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Hey everyone, Long time no hear, speak, see? Did ya miss me? I hope so, I sure missed you! Oh my gosh so much!

It has been a little bit! Let me tell you why.

As many of you have noticed, I took a month off from my blog, not because of anything negative, but because I needed to get myself together after a few major life changes. Part of which made me think about my purposes in life and if my voice was worth sharing, if anyone wanted to listen, and why. Well funny thing is, blogging keeps coming up! I have written many posts and they are all in my drafts. Sitting there lonely waiting to be released from blog jail. Some of my best shares are just waiting for the right time.

In my little hiatus (from blogging and fitness) I have had many opportunities to work with amazing brands trying new products. And even one company, PrAna again! It made me so happy to hear they felt like my voice fit something in their brand, well because I have so many of the same passions. First off, I have to apologize, I accepted this blog before some pretty large things happened in my life causing me to have to push back some of my extra credit activities for the health and longevity of my family. PrAna, my deepest apologies. I am so very thankful to be able to work with the amazing brands that Fit Approach connects me with and I am a woman of integrity so I wanted to own up for my own flaws.


Now let’s talk about the goods. I know you all got to get a little bit of a taste of PrAna with my first post a few months ago, but oh boy have they upped the market this year with their new Spring Styles! Not to mention their commitment to the impact their products have on our world. Did you know they have been partnered with Bluesign® since 2012? That is huge, it means that their products fabrics meet the highest environment and human safety standards, with no harsh chemicals that could pollute our air or water! Don’t even get me started on their materials.IMG_4358IMG_4305IMG_4356

Oh wait this is a review, so then let’s…

Organic cottons, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and re-purposed down, I know all you granola’s just got so excited! I am a mostly crunchy mama myself, so I do love to buy from brands that put a little thought and action into making their impact on our resources, light. I actually must admit, I totally pay extra for it. Words like fair trade, organic, and recycled draw my eye and 9 times out of 10, earn my money. I have kids, I want them to be able to enjoy the forests, oceans, and mountains like I do, here in the PNW. I mean if you have been here, you know exactly what beauty I will pay a few extra dollars for! here’s a little preview.

trees, oceans, drift wood oh my!

I could honestly talk about this company ALL DAY! Because I am that passionate about health and my State, but l know you came for the goods! PrAna chose me as part of a campaign with the babes at Fit Approach and fellow bloggers to pick one item out of their spring line to review and then gush over, because come on, I cant see anyone complaining after my legs slid into my stretch skinny Kara jeans.

beachcomber vibes
Heaven. Okay so I spilled the beans  about my choice. But, I have to admit, I already have a pair! and I jumped at the chance to add other color to my (to be) collection! Trust me, ladies, they are like butta!!!! First, let me back up a bit. If you are about to hop, skip, and a click over to their site, make sure to downsize! And for you petite ladies, consider the fact that they are made long on purpose so you can roll the cuff! Okay the link is  HERE and if you buy tonight you get 15% off with code PSSS16MOAM the link has been live on my insta and twitter for a while but it expires tonight.

Personally I rock mine cuffed or long with heels. Either way, they fit my curves (DANG THIGHS!!! that just wont quit) and make me feel super sexy comfy in my own skin. I know your jeans probably do that too…but can you do yoga in yours? I can in mine. I mean a full split, not tree pose.

At any given moment I can go from city streets to mountain hikes to beach walks, did I mention one of the phrases the like to identify their brand with is- Live fully, play long, and travel well? I find it fits perfectly because I have no problem going between adventures with ease because of how versatile these jeans are.IMG_20160321_003345[1]


The great thing about these jeans are that they are skinny stretch. Throw that thought about jeggings out the window, these are high quality jeans. Organic cotton to be precise.20160320_101838[1]IMG_20160320_214401[1]IMG_20160320_214622[1] I totally feel like Vana White, but hey! if they made evening gowns I would absolutely rock one to walk up and tilt the hanger toward you with fancy hands. LOL jus’ being honest. I totally don’t get paid to say that. As a matter of fact, once a product has won me over, I have no problem sharing almost profusely about them. Don’t believe me? Here is my instagram to prove it. I am pretty sure it will be hard for me to wear another brand of jeans after this, I would swoon if they had multiple colors and styles of denim (stonewashed, micro tears, and light wash) I wouldn’t complain if they made khaki colored, darker grey, or suede either.

Okay, so because this is a review I have to give a slightly less than stellar feedback about the sizing, where I adore being able to fit into a smaller pair than I really am in, it is kinda hard to order, soooo make sure you as the consumer do your part ans check their very detailed size chart (shared from their website below), otherwise you will be getting to know their nice customer service people. I didn’t have any issues ordering the yoga clothes, just the jeans. Please remember  jeans often start to sag after a wear or two, stretchy ones are just as touchy.


I am happy to say their customer service made it right every time, that is always good news, in online shopping. I have gotten to know a couple of them because when I first ordered I was a size bigger and when the sent the replacement I was a size smaller. It was fun, but took a little time since I had to be able to find my size by mail order dressing room. They were patience with me and made sure I got the size that fits. Sadly, all of the clothes from my first review are way too big! Sometimes weight loss can be bittersweet, like when you go shopping and get the cutest stuff and a month later NOTHING fits. Any one wear a size 8? lol

I would love to hear about any spring styles you found on the PrAna website, I personally have been day dreaming about page 25 of the online catalog and this Parker Sweater and the Steph pants for a spring night bonfire under the stars.

If you had the opportunity to pick one item from their Spring line to review what would it be? Would you like to see more clothing reviews from me? Where do you think you would wear the Kara jeans most? To order the style of Kara jeans I am wearing visit this link

Sweat ’til you Shine,


This post is sponsored by PrAna who understands that this review and the opinion stated is that of my own. I promise my readers to show each brand respect and integrity and maintain my honesty in blogging. Many thanks to the team at Fit Approach for bringing us together.




  1. I love prAna’s new spring line – I am dying to get my hands of some of the new shorts – they’re SO CUTE. Also, I love your gray converse – I might have to copy you and get some! 🙂


    • I love their shorts too! I saw a dress that could be used for a night out or a stroll of a farmers market! I believe it was called shayla- totally a blogfest dress networking party dress! Did you see the sylvia romper??? so cute on you!


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