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What is better than Friday morning Pancakes?!? ummm.


So today when I woke up, I decided it could be #forearmfriday #flexfriday or it could be #FREEKEHFRIDAY. Heck yes! Now, what fun recipe to try? Maybe I could go with a fun muffin, a casserole, or I could make my favorite breakfast food of all time, Pancakes.

So I headed to my pantry to find my TJ’s baxing mix and it was gone! So I found the heart healthy Bisquick my mom left behind, guess it will do,

I don’t really like to follow recipes (too much) so I always add something or another. So here is the recipe the box said

  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/4 cup of skim milk

Now here is all the fun stuff I added

Did you know you can make flour when you grind up Freekeh? OH YES YOU CAN! It is wheat, Duh! So I stuck it in my Vitamix and hit the pulse button!


Don’t it look all soft and pretty? I made sure to let it blend long enough to get it super fine!

CameraZOOM-20150828102856369Then of course I combined all dry ingredients together and in went the egg and milk!


I mixed it all up and plopped it onto a hot olive oil rubbed down pan. Don’t mind my destroyed pan set, I have teens who are learning to cook! Many beautiful kitchen items have met their demise under the bigs (teens) watch.


We waited for the infamous bubbles to appear, I waited patiently, but my Bitty (not so much). She asked repeatedly if there were enough to give her a flip. I mean no joke she was relentless! If you have one of those -are we there yet- kids, she is that child. CameraZOOM-20150828104503069

Finally, she said “Mama, IT IS TIME!” (the yell is authentic) and I gave in and flipped that pancake hoping it was actually ready…What do you think?CameraZOOM-20150828104533177She absolutely got that perfect timing! Check out that even tanning. Just in case, since this was our first cake it had to be tested! So Bitty got the job!


She said it was good, so we went ahead and added the mashed banana and got to flipping! Here are the results


Don’t worry I dished her up first. Then I dished up myself!

CameraZOOM-20150828110705071I put a dollop of fresh (from a local farm) butter and drizzled these goodies with 100%  real grade B organic maple syrup. Then I dug in! and that’s all she wrote!

p.s. It was yummy!

This post was sponsored by Freekeh Foods, but the content and opinions are my own. As always, I practice truth in blogging and love to share brand and products I love. Many thanks to Fit Approach for bringing us together!

I would love to hear what you think!

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