking at 3g (dietary) but they make up for it  because there is <1g of sugar


I am also falling in love with this company! Not only do they take the steps it takes to provide the healthiest products they can for adults, but they have a whole kids line too!!! Major score in my book, because as a mom, I choose products that have family health in mind. Part of the reason I chose fitness is because I wanted to be a good role model to my kids anyways. One of the best things about Amazing grass is their products can be bought at Target!!! Yay, I have an extra excuse to go shopping!!!!

Oh and a fun fact- they actually engage with you on social media! That is a huge plus for me since I share content and tag them. I love companies that love their consumers! IMG_20160419_073447

So for this specific product I give it an A. Based on the fact that the texture is nice, the flavor is easy on my taste buds, but also easy to mask, and that it is a non- gmo organic protein. It being vegan/kosher pareve are extra credit since I am not either but like the benefits both offer to my green living.

3 AMAZING flavors to choose from

oh hey! check out the fun hash we have all been conversing on #feelamazingeveryday on your social media channels to check out the other flavors in action! Maybe you will even find a few blog posts from my friends to read!

look at this super cute barcode


So hurry and snag your family some superfood goodness. I recommend adding a sample kit to your order so you can test out Amazing meal , Green Superfoods, or their Protein Superfood, they also come with a fun shaker.

Have you ever had a superfood protein? Have you ever heard of Amazing Grass? What is your favorite protein? Do you think you would try Amazing Grass after this review?

I am so glad you popped over to my blog, If you would love to try Amazing Grass products 40% off I have a special online coupon for you 40SWEATPINK1 (expires July 1, 2016)


Sweat ’til You Shine,



As always, my smoothie bowl recipes are always available on my Instagram I would love to hear feedback or engage with you, so please feel free to give me a shout out!



Disclaimer: I received Amazing Grass to review as part of a SweatPink campaign. Learn more about becoming a part of Sweat Pink (ambassador) at www.fitapproach.com I also practice truth in blogging, so every one of my posts are based solely on my experience with each product. To collab with me in the future, email me at mamarazza@hotmail.com

I would love to hear what you think!

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