Gym Withdrawal

Has your gym ever been closed for a week?43397062 Until I came to the gym I call home now, I hadn’t ever heard of a gym closing for a whole week to clean. But because they are a small privately owned gym, it is the one time a year they can do huge repairs, deep cleaning, and any major changes to decor. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I mean a whole week off, can be pure destruction for someone who needs the accountability of set classes, access to equipment, and maybe even just somewhere to get out of their house. Personally, I need that space away from home. OMGOSH!!! Especially during the summer, when all 3 kids are home. Let me be perfectly honest, I have only worked out one day this whole week. Causing my week to be difficult, to say the least. Imagine this- testosterone filled teenage football player , an extremely bored girl who is equally determined to ask a million questions in each day, and a tween girl who sings ALL DAY LONG (beautifully, but it never ends). Don’t get me wrong I adore them, but I also enjoy some time to study and time to clean my house, without 5 mins later walking into a messy room. Every time, I wake up and remember the gym is closed, a whole new ‘tude strikes up.Nooo-Gym-is For full disclosure, I may or may not be addicted to the gym. I am just one of those peeps who gets distracted easily. I absolutely need somewhere to go to stay accountable and to stay focused. And even my fully stocked home gym just doesn’t cut it. Sadly, I do not enjoy home workouts. AT ALL. Yes, I can do them and I know exactly how to use random things to get the same effect as at a gym, but there is this one thing, IT ISN’T A GYM. I need a gym. I need the equipment, my choice of weights/bars, and the classes. I mean I could totally used to not spend the money, but nothing is for free. And in my case the FREE time is worth it. I love my kids but I need my own time. I also love running, but I cant do it daily and a mile or even two really doesn’t do enough for me. That’s kinda the big bummer about the fit life, you always progress and then things you used to do aren’t as effective for your body at that time. Moving up in weight, distance, and speed pretty much mean that the workout just isn’t as beneficial anymore if you do not push yourself. In comes that annoying term, plateau. Doesn’t that word just make you cringe? It means it is time to try something new to confuse the body, change the diet, or straight up put more work in! I am in one of those plateau nightmares, and my gym closure is totally messing with me. Thank goodness it opens back up Tuesday morning the 8th and less than a week later on the Sept 14th they will have the Back to SAC event! I am extra excited for that.

What I have been doing in the mean time? cleaning, trying new recipes, reading up on how to improve social media on my twitter, and putting together review and blog ideas. I did run an Adventure Run, the other day with my friend and Sweat Pink sister Moriah and my son.

I am ready for school. I wont lie, I haven’t been pleasant, as a matter of fact I have been down right rotten. Oh, and I have been consuming chocolate like tums. Because Mommy needs her some suga. And just when I got all excited because I realized tomorrow would be a open gym day… guess what I found out? Freshman orientation is tomorrow during my favorite class. I got a little bit edgy when that news was sprung on me. I guess I will just have to wait until after to go get my sweat on! Until then, I decided to blog.

I am actually starting to see why people love this so much. To have a voice. Maybe not many see it, that is perfectly okay. I like the outlet. I am super humbled by anyone who does take a few mins to stop by and read. I know your life is crazy busy and I tend to ramble, but I hope you get a giggle and maybe you can even relate. Because if nothing else, I just hope to connect with women who like me, struggle. We all have something to share, we can all inspire. Separate we are just single voices, but together we can help women learn to band together and change the need to compare. I hope you will stick around because in the coming months there is so many fun things I have in store! For example, short add on workouts for your routines, recipes, maybe even some videos! And plenty of giveaways, because I love to give gifts, it is my love language! What are your biggest set backs in fitness? Have you ever fallen of the wagon? Has your gym ever closed? xoxo

Sweat til you Shine,


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