Freekeh Foods Review

Dear sweet readers, meet freekeh (sometimes called farik or frikeh) 20150812_180444[1]

 Have you ever heard of it? Well up until a month ago, I had no idea what it was. It is wheat! Young green wheat that has been roasted. Back in the day a Middle Eastern village’s wheat crops were burnt while they were still in a young state. You can imagine how desperate they must have felt. So they went out and rubbed the char off and found it was still good! And POOF, freekeh was born! I feel like this food is totally a fit chic transformation! Beaty from the ashes, going through the fire coming out gold! Yep, this little green wheat is about to show us its has some super food muscle.

Freekeh is enjoyed all around the world especially Africa, Egypt, and Syria. But this review isn’t on just any freekeh, it is on Freekeh Foods organic, non gmo, kosher, and  U.S. grown freekeh! That is special to me! You know what else is? GREEN production. While I looked over their website, I found this paragraph describing how their freekeh is grown and I feel in love with this company.

“Freekeh Foods is a Minnesota based company that has a vision for providing U.S. grown, high quality, drought tolerant, nutrient dense, non-GMO, organic products for years to come.

Our company is unique – we are not just the brand of Freekeh Foods, we are also the producers of Freekeh! We work side-by-side with a third generation ranch family to  grow and process this product for you on their 100% solar powered & water conscious farm.”

The crunchy granola mama in me felt statisfied with the product, company, and food source for my healthy family. Not to mention the Army wife got her American pride box checked! I can’t tell you how important those little words third generation farm are to our great country. Being that I live in farm country in Washington State now and lived for a few years on a farm in Kentucky that my dad owned and operated, I fully understand family farms and how hard they are to keep a float in this economy. So when Freekeh Foods makes it a mission of theirs to work with a family farm, they earned my business. I think today our generation of buyers wants that special touch, quality control, and I will say it NON-GMO labels on our products. CameraZOOM-20150812182528194We are smarter now, reading labels, looking at ingredients, and learning our macros/micros for our specific goals. Companies like this understand and market to those of us that want quality over big corporation mass production. And of course who doesn’t love a trendy catchy slogan “Get your Freekeh (freak) on!” Love it! Did I mention I extra adore companies that are with the times?! I mean who doesn’t love Missy Elliot, I can’t help but sing her chorus every time I am cooking Freekeh.


But really, what is it besides some burnt rubbed wheat? It is an ancient grain super food here is a little fact from the Freekeh Foods website FAQ page,  “Freekeh has up to three times the fiber and protein found in brown rice, and fewer calories than quinoa and white rice.” I absolutely love that I can get a new texture while keeping a low glycemic index (Wholegrain freekeh GI = 43), making it a good choice for type 2 diabetes. But since Freekeh is wheat it may not be safe for people with celiac disease or avoiding gluten. I know I watch what I eat when it comes to carbs, but single source foods are always a good clean choice for healthy nutrition. Our bodies don’t have to filter through different chemicals and artificial ingredients. It just breaks down this complex carb and uses it for energy!

It can be used in anything! I have ground it in my food processor and added it to biscuits, pancakes, used it as a side, and a base. Here are a couple pictures of the yumminess I have made with Freekeh-

  1. Chicken Teriyaki.
I used freekeh as a substitute for white rice

2. Maple Banana Freekeh Pancakes

Ground freekeh to add protein and fiber before a workout. My kind of carb load.

3. Salmon with caper butter and a side of rosemary sage freekeh

simple and quick, 5 ingredient meal with bold flavor
4. Cheddar freekeh biscuits

moist and soft cheese bread with a protein kick. Notice I like carbs.

Can you believe all the different things you can do with this roasted green wheat? Freekeh is perfect for my #foodisfuel mission with its 6g of protein and 4g of dietary fiber! I am planning quite a few more recipes to try in the future, but if you want some now here is a link to the Freekeh foods recipe page take me there quick! One thing I can’t let you leave here with out is the dietary breakdown, seeing is believing!

Original flavor
Rosemary Sage   
Tamari Flavor

CameraZOOM-20150828104220355 CameraZOOM-20150905171711637 IMG_2508So now that I have totally sold you on Freekeh, I would love to hear from you! Have you ever tried Freekeh? What recipe would you try of mine? What flavor would you try of Freekeh Foods freekeh? xoxo

Sweat til you SHINE,


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