Tasty Tuesday: Dessert Edition PSL Tiramisu

tasty layers of pumpkin-y fluff, Tiramisu just got spiced up!

Oh my goodness, you guys! Tasty Tuesday, better late than never.

I totally thought I was a genius mixing my two favorite desserts; tiramisu and pumpkin pie. But it turns out it was already a thing. I mean, I found my foodie peeps! But even though I saw a few recipes online, I went with the way I already knew to make tiramisu, but made a few tweaks to make this recipe. First things first, all my recipes, even if they traditionally have alcohol, are alcohol free. So all the yumminess I share is always family/kid friendly. But don’t you worry tiramisu is still as good if you use a flavoring or nothing at all. This recipe is all done by eye and taste but I tried to guesstimate the amounts of the ingredients. Feel free to add a little more or use a little less depending on your taste.

I started with two containers (tubs) of mascarpone, 1 small heavy whipping cream, 2 tsp’s of vanilla and whipped them in my kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment. I slowly work a whole can of pumpkin puree and a tsp of pumpkin pie spice (homemade or store bought) depends on what you have on hand. Whipping should only take about 2 mins, I keep my mixer at a lower medium speed.

pumpkin cream cheese
pumpkin cream cheese, so good it could be eaten alone!

In a second bowl, I mix my 4-6 shots fresh decaf espresso with some sugar (about a tbsp) and a tsp. of vanilla. Let it sit and cool.espresso soaked lady fingers

I, typically use a 9×13 baking dish, but as you can see any dish will work. Start with a layer of lady fingers. I, then soak them with 1/3 of the espresso, I like to use a basting brush to get them drenched evenly. I then scoop a large spoonful of the cheese mixture and spread it evenly over all the lady fingers. Go ahead sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice over the whipped cheese before you add the new layer of soaked lady fingers. Continue until you get to your desired amount of layers, I like 3 layers the best for myself. 4 layers were the best fit here since I had trifle bowl. Just do whatever works for you!

so creamy and fluffy!

I gotta tell you what, even if you aren’t a fan of pies or regular tiramisu, this is the perfect mix of pumpkin while still keeping that PSL flavoring we all love during fall!


Let it sit and set for about 30 mins or more in a refrigerator so the lady fingers create a nice soft defined layer and the fluff can thicken up a little. The flavors seem to mesh better when cool.


After all the layers are all set, you can cut in and get you a piece of light and airy bliss, or you could do like my Bitty did and just grab a fork and dig in! I had to grab her a plate so she didn’t destroy my masterpiece!

Bitty thumbs up
Kid tested with a thumbs up for approval! That’s my kind of rating system!

I hope you enjoy it as much as my family has! The spices just pop and there is no hassle in timing or baking the “pumpkin pie” but you still get the flavor. I have to be honest here, if you aren’t a huge fan of lady fingers, omit them and use the Pumpkin cream cheese as a dip or heck grab a spoon! If you find a clever way of using the pumpkin cream cheese make sure to tag me! on Twitter or Instagram and I would super love if you shared this on pinterest! If you like hashtags, I use #mamarazzaonamission or #PSLtiramisu #tastytuesday

Pumpkin or a heart? Either way, she is in love.

In my house, we love us some pumpkin, we actually eat it year round! Thanks for hangin’ out for a few and I would love to hear if you think your kids would love this. Have you made pumpkin spiced latte tiramisu before? Would you pair this with a PSL? xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,



    • Eeekkk I know! I thought nothing could be as good as chocolate! My son actually asked for a strawberry version (hates chocolate and pumpkin, what a weirdo). So next I am gonna try whipped strawberries and amaretto espresso to soak the lady fingers 🙂


    • I would have totally invited you over, but we licked the bowl clean! I will definitely make it again, this time I would add more espresso but the pumpkin cream cheese was spot on! I may make a cheese ball with it and top it with coffee flavored pie crumble! So many fun options!


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