Why I #BreatheSweatLove with the Sweat Pink Community

Hey everyone! I wanna chat about a community that I am a part of, Sweat Pink! They are like my family. They support my journey, they cheer on my goals, and they share my my passion to spread sweat and motivation.

Did you know not only is @fitapproach #sweatpink an amazing community of bloggers, content sharers, and sweaties, foodies, and inspiration leaders, but they also have apparel.Yippee!!!

So when they ask me to help share the word about a new item on their  apparel line, I say “OH HECK YES!” A few days later I got this super cute tank in the mail

Isn’t it adorbs?


Life flowing in and out of my being.
Negativity leaving my body.
The full measure of forgiveness, mercy, and selfless sacrifice.

Breathing is… well, mandatory to live, but also massively important in fitness. It has been the most important of the three words to my journey right now. I find that when I don’t take time to acknowledge it’s importance, it messes with my goals. I am gonna share a few links I found helpful in my journey.

3 ways Breathing impacts fitness

  1. It is crucial for proper running and also provides ways to prevent injury.
  2. It helps to connect with our practice in yoga, known as pranayama.
  3. Did you know that it also relieve stress? You can use breathing techniques to calm yourself down.

Isn’t breathing wonderful? LOL but really! Who knew something we did mindlessly could be used to change our health when used with mindful purposes too!?!

I love that breathe is the first word and I get a trendy workout reminder! The tank top it is soft and the font is girly without being babyish. Here is me getting my sweat on at my local gym. I mean, who else poses in the middle of their gym studio?


This shirt fits me so well, and not just the way I wear it, it fits how I like to inspire and motivate women. And I didn’t even have to talk! It’s a statement piece, the kind people stop you at the gym to find out where they can get it. The kind people say “that quote means something” to them apparel.That’s my kinda apparel.So I have told you what it means to me and shared my love of the company! Soooo…

What does Breathe.Sweat.Love mean to you?  


Sweat ’til you Shine,




Now for the fun part. Meet the ladies behind the brand.

Q&A with the power house babes who fearlessly lead the #SweatPink community.



Co-founder and Co-owner of Fit Approach, Jamie King11831789_840453169396103_9092767978185236008_n

Q1. What is your go to comfort food?A1. Pizza. French Fries. Pizza con french fries. Mmm..

Q2. If you could freaky friday (trade places) with any sweat pink ambassador for a day, who would it be? A2. Ooooh, a tough one! Maybe Brooke, from @breathebrooke. She plays yoga and runs in Hawaii….I mean how fun does that sound?

Q3.what is your ultimate fall outfit? A3. A cozy sweater (obsessed with my new Mattea Sweater from prAna), jeans and boots!

Q4.Which sweat pink ambassador do you feel could be your twin? A4.Sometimes I feel that Susie Lemmer (www.suzlyfe.com) and I are one and the same….just because I love her attitude abut margaritas…and her sense of humor.

Q5.If you could pick any state to spend fall in, where would it be? And what item of clothing do you pack first? A5.California. I’d pack my swimsuit and my snowboard.

Q6. Which sweat pink ambassador ‘s closet would you love to raid? A6. Giselle’s from My Happy, Healthy Home. She seriously has the cutest style. I aspire to dress like her once a month….ok, once a year, let’s be honest.
Q7.What does sweat pink mean to you? A7. Everything! Sweat Pink is about being my best self, staying positive and turning to my friends (my community) for inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

Co-Founder and Co-owner of Fit Approach, Alyse Mason Brill 2015-09-27_19.06.08-1

Q1. What is your go to comfort food? A1. I love challah in a criminal way, so that’s my weakness / ultimate comfort food. I also love pho when I’m not feeling 100%, and, of course, there is always cheese.  
Q2.If you could freaky friday (trade places) with any sweat pink ambassador for a day, who would it be? A2. Hahah I love this idea! And what a tough choice…  I’d love to be @breathebrooke for a day. She has such a beautiful, strong yoga practice, and she’s always arm balancing or inverting on gorgeous beaches in Hawaii… I could get down with that. 

Q3. What is your ultimate fall outfit? A3. I love fall outfits! Skirts with boots, tights, and scarves are my favorite. I love that you can layer and add colors and texture but you don’t really have to bundle up yet.

Q4.Which sweat pink ambassador do you feel could be your twin? A4. I have actually been mistaken for Giselle from My Healthy Happy Home on multiple occasions (and I get a thrill out of it every time!) 

Q5.If you could pick any state to spend fall in, where would it be? And what item of clothing do you pack first? A5. I’ve never been to Vermont, but I’ve heard so much about it, I’d love to go experience fall and all the gorgeous leaves there! shoes! I hate not having the right shoes when I travel. At least half of my suitcase is usually shoes: running shoes, sandals, boots, etc. 

Q6. Which sweat pink ambassador ‘s closet would you love to raid? A6. So many. Jessica Mishra from @beamingwithhealth always has the cutest workout gear. I’d definitely borrow some things from her closet… like her entire closet. 

Q7.What does sweat pink mean to you? A7. Sweat Pink means kicking ass and taking names no matter who you are, what you look like, or where in your fitness journey you are. It’s all about believing in yourself and supporting others, no matter what.  

Fit Approach Social Media Maven, Liz Wilson 11811456_10155888069845398_4075856082065866586_n

Q1. What is your go to comfort food? A1. chocolate, sweet potato fries, cheese, wine- potentially all in the same “meal”
Q2.If you could freaky friday (trade places) with any sweat pink ambassador for a day, who would it be? A2. I would trade places with Brittany Suell– that adorable baby and hunky hubby, teaching fitness classes, creative family business…
Q3.what is your ultimate fall outfit? A3. black yoga pants, black Frye motorcycle-ish boots, long tank, long tunic, scarf. And load up on the jewelry! 
 Q4.Which sweat pink ambassador do you feel could be your twin? A4. Twinsie= We all have so many things in common, like love of fitness, and yoga, and spandex… I’d say my Sweat Pink twinsie is Jess Dang. We love yoga, but do all kinds of other fitness AND go out outside of fitness activities too! I also love Kristen of @runawaywithkk– she’s an eastcoaster-moved-west too, and I feel like we have similar experiences with that!
Q5. If you could pick any state to spend fall in, where would it be? And what item of clothing do you pack first? A5. Fall in Colorado was pretty spectacular. I love the sea of yellow aspens, and white snow-capped peaks in the background, with the intensely blue sky. So gorgeous! I’ve never spent fall in the NE, though. I hear it’s stunningly beautiful. Need to add that to my travel list!

I pack my leggings first! So versatile, from yoga and running to casual or even business casual with boots. 
Q6. Which sweat pink ambassador ‘s closet would you love to raid? A6.We all have such awesome work out clothes, oh my goodness all the spandex! I’d say @BrandiJeanneB (insta name). We’re forever stopdropandyoga-ing alllllll the time and living in yoga clothes! 🙂 AND yoga-ing in our “real” clothes. I’d say she’s another twinsie of mine too, but I’d totally raid her closet. Such cute clothes! 
 Q7.What does sweat pink mean to you? A7.community! We’re supportive, motivational, inspirational, helpful, encouraging… All the wonderful things that a fitness and lifestyle community should be!
I hope you had as much fun learning about these sweaties, as I did. I thought it was funny that they work so closely they even picked a few girls in common to their questions. They all sent me their answers on different days! I love these chicks and have met them all in person, they are a dang blast! I am so happy to be a part of this community, I believe in it 100%. I cant wait to see them in July! Though, I may make a road trip to Portland to visit! If you don’t know these chicks I recommend you go visit them here on
Instagram- Alyse   Liz   Jamie
Twitter- Alyse   Liz   Jamie
This blog was sponsored by Sweat Pink, They sent me this awesome tank and I happily wore it in exchange for some social media love. Which was no prob, because I love it so much I would live in it, but that is frowned upon in our society. I am however, hoping they will make it in multiple colors and maybe a few styles! As always, my opinion is my own which I share to maintain the brands I work with and my own integrity.

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  1. Thanks for the great info on these lovely ladies, and showing us that FAB shirt! I’m an ambassador, and tag a lot of my posts (mostly on Instagram because FB has gotten lame with what they show), but I don’t think I’ve ever gone through the registering process on the Sweat Pink site (#mybad). I think I tried way back when, but the site was temporarily down, and I forgot to go back and finish the process…thanks for the reminder. 😉

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