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I am a smoothie bowl newbie. For the last month, I took on a personal challenge to try to eat breakfast and add more protein into my diet. I can’t even explain how NOT excited I was. For years, I have hated every protein shake I have tried and every smoothie too! The texture just messed with me, and gagging while eating is just not appetizing. I saw my friend’s Kari and Cari trying the new smoothie bowl sensation and decided to jump in on the fun. I never knew it would become something that would change me for the better or worth writing about.

My very first smoothie bowl
I am typically a fasted cardio girl. If we are being honest, (which I told you I would be) I usually wake up run around my house trying to get out the door in such a frantic hurry I don’t have time to eat. So the phrase would be better deemed  starving running late cardio. You know the feeling when you can’t take your mind off food while you are trying to workout? You finish a workout and dash home as quick as possible to eat. Then you bite your family’s heads off when you step in the door because you are catabolic!?! This had become me, HANGRY monster mom. I was even noticing that my lifting and running was starting to lag and I was exhausted before I had even broke a sweat. It started causing me to be tempted to quit and head home. Bad. Horrible. And when I was fighting through to finish my intense Hiit workouts and weight lifting was draining me. I began loading with simple sugars to create the energy. Chocolate is my favorite for fake energy, but left me shaky. I eventually, had to step back for fear of passing out while I pushed through the body symptoms. My goals were getting side lined, because my body was revolting out of hunger.

I boycotted protein drinks and smoothies, I tried to seek comfort in bars. Luna, Quest, Krush, and even a few others, taste great and worked for basic hunger. But I wasnt fueled because I hadn’t started with a basic meal. They were my go to’s because I adore them, but I needed more to get to my muscles immediately. I remember 2 months ago, after my weight class, I jumped into a zumba class. After about 15 minutes in, I started getting dizzy. I walked down the stairs to the snack area knowing it was lack of food. I got a handful of nuts from my friend, who noticed I looked off. I proceeded to buy my first protein shake. I watered it down and plugged my nose, and chugged. Within about 5 minutes, I started to feel better. Who knew. Not me. This became my go to after workouts, still no breakfast. I was bored and sick of spending $3 a pop on something I was barely keeping down. I needed a new plan of attack


Like I told you earlier, my insta tribe friends started this new trending thing called a smoothie bowl. You ate it with a spoon and toppings, similar to yogurt or pudding!!! I thought I could totally do that texture! So I looked on pinterest for recipes, here is what I found! What’s the deal with smoothie bowls? and How to build the perfect smoothie. I can’t believe all ways you can blend a dang smoothie! Did I mention I love options? I mean my favorite part about working out is all the different ways to sweat. This is right up my alley! I am only just beginning, but the possibilities are endless!!!

Every morning I have been experimenting with flavors and food combinations. I actually found a couple of products that have truly made the smoothies more than just breakfast. I have been using Organic Burst powders to help supplement nutrients I wouldn’t get any other way, like spirulina and maca. I found them on instagram and decided to give them a try. I am so happy I did. I love organic, non gmo products! I was given some samples of EAS Lean 15 at Ideafit PTI West here in Seattle.(ps I cant wait for the sample after Ideafit World!!!) I love how their protein was low enough for a woman’s serving size and also that it didn’t make me sick to my stomach. Along with the fun omega’s I have added, yogurt and greens, I am getting quite a well-rounded meal! I am even able to do a couple of vegan days. And for full disclosure, I have only gagged once,  some vegan powders seem to have a teeny grit to them. Other than that I am having a blast and putting time into starting my morning right. If I am late to a function, I don’t mind because I know without the nutrition I would be way worse off. I now have energy and no longer shake. It is totally because of the smoothies, because I missed having one the other day and found myself sluggish and hangry. I hope you will give them a try. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to share any thing I can to help. Just leave me a comment below!

Here are a few of the smoothies I have blended up in the last 4 weeks. All photos are my own and as you can see, simple or complex there are plenty of ways to decorate. As a matter of fact I am having a blast learning food photography along the way.





All recipes are shared in detail on my instagram, along with links to the topping makers!

*This post is not sponsored, just sharing the products I found. I believe if you like something, then share it. Others may like it too. And we all know sharing is caring 🙂 xoxo

Sweat til you Shine,



  1. Those look yummy! I definitely can’t work out without eating first (one of the many reasons I work out after work!) and these look pretty simple and filling so I might have to try this out!


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