You NEED to get on the ball with Bosu+ a kid friendly workout


Have you ever been to a gym with so many bells and whistles you didn’t know what to try first? I have. I was so super intimidated that I just tried, nothing. Seriously, I just took my butt to the treadmill, elliptical, and the funny leg machines you see meme’s saying not to make eye contact while on. Don’t worry, I know you do the same thing. It’s totally okay to only do things that are familiar. But familiar gets a little a LOT boring. Am I right? Or am I right!? It is time to break out of your comfort zone. I know just the piece of gym equipment to help.

bosu hop overs with a leg lift
Bouncing on a Bosu into a leg lift

As you know from my last month of blogs have been geared around a Instagram Challenge with Fit Approach with a company called BOSU (said Bo-Sue). The name actually stands for Both Sides Up. The Bosu Ball is like a half of a swiss ball on a base platform. Either side can be used to perform most activities, though standing on the platform while the dome is down is discouraged for safety reasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand on the dome right side up. As a matter of fact, they want you to sit, stand, jump, squat, lunge, you name an exercise there is probably a Bosu version!

My Bosu is awesome, but what is extra cool about this review is my Bosu came with a DVD. It has 2 discs; one Explode with workouts from Todd Durkin and Kell Roberts and 4 in 1 complete body workout. I gotta be perfectly honest, the 4 n 1 was outdated and had the very basic moves ever. They were filmed in like the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. I absolutely didn’t enjoy watching that disc. The only cool part was seeing some of my fave Bosu fitness pro’s back in the day, Douglas and Candice look so much cooler NOW! I fast forwarded through most of it. I feel bad saying that. But if it helps I feel completely opposite about the Explode DVD. It was new and fresh and the moves were like BOOM BAM POW! For real, I couldn’t quit watching. Todd Durkin has a way with training, I mean that’s why he is one of the best. I had the privilege of taking his workout session at IDEA WORLD fitness conference. psst. He will be back next year(2016) too, check it out, this is the same class I took Energy Explosion. Not only did we do the funnest Bosu work, but we got to use the swiss balls, and do partner work. It was amazing. You can also do workouts and workshops with the Bosu team, like, Candice Copeland-Brooks, Douglas Brooks, MS, and Shannon Fable. I totally would love to tell you all about the fun we had and what you will learn, but that’s another post, some other time. I can though, tell you that the Explode DVD is worth buying! I will totally incorporate a few key moves that stuck out to me into my fitness. Mini spoiler, one move was a side plank hip dip with a thread the needle thrown it. MIND BLOWN! I can’t wait to try it.


Not only can you learn awesome Bosu workouts online on their Youtube channel but they also sell downloadable workout videos on their website. As part of the challenge, I got to download 2 of the DVD’s along with the free one that came with it, to get to know the Bosu’s many fitness options! The two I chose were Total Body Basics and Core Basics. I really enjoyed learning a couple new core moves. There was a superman on the dome with alternating arms and legs. It is really fun. I chose the total body basics just so I could see the proper forms while on the Bosu. Most of the moves are things I already do in my fitness routines. I would have loved to been really challenged and learn new moves, but the good thing about the Bosu ball is that even the most basic moves are 10x harder on either side of the Bosu. So if you already have a move down, adding the unstable area forces your body to work hard to catch your balance. The cool thing about Bosu is there are always two sides to take your moves to the next level.

bosu sport and bosu ball forearm plank
Two Bosu’s are better than one!

I am so happy to share with you all a small Bosu workout I came up with to do by yourself or with your kids. This is one my children and I did. I hope you enjoy it. We do 30 second rests in between each set.

1 min of toe taps around the Bosu ball/ Bosu sport

1 min of Bosu jump squats

1- 30 second planks with feet on the Bosu

1 min of mountain climbers on the Bosu

1 min of russian twists on the Bosu

1- 30 sec plank with forearms on the Bosu

1 min of side leg lifts on the Bosu

1 min of Bosu wide leg frog hops

1 min of Bosu burpees

Finish with a min long plank with straight arms on the platform side of the Bosu

So one of the most important things about the Bosu for me is the balance training. After having sprained my ankle badly at a race I required a lot of ankle stabilizing exercises. One of the tools I got to use at PT was the Bosu Ball. I did this big huge workout, I stood on the Bosu and tried to do a half squat. HAHA! Believe it or not it was so hard to balance but even just standing still on top of the Bosu forced my little muscles to fire to keep me still. I was told to do that as homework and once I could to move to single leg squats. I wont lie, it took me months. But now I can stabilize on the Bosu in some pretty crazy yoga standing balance poses, here is proof that ankle strength can be earned on this fun tool.IMG_2707

I hope you will give the Bosu ball a try. I am so happy I have one to add to my routines and work on my PT from home. Trust me if you take the leap, you will step your game up! Do you plan on buying a Bosu? Why or why not? What is your favorite Bosu move? I double dog dare you to switch one of your workouts for the one I shared and try it with your kids (if you have them!) Super cool points if you share it on your social media and tag me @mamarazza @mamarazza21 @mamarazza21 xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine, Carleeh

This post was sponsored by Bosu thanks to my awesome Fit Approach community who helped us collaborate. Even though I was asked to review this product, my opinions are 100% my own and you can trust I uphold truth in blogging, with integrity. Plus, I only will be working with brands who I already use or feel would be a good fit for my mission.


I would love to hear what you think!

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