Moments that need a minute to talk about.

Today, I sat here trying to come up with something interesting to post. Hoping I would be able to motivate and inspire you, dear reader, to chase your dreams. But guess what? Nothing poured out of me. As a matter of fact, my page was blank for more than 2 hours a bit longer than I wanted. Until. It just happened. I knew we needed to talk about. Moments.

Isn’t this quote perfect? Thanks Google

Moments are so short, but yet so important. Our life is defined by them. So what happens when we don’t make the most of them. Like earlier, when I told you I wasted 2 hours tried to think of something to write about, I wasted 120 minutes. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY! People, we could do so much with that many minutes! I find that I seriously throw away minutes like they were used paper towels (do you go through a roll a-day too?) If you do Instagram like I do, you know what I am saying. Scroll, double tap, refresh, oh hey, new pics! My whole day down the tube. I am not saying quit your brain drain time, cause trust me I know we need it. I just want to talk about ways to incorporate intention, focus, accountability, and scheduling to make moments less misused.

oh my gosh so true!
oh my gosh so true!

Let’s just go in that order.

  • Intention- Do you set aside a time of day for your “de-stress mode” or do you use all day long? Are you intentionally brain draining in stress or all day to keep stress low?  I often wake and fake (cyber life) and then get caught up in the hype until time has past so quickly my key kid free hours are gone. In stead of starting my day worried about real life, I feel obligated to check real quick on my accounts.
  • Focus- Are you social media-ing it so hard you lose track or time? Does your internet life have more of your focus than your family and daily duties?                               Let’s be transparent here. I haven’t touched that clean laundry pile in two days and I have fluffed the clothes in the dryer like 3 times. My cell phone pretty much owns my focus. My family complains about it.
  • Accountability- Are you being able to complete tasks you agree to? Can people rely on you to do your part? Are you able to stay accountable to your health goals? I know I miss a lot more days at the gym when I am worn out from over doing my social media fun. I have I often do not feel like getting up and around after I have been on social pilot for long periods of time. I catch myself hushing my kids during homework time because “Mommy is busy reading this” or Mommy is trying to cut and copy this (like that requires ears…) Mommy time fail.
  • Scheduling- Do you find yourself missing preplanned events because you wanna look for just a few more mins, and low and behold 120 of those slippery suckers sneak on by!?! Do you ever get your real and social life double booked? Do you feel obligated to your medias to stay relevant and fresh but feel worn and played out in real life?                                                                                                                       My family has noticed I forget plans we had made or things I was supposed to make alarms for (calls and appts) because I am distracted. I have even missed things I scheduled, because I didn’t make sure to schedule my time appropriately.

    let’s check out how.

Now that we have pointed out a couple very important things that make us (or just me) feel bad about our ill placed priorities. Let’s talk about the ways we can fix this hot mess we (I) have become.

  1. Intention- wake up every day with setting an intention before you do anything else. It can be a prayer, scripture reading, meditating, or anything that requires purposeful thought without technology. A good 30 minutes of planned tech free time. You may even just take time to picyure a word for your day or do a chore that needs to be DONE before everyone else is up. If you need to wake up a little earlier to have this quiet time, DO.
  2. Focus- set up key focus areas for your day. Whether you need to do that laundry or write that blog, make it your focus. Take away distractions like TV, cell phone, even music, if need be out of the room. I highly suggest cleaning to music though! ( 90’s rap or 80 rock are my fave) whatever you do stop yourself from sneaking that quick peek into you social world. IT CAN WAIT!
  3. Accountability- Do not bite off more than you can chew. Stick with what you know you have time, energy, and ability to do. If life happens, reassess your capabilities and make changes, be honest with yourself here. Nothing is worth the added stress or disappointment of not being able to do what you have given your word on. Trust me, I am a huge integrity person and when I can’t live up to my own expectations or promises I have made it really sends me into a tail spin. I swear, I will do one of those I can’t adult right now avoidance naps. (especially instead of chores I have put off)
  4. Scheduling- write everything down or make an alarm for it ASAP! I highly suggest a planner or calendar (thanks Abby) you can write on your daily tasks. I have a dry erase board and a chalk board near my bed so if it is a huge priority, I see it as soon as I wake up. I also keep a magnetic grocery list notepad on my fridge (I see it there right after my bedside) and take notes or write dates on when I am on a call. The more you write or schedule your time, the more likely you are to have less stress and not need as much brain drain to deal with forgetting or messing up an important event.

As you can see they are all pretty self explanatory, but there is no secret to successful managing social and real world. It just requires DOING! I am not trying to teach you, more so trying to remind you the importance of BEING PRESENT. And trust me it is way easier said than done. If we don’t manage our time wisely our relationships with those around us start to fail. Because the comfy social world is like a feel good addiction. Just one more scroll, just a couple more hearts, hold on I just wanna check one more thing, no but really just 2 more mins! If you don’t prioritize your life, you wont have a real one, out side of the internet. Because not only do we feel sucked in but our family and friends feel left out. So do yourself a favor, leave your technology plugged in in a different room when you go to bed or if you have good self control, don’t even pick it up until after you have started your day. Maybe do this throughout the day too. But trust me on this, don’t lose all your precious moments to live the life you want through filters, quotes, and styled up back grounds to people please. LIVE flawed, real, and NOW. Those moments are memories and when the are all just other peoples or scheduled memories that fit a branding, life gets kinda flat. And others around you start to feel like they are only for show in your social world. For example, as a blogger, ‘Grammer, and a photographer in training I am always trying to capture the moment. So now, my husband always tells me “no photo shoots”. It used to make me mad, because I needed content to share on my pages and practice for my blog! But now I am finally cluing into the fact that sometimes the moments are worth living in, and just living to the fullest, no strings (phones/cameras/selfie sticks) attached to it. That people actually want my attention so I can be part of the memory, not just documenting it.

best moments ever!

I hope you will challenge yourself this month (not a insta/FB/ or yoga challenge) a good old fashion your word is your bond, live this month of thankfulness trying to turn the tide back into a purposeful living commitment. I know I desperately need to. I want my social life to be with more purpose with worth while planned content and my real life to be more active and unplugged! They can work together to make a well rounded minute master!

Did you find you struggle with any of these 4 areas? Can you remember ever feeling so bogged down with social media you wanted a hiatus? Did you take one or did you just refocus? Please feel free to comment any resources you have found that could enrich life outside of social media by making social media more manageable. If you write time management, scheduling, accountability posts please link us to it! xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,



  1. This is such an amazing post and I am SO GUILTY of getting sucked into the world of the web and not appreciating those around me. It almost became an addiction of sorts and now I’m really trying to be more mindful about how much time I’m spending online and why it’s so important ot be doing that. A lot of it is just mindless surfing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I find that it depends on what I am doing. Since fitness is my passion, sometimes I get blurred lines on which deserves my time. As much as I love my family, my kids are at very difficult ages. So time away from the home or “hanging” out with friends online. The brain drain time can totally be a stressor though! Any tips to add to my list? I would love to hear!


  2. I am definitely guilty of being distracted. I feel like I’m trying to get too much done in too little time. But I do try not to be on the phone or whatever when the kids are around because I don’t want them to think I am not interested in them. It does get hard though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is such a bad feeling when they say something. My littlest has been making comments like “Moms, on her phone again” and it hurts a little that she doesn’t understand not only do I work on the Internet from home but I do all mommy’s fun time on there. Hard line.


  3. Great post! I enjoyed the quotes, too. I think we’re all guilty of taking too much time on social media and the internet. I’m guilty! I’ve spent most of today working on my blog and now time has slipping away. It’s 6:00 and I’ve got to clean house and do laundry.


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