Seattle’s Green Lake Gobble 5k Race Recap

This last weekend, the kids and I decided to volunteer with Pro-Motion Events. Afterwards, we ran the Green Lake Gobble, for our second year in a row. I am a sucker for any of the Green Lake races because it is one of my fave places in Seattle. Pro- Motion Events actually puts on majority of the races at Green Lake, and they are a great run company. This race is actually one we have decided to do anually as a family, even though it is a 45 min drive.

So let’s recap this baby.

The first thing, I will talk about is the day of, packet pick up. The set up was pretty organized with lines by bib number. The race had a wall set up where all the runners could look up their number by their name. They came to their specific line and where given their packet (bib, timing chip, zip ties) and their shirt. It goes pretty smooth, the only hiccup I had was having to remind people to grab their own pins which is hard when there is a large line. As a runner, I like to get my pins in my packet, at least two pins. A few runners got a little annoyed that they had to try to count out pins before the race was starting after waiting in a long line. I can understand, it was freezing out and it is hard to grab pins with gloves on, and even harder to grab them with ice cold fingers. But hey if that is the biggest worry, I am pretty sure that the event is 100% a success!

our little volunteer zone


Second, this location is absolutely gorgeous!  I mean check out that scenery.

my happy place


Not only is it beautiful, but it is a 3 mile paved trail all around the whole lake. It is a fairly safe area, and plenty of active families out and about any day of the week. The path is flat and there are markings on the pavement to let you know which sides are for bikers and walkers/runners. There are also 2 running stores within a few minutes walk from the main parking lot, Road Runner Sports and Super Jock ‘n Jill. Talk about a cool trail!

our pace squad



One of the best attributes about this race is that it is very kid friendly. Not only was there a kid run, but I saw mom’s and dad’s out pushing strollers, running with kids, and even walking their furr babies. Yep, Green Lake is pet friendly! The race started at 9am in the morning and the roads were monitored and marked nicely for the runners. We didn’t run on the actual paved loop very much, but ran along the main road. I felt my kids were safe and that the authorities kept it blocked really well. The crowds were able to stay pretty dispersed through the course, except on two trail extensions where we had to walk/run through some trees. The course thinned and people got a little congested. It was short and hardly phased us.

girls on the run
Believe it or not my teen was even with me, though he sat in the car most of the time, he did join us for the run. Not that he stayed with us, he is pretty fast. He was kinda forced to come, but that’s okay sometimes moms have to make the decisions. I knew once he got out there he would run with us, he acts like we are annoying but he really enjoys running. At the end he seemed all race blissed that he did it. I am always happy that he chooses to participate because he loves fitness, even if mom has to be the bad guy to get him there.


a split second where he stayed with us, he hates cameras
I may have told the kids we would walk this one…then I haggled a deal. I said “if you walk/ run it, I take you out for food.” worked like a charm! We did intervals 2 mins run, 45 sec walk. I won’t lie to you guys, I may have added a minute or more to the 2 mins a couple times, once I knew they were warmed up. Gosh, moms are shaddy! But over all they stuck it out and listened to my coaching. I monitored breathing, foot strike, and movements of the arms/ legs. My son actually asked me why I was trying to teach my Bitty how to breath in 3, out 3. I told him teaching her proper breathing techniques and form will help her to develop into a better athlete some day, and not struggle with running as bad as I am. Having to re- learn how to run after running for 2 years is tedious and hard, I don’t want that for my kids, plus injuries suck! The intervals helped them be able to plan for their speed and for pacing while being able to have some rest. Even with walking, we still came in at a really good time 45:49 with 3 kids in tow, I will take it. Now to the kid’s favorite part, the vendors!

finish lines and SNACKS!
As you can see the vendor area is relatively small but some great brands come out! My favorites are Zico, Kind Bars, and their was a mobile coffee truck! My kids were all in for the smoothie bikes, there was even some friendly competition. This is the part (smoothie truck) that I used to bribe them to come. It worked, right?

frozen drinks in freezing weather, aye why not?
So tiny, Mommy had to pedal for her.
We had a blast walking around and enjoying the people and brands to try. I spoke with the Ragnar tent, because I am planning to run the NWP (Northwest Passage) with some friends. I talked to the PCC truck girls about different good PCC Cooks classes. And we watched a few minutes of the mashed potato munch. They even gave out what they didn’t use for the contest. p.s. I hope my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are as good as theirs!

One of the coolest parts of this race was that it’s sponsored charity was Seattle Gospel Mission. Participants were asked to bring canned food to donate and there was a booth where people could donated funds. Pretty special to help those looking for a warm meal and a place to come in for the night, especially around a holiday that is about being thankful for all we have and the ability to share health, wealth, and togetherness.

 #thegibblers getting some hang time
So because I made myself a mini vow to headstand after every race, I found me a good spot and got to “gettin the eff upside down” as my friend says it. Omgosh, don’t you love my Pro Compression multi stripe socks, better know as the Gibblers? I am in love with compression socks on my runs, because of all my leg injuries. I don’t get those tired legs anymore, even though 3.1 isn’t distance, I sure feel it the next day with my damaged ankle and ITB. And these help keep that at bay. I love that I don’t just have to be a runner, but can do other fun things at a race. It fits my -a llittle bit of everything- personality. I can yoga, run, and coach, even network at events.

I enjoy  this specific race because of the vibe and the only thing I would have changed about the race, is more food at the end. A banana doesn’t really cut it for me on a late race morning. I would happily buy food if they had a food truck, similar to the coffee truck. I would hope the prices would be more reasonable, I couldn’t even get my kids a bag of chips they were $3 at the food truck. It almost seemed like they boosted their normal prices, specifically to the race crowd. Which is a no go for me. My coffee was $4.50, it wasn’t bad, so that rocked! Anything warm would sell well on those chilly days in November. I know for sure there is an awesome lumpia truck in Seattle, jus’ sayin. Other than consumer woes, I was really happy and have nothing negative to say.

So just to be clear, I love love love this run and have a blast every time I do a run with Pro- Motion Events. I love volunteering with them, Hi Deanna! The race staff is fun and nice and they are pretty organized. If there were any race issues, I didn’t notice and that’s how I like my race experiences to be. I came, I ran, I sampled, and I go home and Epsom salt, baking soda, lavender hot bathe it up. That’s my kind of weekend.

I hope if you live local you will give the Pro- Motion Event series a try! Here is their event calendar. I will be doing their 12k’s of Christmas holiday run in late Decemeber! Have you ever run Green Lake? Does your town do a Thanksgiving Day run? If so, do you go before or day of?  xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,


This post was not sponored by any parties, just a recap of a race I ran.This was a first for me and I hope you enjoyed it. I am going to be sharing more races and local events in the future.


  1. Nice job by the whole family! With my boys being older it’s hard to get them anywhere at the same time, but back in may we all ran a 5K and had a blast! My oldest even won his age group! I need to do it more often with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it fun to see them challenge themselves and for it to boost their self esteem?! My husband really like to run with my son when they are on the same schedule. I love to see my boys go out and come back with stories of who was faster and all that healthy competition. They both push themselves, it is funny.


      • I agree. My oldest was a 2x state qualifier in track and once in XC and he really changed a lot as a person once he started working hard on his running. He’s just very confident and I feel like his doing so well in college has something to do with that. My younger one ran XC for the first time this year and running and being on the team made him so happy. I think he is learning a lot about himself too!


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