Hip Hop and Farmers Markets.

Hey there lovelies! I thought today I would do something a little different to welcome the Grow Your Blog Hop bloggers to my page. Thanks to Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner for setting up this fun way to get to know other bloggers! First off, Hey I am Carleeh! I am a 34 yr old mother of two teens and a Bitty and a Charlie Brown (yorkie). I am married to a combat disabled Army veteran, who I caregive for. We have been stationed in GA and KY, and we are now retired in WA.

I am gonna do a little back story and a fun acrostic.

So what is the mission this Mamarazza chick is on?


Here is a little back story. Once upon a time So there I was after a Ring of Fire style weight roller coaster ride (where I got stuck upside down for way too long) with having 3 babies, sitting in a room crying, mourning the body God originally gave me. You know, the one I always hated because it was never skinny enough, the one I have desperately wanted to have again.

after kid #2, 27yrs old 117. Trying to get pregnant with Bitty.

You see, I was always a thin girl (w/curves) 117lbs at 5″7 of skinny fat, but never appreciated my body. Instead, I always tried to channel Kate Moss, even developed minor anorexia, thankfully that was short lived. So when getting pregnant meant gaining 70lbs, my self esteem was rocky to put it mildly. Okay let me back track a little, after kid #2 I ended up weighing in at just shy of 200lbs, to me it was kinda like hitting an octave skip from a size 2 to 22.  Though, I only wore a size 22 for about 6 months, I was in a size 16 for almost a whole year. So I developed a separate “identity” if you will of what I saw every time I looked into the mirror irregardless of the 45 lbs I lost. Sickness took over, I got down to 105lbs (suspected hyperthyroidism)  on my 5″7 frame. I looked like death(felt like it too), but I had that “dream” waistline I always wanted. Ugh, I have society to thank for that obsession. I did get well and gain back to my natural pre-baby healthy weight. Then my mind frame changed from low self esteem to a shallow defense mechanism. I was always aware of my flaws, because that painful body shaming  mentality never fully went away. I knew deep down it would come back to haunt me because conceit isn’t true self love.

Third child woes. After 6 years, of wearing anything and everything I wanted feeling good about (more like obsessed with) myself.  Pregnancy was kinda like my slice of humble pie. I gained back up to 200lbs AGAIN! This time after birth it didn’t want to go away. I waited 1 year, 2 years, and by the 3rd year I knew that horrific magic fat losing sickness wasn’t gonna happen. Depression set in, I didn’t want to work for it, be miserable, or be in pain. The doctor was telling me I was unhealthy, my kids were telling me I cried to much, and my husband was miserable watching me self loathe. Then came rock bottom. I decided to lace up.

Motivated and determined. I wanted to inspire my girls to make health fun.

So my fitness journey started, the mission to take back my health and to try to get my body back. I found some fitness communities on Instagram/Facebook, downloaded a few fitness apps, and hit the pavement! There were a few faceplants (oh crow…), a little weight loss followed by weight gain (food struggle), but there were always goals to be worked on, and I was smashing them left and right.

My first Half Marathon, the Biggest Loser Half

The mission started to change a little, I started having other women cheer me on and telling me I (me? really?) was inspiring them! I realized if I could do anything well it was talk…and my @mamarazza micro blog was born and later this one followed. I wanted to be real and transparent, and talk about the goals but also be honest about failures. I want other women to find their STRONG and to learn to love themselves. In a world of competition and one upping, I want to remind them that God made them wonderfully. They didn’t need to earn their worth. No matter what level of fitness, what pant size wear, or where they are in their journey , I wanted them to know that they have someone in their corner. I am imperfect but  own my flaws, and live by the motto NEVER GIVE UP. I want to inspire them to get up and fight for their health and to get them and their families out into their communities! My mission is Sweat and Motivation.

Here are a few important things I strive for

C – conquering fear

A- adapting and overcoming

R- relationships – God, family, community

L – living with intention

E- eating for fuel

E- equipping girls, empowering women

H- humility


Here are some things I absolutely love- Couldn’t forget to add some sweat!

S- swaggy beats (I love christian hip hop) like I can’t sit still.

W- women who are 100% straight up she’ra women lovers club types

E- enormous crowds of runners! That energy is electric, it lights me up!

A- “about that action, boss”, My Seahawks they rock my socks. Win or Lose.

T- the city of Seattle, the first place my heart knew as home.

S- shopping local is my thang! (thrift stores, farmers markets, and local grown companies/brands)

Thank you so much so visiting my blog! I hope you feel like we sat down and chatted over coffee, and leave making a new friend! I would love to stay in contact.

What would your name acrostic list say? Can you relate to any part of my health journey? xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,






  1. I LOVE this post!! Thank you for being so transparent and authentic!! I can 100% relate to your fitness journey! As a former skinny-fat, turned anorexic, turned overweight, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share what’s possible! Love meeting like-minded bloggers who “get it” and have dealt with so many of the same struggles!! So thankful to have met you through the hop!! 🙂

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  2. I can see why people started calling you an inspiration. I wish it wasn’t so, but I think so many of us many go through this struggle. So many people will relate to you. It is nice to see someone who has come out the other side in a positive, healthy way.
    Great post
    Meg x

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  3. Hi, I’m stopping in from the hop. I so appreciate you talking about being skinny fat. People who are seen as “thin” are not necessarily healthy and struggle with food (talking about myself here) just like everyone else. It so important we focus on being strong and healthy and forget about the number on that scale or the pants size! You are an inspiration to your girls. I’ve also run a couple of Biggest Loser Half Marathons! It is nice to meet you!


  4. I am loving this intro. That acrostic!
    Let’s see. I guess I’ll do runwright – 9 things about me
    R: RUNNING in New York City’s Central Park makes me happy
    U: ULTRARUNNERS are a special elite group of superhumans that I find so inspirational- I think about them when I’m struggling to finish a 5K run.
    N: I’ve always been a NERD
    W: I am a WRITER, eagerly waiting for my self-published collection of short stories to be ready, hopefully in a few days.
    R: READING is my all-time favorite thing to do.
    I: ICE-CREAM with crunchy toppings is my night-time cheat treat
    G: I have a GYM membership but only go when the weather means I can’t run outdoors.
    H: HEALTHY food, to me, means I can eat almost anything in moderation and prepared in the best way.
    T: I am thankful for being alive today and looking forward for living my best day ever TODAY.
    Thanks for the fun inspiration. I am following you now http://runwright.net

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    • So cute you made your own! I love it! 😀 I saw this scrolling down and had to scroll back up. It is actually very eye-catching this acrostic thing. I’ve actually never heard of it, but I know I’ve made some in my younger school years.

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  5. Oh my goodness. I absolutely adore this! You are amazing for being so real and down to earth. I applaud the people who are so willing to expose those failures and weakness and short comings. It makes everyone else feel like the times they struggle is normal rather than feeling shame for it. That was one of the biggest struggles I had in the beginning, feeling less than because I couldn’t make progress as fast as others or do some movements. Everyone struggles! Keep doing amazing things girl! You’re definitely making a difference and inspiring many!


  6. Visiting from the hop! Oh, I hear you! I was definitely “skinny fat” before I finally started focusing on my health. Then I got pregnant with #1, dealt with a round of GD, and after he was born stuck with a healthier lifestyle. I was much more fit when I got pregnant with #2, and I was pleased that I didn’t have GD again. Pregnancy and motherhood, in general, changed my body, that’s for sure! Here’s to a lifetime of fitness, regardless of what the scale says.


  7. Stopping by from the blog hop. It’s so great to get to know you Carleeh! I can totally relate to always striving for a certain body type or number on the scale. I wish I could take back all the times I thought I was so fat. Looking back I’d love to be that “fat” again!


  8. I really did love your post, I just love how honest and free you were to share your story. Self Esteem is something I think so many women struggle with and it doesn’t matter the size, it affects us all in one way or another. Even myself. As I sat reading this, I couldn’t help but think about a few of my own insecurities I need to work on.
    But I love how you took hold of the situation, found a group of woman who motivate, support and push each other to love who they are and cheer them for any and all efforts they do, that is amazing! I really think when a person is getting healthy or beginning a weight loss journey, support from others is the way to go. I know some can do it alone, but there is nothing that can compensate for a friend like you who goes with the Never Give Up Motto, to help push others towards their own success and goals.
    So nice to get to know you better during the hop!!


  9. Awesome post! So many of us can relate to weight struggles – especially around pregnancy. Modeling healthy eating and exercise habits for my son helped me get back on track too. It’s a hard challenge sometimes to keep the balance going, but it’s all worth it. Thanks for sharing!


  10. What an authentic post! I love your honesty and I think your message def resignates with many women! I love your half marathon pics too! Fun to meet you in the blog hop!


  11. I can 100% relate to this! I was the skinny fat girl turned squishy chunky mom and I hated it! So happy to find a love for fitness and be a happier version of myself and a positive role model for my kids and other moms. Really happy to meet you through the hop!


  12. I appreciate this post so much! Yea you put it all out there the struggles you’ve had and overcome, I might add! How awesome is that! There are plenty of people trying to be something they are not and it’s so refreshing to see those of us who struggle and get on the rollercoaster of life every day! So nice to connect with you from the hop and I look forward to hearing more about you!


  13. Hey Carleeh! Glad we are enjoying the same Blog Hop. I can’t hear the name Jillian Michaels or Body Shred and not remember how we crushed he class during BlogFest weekend. Looking forward to another great time this year. Great getting to know you a littler better through this post. Good for you taking control of your health both physically and mentally and it’s great how you share the positiveness with others. Keep up the great work. I really like your Sweat Until You Shine!


  14. What a great and inspiring story! Its funny how so many of don’t think of ourselves as being inspiring, but after hearing it a number of times that we choose to do something in order to share our story. When I started blogging I never intended to inspire others, so when I hear others tell me that it honestly makes me feel a bit odd.


  15. Wow! Sounds like you have had your struggles (I am so sorry your husband was injured, a true hero–and you too for sticking with him!) I am glad to hear you are embracing healthy not just skinny. I am severely underweight from my disease and I feel so tired and weak–not good! Always a balance.


  16. Thank you for being so genuine, and honest. I think most people (myself included) find more inspiration from those who struggle (and persevere) than from those who achieve every goal without any setbacks. Thanks for sharing your story 😉


    • Debra- I think it is really embedded in women, we are such emotional creatures and in our natural to get those dang feels over everything! But I would rather feel passion and a little pain, than never learning to work for what I want. I just love running, it has been my main goal area! I never had very many accomplishments until I could run. Thanks for swinging by


  17. What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing, Carleeh! I was going to give a name acrostic a try, but my creative mind is a bit dull right now. I could only think of R for RUNNING, but then I gave up! 🙂
    So great to learn more about you through the blog hop!


  18. Hi from the blog hop!!

    Love your story…I felt like I was reading my story written by someone else! Fit moms unite!!! We got this.

    I will have to think about my name acrostic list would be…I will get back to you.

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. What an awesome post! You are truly inspiring. There are so many things yet you managed to come out on top. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom.
    Thanks for sharing your story.


  20. Great intro post! I love the facts that you shared with your name. I think it’s amazing how far you’ve come and I’m so glad you’re a blogger now! It sounds like your family is so supportive and it’s so cool that they’re able to see how active you are.


  21. Thank you for sharing your story! You really are an inspiration! I can definitely relate to your story. I always had the ‘fat girl’ mentality and even when I lost so much weight after I had my daughter I still wanted to be a size 2 instead of healthy. I look forward to following you on your adventures through your blog. 🙂


  22. Love your story. I can certainly relate. I was always thin and then gained 65 pounds with my daughter – it was a bit shocking to my system and self esteem. Blogging has definitely kept me motivated and inspired to continue to work towards my health and fitness goals.


  23. I’m so glad you found your strength and passion for fitness and self-love. Thank you for empowering your daughters and all other women to be happy with who they are! I have always felt that “fat skinny,” and despite being thing and perhaps with some curves I’ve struggled with self-loathing and body shaming myself too. Thanks for sharing today, I love thrift stores too! I haven’t gotten into farmer markets yet though. Happy to have met you through the blog hop and hope to stay connected ♥


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