IMG_20160118_174352Ladies, #selfies are so controversial. I hear from people that they think it is being “obsessed with yourself” but really I don’t think that is the case. Girls who post selfies are confident (or really don’t have anyone to take the dang picture) and they want to share their lives with with others. I mean you see your local friends faces almost everyday?! Does that mean they are obsessed with showing you how pretty they are?
On a fitness journey, we really don’t have time to set up perfect composed photos and strategic places items. We just wanna be accountable and show you we are checking in! I am dripping sweat and cold, hungry, and I smell, let me selfie, so I can go home! Lol12401861_1545752719081668_3129476501739032349_o12819247_1584232025233737_8418651642034853002_oIMG_20160312_164416IMG_20160311_225839

➡What we really should be worried about are girls who don’t post selfies, (not the ones who don’t want to) but the ones who don’t think they can. There are so many women who feel ugly, fat, worthless, and are scared to be judged or critiqued by the public. Women who won’t post a picture of themselves or workouts because they don’t wanna be vulnerable. They need us to tell them they are GOOD ENOUGH the way they are! No makeup, acne, extra skin, extra weight, and flawed. Baby you are beautiful, show us YOURSELF. YOUR FACE, YOUR DETERMINATION. Put yourself out there, not for praise or glory, but for support. We got you. I love selfies, I love to see women owning their beautiful. I love faces, I love to see uniqueness and facial expressions. So I say selfie, with the right motivation. Now if we get all, ooh ain’t I cute, look at me? Then there’s a problem. Don’t be self absorbed, but don’t be selfish either.


Sweat ’til you Shine,


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