Mizuno #WaveInspire12 Review

mizuno wave inspire 12 review with @mamarazza
let’s get social!

So can you believe I have been running for a few years and have never invested in grade A running shoes? Well I am not gonna lie, because you all know that’s not my style, but the price has always been a factor. I always went with shoes that I could afford over shoes I needed. maybe just maybe that’s why I have had a loose ITB, sprained ankle, damaged deltoid tendon, shin splints, and knee pain. It really is all about the shoes! And since these Mizuno‘s are my very first pair of legit running shoes, I am a teeny partial.
First let me tell you what! When I opened the box they came in I squealed like crazy.
I mean look at these beauties!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12
Gorgeous hot pink and purple beauties.

I know what you are thinking! Carleeh’s pants are freaking awesome! Am I right? Haha. It’s cool, I bought them because I loved them too. They are from Lorna Jane, so we can get back to the shoes!

I seriously had the shoes on my feet in probably 1 min flat. I was so excited to have my first pair of Mizuno’s that I had to test them out right away. First thing I noticed was the heel padding. Weird right? But my ankle has been hurt for over a year, so stiff ankle support are no fun. The top of my foot was hugged by the tongue fabric, it was nice and plush. I am not all trendy with the shoe lingo, well because I am a newbie, but the arch of the shoe fit nicely to the high arches of my foot. This has always been a problem for me, and I am not a fan of foot cramps. They were nice and lite weight, which I am used to since I have worn minimalists for all of the years I have run. Heavy shoes give me shin splints. The Wave Inspire 12’s for women are 8.9oz vs. the minimalist shoe I am used to wearing which are 6.05 oz. So there is a definitely some more weight, but it is distributed differently than I am used to as well. I felt the weight in the heel, but it wasn’t really heavier, but more cush under my foot. I have to tell you the only thing I don’t enjoy about minimalist shoes are the way they wear so heavily with my heel strikes. So it felt pretty good to have some extra stability under my feet. The double wave pattern offers me the support I need with out the overly firm base.

Can we chat for a second about the laces of these shoes? I seriously fell in love with them. I know that sounds crazy, but in the world of shoes, you and I, both know laces can super suck! They are either too stretchy, too cheapy, or too solid. Not these laces, they are spongy and stretchy at the same time! They are circular with long tips. I love the two-tone style, it adds some flair. It could have been left off, but Mizuno‘s stylists gave us girls that teeny flicker of color to be able to match with our active wear. I love details! I am totally that girl who buys a car because of all the fun buttons and features, same with cell phones. So when I get styling points in my laces, I know they put way more into the shoes!

Okay now let’s have a mini chat about the ugly side real quick.

I hate to talk negatively about products, especially when they are given to me. But because of my belief in truth and blogging, here goes… The toe box is well definitely not for people with wide feet. I suppose that was Mizuno trying to fix some of the negative feedback they got on the Wave Inspire 11’s( too large toe box). While I was waiting for my shoes to arrive, I looked up reviews and colors of the previous model. Unfortunately, in my case the bigger toe box would have been better for me. If this is scaring you off, I am happy to tell you they do come in the wide variety. I just didn’t know this when I chose the size. So yay, I got that off my chest and we can go back to the fun stuff. Like pictures!

 Lorna Jane leopard print pants and Mizuno Wave Inspire 12's in purple and pink
Bam! Don’t these shoes go perfect with my pants?

I had so much fun planning and executing this photo shoot! I am not sure my teen daughter did though! I ran sprints for over a half hour to get these 3 shots. Oh the life of a photographer. There is always a few magic shots and a bunch of almost ones. Here is one more from my first shoot.

Wave Inspire 12
Finally I got the run shot!

At this point, I wasn’t feeling super comfy in the shoes, they weren’t quite broken in. Gladly, my ankle wasn’t sore which I typically notice with in the first mile of any run. But my knee’s were trying to decide where the added weight was gonna be a problem. Sprints aren’t exactly easy on the knees anyways. So I figured I needed to wear them to a couple more events. I am not running daily right now, since I hurt my hamstring. But I am trying to get at least two 5k’s a month. Here are a couple of local runs I have done.

mizuno wave inspire 12
Waiting on the raffle at the Adventure Run Seattle. My friend Moriah won a pair of MIZUNO’S, just minutes later.
adventure run seattle with road runner sports
Moriah and I, being silly at one of the ticket stops.

After the Adventure Run Seattle, I felt like the shoes were nice and broken in. I didn’t have any discomfort in my knees and my feet weren’t as tired as usual when the race is over. I tend to have to take epsom salt, lavender, and baking soda baths to keep the swelling and pain in my feet and quads down. This time I had no swelling! I am excited because it has been a long time since I have run without pain.

The Lantern Run Seattle October 2015
My tallest and shortest friends in the same spot. Aren’t they both just beautiful? They are the coolest chicks! They love fitness too!
procompression socks and mizuno wave inspire 12
I just may have had the brightest feet at the run!

I had a blast at the Lantern Run Seattle, unfortunately my right pinky toe didn’t. This is how I came to learn that the toe box wasn’t for wide footed people. I have never had this happen before, but to be 100% transparent, I wondered if it would rub my toes because I knew they were not wide shoes. I am more than sure that if they were wides, I wouldn’t have had any pressure on my toe. It was only my right foot, so obvi my right foot is a just bigger. I mean we all have lopsided things right? Please say yes!?! Last thing I need is a complex. LOL But really, I hear this is fairly normal with breast feet. Ladies, it is not something to be sad about. One big or fat foot just means you are extra special. I have been considering up sizing or getting these same shoes in a wide, since they just released this month! You can get yours HERE! They offer them in wide and narrow! They also made them in Hot Pink!

mizuno wave inspire 12
Making the pavement look good!

One of the best thing about these shoes are how stylish they are. I don’t always like my shoes to have prints on them, because as you can see I like to wear some loud knee-high compression socks.

mizuno wave inspire 12
Fall runs on pavement make me so happy.

As you can see I am fully enjoying reviewing the Wave Inspire 12’s. I am starting to think Mizuno may just be the running shoe for me. Though, I haven’t tried any other big running brands, these seem to fit like a glove. And you know what they say “If it ain’t broke…” but I will keep on testing them on different terrains and distances. I have yet to wear them over a 5k. Expect to hear sometime later what I think after the longer distances. I fully plan on sharing my run and race fun over on my instagram, you can follow along with any new updates on the shoes as well. I share my brand opinions over there with the same integrity. I am happy to work with brands and communities who I feel align with the quality I would recommend to my friends.

mizuno wave inspire 12
opening ’em up on the long road

So as I close up this review, I want to give you one last little opinion I have. There are tons of brands out their and many of them are high quality, but always go with the ones who make you happy! As a blogger and reviewer, I want to be able to work with numerous brands, but I chose not to compare them to others in their field. I chose to only review based on my personal experience with the specific product. You can expect this in each of my reviews, and all of my social shares and influencing work. If you would like to see some of my other brand work here is my review of prAna, Freekeh Foods, and  my current campaign with Bosu.

I am enjoying the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12’s and I happily share them with you as a product I would purchase on my own, that to me is the best review I could give. xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,


This post was sponsored by Mizuno Running which I am grateful to work with thanks to my FitFluential community. Though I received these shoes as a part of the review, my opinion is based solely on my experience and 100% in line with my Truth in Blogging commitment.

If you would like have me review your product or content share on my social accounts please contact me through my email  mamarazza@hotmail.com.


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