This one is for the girls! #bringcomfyback

Being a girl is hard right?!? Fights with loved ones, bad days, mean boss, loud kids, or bad hair days. Oh gosh, why does it all seem to happen when people are watching. Maybe because we live in a social world?! We are always expected to smile and keep a pretty face. Even when we are uncomfortable, we must always grin and bare it, to be lady like. I hear from the older generation all the time, a lady should always keep a secret. Ya, maybe that would work in a generation without Facebook, Instagram, and social media. Now a days we say what’s on our mind, whether people want to know or not. Or we are passive aggressive and post statuses. (oops did I write that? yep honesty is the best policy!) I mean I know we try to avoid negativity, but sometimes life comes at us and we get caught up in the feelings. There are so many times in life that are less than comfy. I am sure right now you can mentally pull up at least 3 or 4 immediate memories. Memories that make you cringe. Can you imagine the face you made? I am sure if it was like mine, it wasn’t pretty. I mean we are not T.V. ready with a cinematographer finding our best side and a makeup artist touching up our face. I mean that would be nice right? Clean up on aisle 4, is more likely the scenario we best end up in. But instead we get all mess and have to make due. Easier said than done. Cue the clean self medication.

So how do I avoid uncomfortable moments? My favorite thing in the world when life is messy is to cuddle up in my down comforter and throw on a playlist of girl power songs. Oh and chocolate. Seriously, chocolate is good for a celebration or a pity party. OOOHHH and throw on a chick flick and with a hot mocha topped with whip cream (notice more chocolate), those are great ways to take my mind off of harsh situations. I am pretty sure chocolate is my best defense for the blues. What is your favorite way to bring comfort to yourself when life is playing hard ball?


I know as women we have so many not so fun things to deal with. I mean who else is slightly jealous that guys don’t have periods, cramps, or give birth?! I know my hand is high up in the air and waving with crazy passion. Lucky ducks. Talk about uncomfortable, we get to wear pads and tampons a week out of every month of most of our lives. I know we all can agree we would much rather hide under a rock then go out and about while Aunt flow is visiting.4273671

I know for a fact that I dread the “time of the month”. Not only because all my fav undies are possible casualties, but because pads are just not my thing. I get crabby just thinking about the awkward shuffle in my walk. And absolutely no one wants a period. Ok! I take that back, girls who don’t want to be pregnant do.


So guess what? There is relief in the period department!!! U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners and U by Kotex Curves® Liners I can be perfectly honest here before this campaign, I already used Kotex®! As a matter of fact, ever since I had an IUD I get to <insert sarcastic tone> wear both tampons and pads. YAY ME! Obviously, not having to wear them would be the best, but here is why I like U by Kotex® Lightdays. They are thin! And that is huge! especially for fit chicks who live in spandex and yoga pants. They don’t give me a rash after I shave, also good for fit chicks who enjoy cycling or well, sitting! And there packaging is cute! I don’t feel like a grandma at the checkout line. I said I would be honest, I still get a little embarrassed at the grocery store. Not because of what I am buying but because my kids have almost no idea they are carrying pads! So mostly just embaressed from my inner voice laughing. Silly, I know. Oh before you go run to the store to stock up, they also have long Kotex® Lightdays® and the U by Kotex® Curves® which are amazing for stay in place movements! They are my favorite ones because I never have to worry about any ooops while I am jumping or doing yoga! Oh goodness, I cant picture savasana being cozy with me running out to find a bathroom. Now I don’t have to worry! I am covered! Literally.


{photo courtesy of U by Kotex® website}

So ladies let’s recap. When life is in the misery business, chocolate is good therapy, down comforters are super cozy, and girl power and chick flicks help run the blues away! There are plenty of ways we could blame men for having it easy, but it is perfect payback and so much funner to have them run to the store for our lady products. As we all know, periods are no fun, but the don’t have to be uncomfortable.


Starting now there is all kinds of fun going on over at so go check it out and get enter to win.

Each month, one lucky winner will receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex products.

At the end of the contest, the most creative selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotex photo shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash

To enter the #BringComfyBack Contest, visit and upload your creative pic or gif showcasing your best uncomfy face. Here’s mine


Oh and there are neat little sample packs available at go grab you one while supplies last.

And if you made it all the way through this post and got a giggle when you saw my UGH face, head over to my Instagram and comment your fave time of the month relief on my uncomfy face photo. Even better, if you wanna post your own pic on the page or your social media. Remember! it is our inside joke so only add the hash #bringcomfyback and tag me. Can’t wait to see what you post! xoxo

Sweat til you Shine. Carleeh

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