Meet Your New Bestie, Matcha

Hey Girl, HEEEYYY!

So, I woke up today like COFFEE! <mombie voice> I neeeeeeeed coffffffeeeee. Yes, just like that. I didn’t sleep well and had sneaky bed invading little feet upside my head all night long, oh Bitty.  Not only did we toss and turn, but we ended having to drive her big brother to school after he missed the bus, and way EARLIER than this mom functions. So you can picture me all jammied up, with my morning Mojita (Kevita- acv and prebiotic elixir of goodness) in hand to the high school. I was a hot mess suv mom express. Trust me there will be NO pictures of my hair! But what I can share is the way I decided to get a quick super mom power boost!

Two green girl bosses, right here! MATCHA made in Heaven


Okay ain’t she purdy? This is a boss babe’s new bestie!

Matcha green tea packs a powerful punch, dare I say coffee is going green?!? Green tea is known for having some natural caffeine, but wow! Who knew she had such a rich and powerful older sister? Matcha tea is a super dee-duper food. I had never tried Matcha before, but it is just green tea leaves ground into powder. The word matcha means “powdered”. You know what’s crazy? Matcha green tea does taste like regular green tea, but with oomph! Definitely more earthy and bold. I think the matcha is a little better mixed into things like smoothies, chia pudding, and lattes, but still like my organic traditional green tea for comfort sips! One thing matcha has going on, is that no matter what recipe she’s in, her green glow makes her the star of the show.

Let’s talk about the supporting actresses real quick. One thing about smoothie bowls I love and adore are the toppings.


Thanks to for the super food toppings chart!

They are so much fun! There is so many different ways to decorate and flavor combos! Here are the brands I like of each of these

  1. Raw cacao powder – Nativas naturals or Sunfood
  2. Homemade granola- I prefer Larabar’s
  3. Chia seeds- Mammachia
  4. Hemp seeds – Manitoba Hemp hearts
  5. Organic Burst- maca
  6. Pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe’s
  7. Nativas Naturals -goji berries
  8. Bee Pollen-local sourced!! So important
  9. Cacao Nibs- Nativas naturals or Theo Chocolate

Okay because I want you to have time to make your smoothie, here is the recipe I used for the Matcha made in Heaven bowl

3/4 c zico organic coconut water • 1/4 c frozen pineapples • 1/4 c frozen mangos • 1 tsp Organic Burst maca and spirulina • 1 tsp Epic Matcha organic matcha • 1 scoop of EAS lean 15 vanilla • handful of kale

Toppings- nativas naturals goji berries, manitoba harvest hemp hearts, bee pollen, and shredded organic coconut

Now before you go devour this yummy smoothie bowl, I want to say a couple words about Matcha’s bestie Kale. Because though she isn’t the main attraction in this smoothie, she is definitely the equivalent to Matcha in amazingness. Not only is she a leaf as well, but this co star brings depth and some drama (not everyone likes her) to any scene she is on. Look at these accreditations in just one cup (my handful was about a cup). Wow.

Oh sister, you go girl! (Found this image on )

If you aren’t so found of Kale, she can be a little bitter if she isn’t rubbed the right way, get less of her at a time. Okay, but if you are smart you will see having her around is way more enjoyable than you think once you get to know all the roles she can play (soup, chips, salads, even southern) This show stopper is a great replacement for collards in a dish!

Seriously, if you like piña coladas🎶 this smoothie just right for you. If you want more of a tropical vibe with a hint of green, just lessen the amounts. Ease into it. No one ever said you had to go GREEN all in one day. Give her an audition. I promise you can always tweek the script. Just make sure you get ready because this Boss babes combo is coming for that red carpet dress!Design-2016-01-22-08-11-52

I hope you will give this award winning duo a try! Don’t forget to give me a tag if you do! You can find me at my social channels alongside this post!

Or leave me a little comment below to tell me if you have any special recipes where Matcha or Kale have stolen the show! Xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,


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