All The Hype On Hemp Hearts.

 What’s all the hype on Hemp? Okay, so besides that they taste great, did you know that hemp is considered a “green buffalo” which pretty much just means that all parts of the plant can be used. Yes, we have all heard that hemp comes from a Cannabis Sativa species and even contains a whisper of THC ( 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol to be exact), but it is not the not same thing as marijuana, nor can it affect a urinalysis or get you high. But it is known to be a super food, and it has some pretty interesting uses. I mean, the Declaration of Independence draft was written on hemp paper, there is hemp tanning lotion, some clothing is made with hemp, and hemp cord is used all over! Pretty versatile stuff.

Why Manitoba’s Hemp Hearts over another company? Well first look at this list I borrowed off their website of the companies values.

Core Values








Second, because they were started by an average Joe (well more like a Mike, but you get the idea) who just wanted to live a healthy life. And who doesn’t love a success story? Finally third, because they are NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED! Those are all thing I look for in a brand to purchase products from and work with!

Now, lets chat for a second about the heart of the plant, the seed. It comes protected in a little teeny heart shaped shell, and once it is shelled you can eat it. Here is where it becomes a super food, each 30g serving has 10g of protein and 10g of omegas. I am sure if you are a fit chick like me, that sparked your interest. Here are some posts I shared when I first started my #foodisfuel journey. Well, some are old and some are new, but all were tasty! Most of the recipes are available on my Instagram or you can download their smoothie bowl recipe ebook.

I like to use them as a topping, as you can see in a few of my smoothie bowls pictures below.

smoothie bowl
Getting powered up with with hearts, seeds, and bees (pollen)!
blueberry smoothie bowl
blueberries and added hemp hearts protein, for the win
On the go omegas
smoothie bowl
berry good all around!
Hemp hearts are always in arms reach from my oven and prep area!
smoothie bowl
perfect mix of tropics and super foods
smoothie bowl
power packed with hemp protein and omega.
Hemp hearts
These hemp hearts are raw and shelled leaving only a soft and chewy seed behind

There are plenty of recipe options when Hemp Hearts come into play, here are some recipes from Manitoba Harvest. I personally love to throw them in my baked goods to sneak some protein into my kid’s snack time. I have even sprinkled them onto salads and pasta too! The great thing about these raw shelled seeds is that the texture is so light, you almost don’t even know they are there. It’s little things that count when it comes to switching over to a healthy diet and if you can make small changes easily, then who knows maybe the bigger ones won’t seem like such a scary transition. Look at these Banana Nut Protein Waffles I made, I just sprinkled the Hemp Hearts on top and BAM extra omegas, and the nutty flavor of the Hemp Hearts worked well with the hazelnuts in the recipe.IMG_3512

With fall being in full swing, we have big plans for Thanksgiving and guess what mama is gonna be adding into her dishes? Yep, Hemp Hearts.

Hemp hearts by Manitoba Harvest
What fall recipe will you try them in?
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
Grab a bag and sprinkle them on everything!

Manitoba Harvest even offers a coupon on their page so you can try it out! Here you go I hope you will give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do. Make sure to share your recipes with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the tag @manitobaharvest and hashtag #fuelledbyhemp #hemphearts . Leave a comment below if youhave shared a recipe on your blog or if you have a great idea for a Fall recipe with Hemp Hearts, I would love to try it out! I will pick one of my commenters to get a FREE bag of Hemp Hearts! I totally believe in sharing opportunity and getting the word out on good products, so here is a form to fill out if you wanna blog about Manitoba Harvest, find it here! xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,


This post is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest thanks to my awesome community Fit Approach who brings brands and bloggers together! As always, all opinions are my own and are not swayed, I always practice truth in blogging.


    • I think you would find them to be easy to add into almost anything. I am considering using them in my breading for my pork chops! I bet they wouldn’t change the flavor! My kids aren’t really picky but they do notice things. I usually can sneak them in without them refusing to eat it!


  1. I’ve never tried hemp before, but if I could cook and eat what you are, I want to be all over that! Seriously, everything you make so freaking delicious and healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Courtney! I seriously just pour it in my mouth sometimes! All my recipes are very simple! My kids even started making their own! I keep recipes of EVERYTHING! I can’t recipe create to save my life. Well the pumpkin tiramisu was my own but it wasn’t hard to add a can of pumpkin 🙂 I hope you will make a recipe and tag me! I seriously used to burn everything. Like everything. Even the pans! Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, your pictures made me hungry! So yummy looking! I love hemp hearts thanks to a campaing I did for FitApproach. Since then I add them to salads, soups, smoothies and just sprinkle on fruit salads. Btw, nice Lokai bracelet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aren’t they fun!?! I really enjoy them. I have been using them for almost a year, but the brand I found before had a funny flavor they always tasted stale ??? But I like Manitoba Harvest, I started them about 6 months ago. Never had weird flavors! Lol
      Sadly, my Lokai broke the other day : ( I almost cried. I wore it everyday!


  3. I’ve been interested in trying hemp hearts, and your blog just added to my interest! Thanks for the coupon link – just printed it and hoping my local Sprouts has some in stock! And I LOVE your pictures! I need to up my photography game. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you so much! That means so much to me because I am such a beginner! I read an amazing blog about how to help with photos! I am more of a facial photographer! It was great when I get all my bookmarks back I will post it! Only thing I haven’t figured out how to transfer to my new phone lol!

      I really am pleasantly surprised with hemp hearts! Even my Bitty will eat them! We are gonna try toasting them and adding them to granola!


    • Congrats Amanda we drew your number (7) so you are our hemp hearts bag winner! I can’t wait to hear what you think of them and maybe you will even share a recipe with us all! Please email me your info so I can send it to Manitoba Harvest!


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