Hello world!

Thanks for joining me here! It makes me so happy you came, seriously I am happy dancing with giggles and claps! Please please please be patient with me, I am blogging from my cell phone. And learning how to function a word press is kinda difficult, for a beginner since I can’t see it in desk top. The first few posts are kinda gonna be my test runs. My site is still under construction (much like my body) but I wanted to get started asap. Because I feel like I don’t need to be perfect to impact lives! I hope my imperfections can be overlooked and the message can speak loud and clear!

Eeekkk I am so excited to share with you what got me started on my fitness mission for my first in depth post. I hope you will keep joining me and maybe even follow my blog. I promise to be 100% honest, GIRL WORLD HONOR CODE! (I wasn’t a girl scout) I just wanna be me, bad grammar and good intentions. xoxo

Sweat til you Shine,


I would love to hear what you think!

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