FALL in love with PrAna Review part 1- choosing a style.

Today we are gonna discuss how I chose from a line that isn’t my style, but ended up finding the perfect items to showcase my personality. This review PART 1 is about choosing a style from the PrAna fall line, next week on Tuesday I will share part 2  which will be over individual items in detail.

So I have to start by saying I have to be 100% honest, I started reviewing prAna with absolutely no previous experiences with the company. Typically, I try to apply for brands I already love. That way I know I can give rave reviews because it is stuff I already purchase. But it this case, I wasn’t really sure PrAna was a fit for my style. All I knew about the company upfront without going to their website was that they sell yoga apparel. I do yoga, but I am not all Zen like. I flip tires, listen to rap, and like to crump, not exactly a meditate in nature kind of gal. I love simple patterns, loud colors, and modern styles with a street friendly trend. I found out quickly that I style up quite different than PrAna’s very warm color tones, plush knits, and yoga inspired patterns and graphics. I want to make sure you understand up front that PrAna and me are very opposite spectrums in fashion. Though even first impressions can prove to be wrong.

I set up for myself a few major guidelines for choosing the review items in this campaign. To be true to both parties, the brand and myself, this list are things I look for in every apparel company.

  1. fabric- high quality, fun colors and modern designs, and simple and clean patterns
  2. fit- do they have skinny legs and flattering cuts for my figure.
  3. customer service- does the company stand behind it’s products if the fit or size isn’t right
  4. functionality- does this items fabric and fit match the places I will wear it and activities I will participate in.
  5. styling capabilites- is it an item that can be dressed up in a mommy minute or am I gonna need a change of clothes
  6. versatility- can the item be worn to a dinner, outdoor event, and church
Ok let’s go!

Above I shared a little bit of the ways I like for my products to reflect my likes (simple patterns, bold colors, and modern prints) but lets go one step deeper. Style, the way that an item of clothing best represents us when we purchase and wear it. For me, items have to be street savy, edgy, and versatile. Though, I told you above I flip tires and like to dance, I also go to local events, dinners, and to church. Since I spend 90% of my life in leggings, sports bras, and speedform shoes it is really important that I (who I am in fashion) show up in everything I wear the 10% of the time I get to dress stylish. I want to make sure that when I buy an article of clothing I can dress it up or down play it depending on what I will be doing. And since there aren’t many times I do get to go #nostretchypants it is crucial for me to pick wisely.

PrAna’s new Fall line is fresh styled and ready to ship! So you could imagine my excitement when I got word they wanted to work with me for a review. They let me pick out a few items from their new fall line that I felt best fit my style and needs for the season. So I headed over to www.prana.com and visited every category so I could get a good feel of the company’s style and to make sure I didn’t miss a hot item. I had a lot of fun looking and noticed right away they were so much more than the yoga apparel line I thought they were. They had hiking, rock climbing, chic wear, and even some comfy travel wear!! Oh and yoga/fitness stuff too, obviously! I purposely avoided fitness items so I could showcase my style and the much harder market for this brand, modern sassy fashion forward street wear. Here are the items I chose, the Angelica Duster in winter, the Kara Jeans in indigo, and the Coated Jett Pants.

photo is courtesy of http://www.prana.com


I was pleasantly surprised that they had JEANS!!!! What a score. I actually about died when I saw leather looking pants! Oh you had better believe I did a happy dance (picture me clapping and giggling while I jump up and down) it was all of that. Then I saw the sweaters. Oh Washington walks are going to be fabulously cozy!

Here is what I mean by street style, skinny jeans, heels, and modern patterns/prints.IMG_20150828_135433


I bet you are thinking what I was thinking, I cant believe those outfits have PrAna apparel in them!?! I mean don’t they look much more like H&M? I actually have had to show people the PrAna P on the pants so they believed I was wearing them. Seriously, I got a laugh out of that, picture me trying to bend just right so they see it in between the top back of my pants. It is OK if you giggled, it was humorous and clumsy. Simple fact is most people know PrAna for their yoga GEAR, not even for their clothing line! So being able to envision leather looking pants paired with heels being from a famous yoga company, is actually hard. That is exactly why I wanted to start with this post before the full clothing article review. I think maybe a few of you will be in my similar shoes and maybe this will help you see from a different perspective.

Nothing gets me more pumped up than free items and on top of that being able to change my mind about a brand I am on the fence with. I am happy to say they have made a new customer. And I can tell you right now I already have my eye on a couple of things already! OMGOSH look at these pants! click here or check out this sweater click here and don’t even get me started with this skirt click here

So now you see what PrAna fall items I have picked to represent me! Head over to my Instagram @mamarazza to see me rockin these looks and a few others before the big review of each item! I would love to hear what you think of my choices in the comments. Do you like the styles I chose? What 3 items would you have chosen? What key piece of information would you like to see in my review part 2-  xoxo

Sweat til you Shine,


This post is sponsored by PrAna, though all opinions are my own and expressed in the most truthful way while up holding integrity for the company and myself.


I would love to hear what you think!

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