Tasty Tuesday: Breakfast Edition

Who says fit chicks can’t have waffles?! I am a fit chick and I say we can!

Banana Nut Protein Waffle

But let’s change the traditional waffles into something guilt free!

Remember when we talked about making food fuel back at the beginning of my blog? Well, I decided to bring you a weekly way to break out of those old habits and even fix up your fit food options. I am calling it Tasty Tuesday.

Whipping up the good stuff!

For the first ever edition of Tasty Tuesday, I bring you Banana Nut Protein Waffles.

This breakfast hit the spot! It was a the perfect combo of banana bread and protein pancakes!

My waffles are gonna be smoking hot.

I am a tried and true believer that carbs are good in moderation. They are good energy builders and even better for burning! But don’t run out and buy donuts or load up your house with bread. ALL THINGS IN MODERATION! So let’s start with a little bit of naughty flavor with nice ingredients. I even ground my own oat flour, thanks for the idea Jess!

I made this fun little recipe card, please save and share!

Banana Nut Protein Waffles by Mamarazza

I hope you will give this nom nom a try, I promise it will not disappoint! I also tabbed a bit of salted butter from a local farm right smack in the middle, because I don’t put syrup on mine(hubs does). But I will tell you what, using organic ingredients really does make a difference in flavor, so if you have them go with those. If you don’t, no worries just use what you have! No food shaming here! If you make these please tag me @mamarazza on Instagram, @mamarazza21 on Pinterest, and @mamarazza21 on Twitter so I can see!!!

Don’t forget to check out the #BOSUStrong Challenge going on over at Fit Approach! Here is the link to my last post where I give 3 tips for toning your obliques as well as the daily prompts for the challenge! Thanks for swinging by! xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,



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