Five Blogfest Faves

I am figuratively flipping for joy! Only 5 days left until Idea World/Blogfest with Sweat Pink! If you have never heard of it, it is a fitness convention where there are workouts, workshops, and lectures with the fitness industry’s best. I mean how cool is that?!? Not only do we get to absorb their knowledge but we get credit for our classes! Most classes are worth up to 2 credits, that’s up to 23 total, sadly, workouts don’t count. But I go to those for sweat and fun anyways! Blogfest was invite/application only through Fit Approach this year and I was invited!!! Don’t worry even though there’s not a way to jump in on Blogfest right now, you can go to Ideaworld!! There is even a free expo! I came home with a suitcase just of samples and goodies. I went to booth last year (Ideaworld is included in Blogfest admission) and absolutely loved it, and highly recommend it.

I have put together my top reasons for being so pumped about Blogfest.

  1. Starting the convention with a run! My awesome friend  Tiffany ( cute chick with both hands up) organized a 3 mile run directly before the convention opening ceremonies! It was the first time I got to meet any of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors and many I still keep in contact with over Instagram. I loved doing my fave activity first!!

    making new friends at 6 am


    thanks Sharpie for the awesome selfie

2. Getting all dressed up for the urban party night and networking party! I mean what girl doesn’t love a chance to get all done up and pretty with her girlfriends! The Urban Party is a blast, they had a photo booth, amazing catered meals, and time to dance and mingle with your friends. The Urban party was for all the attendees of the convention. The network party was very fun too, we got to talk with the sponsoring brands, pass out our business/contact cards and eat a meal together. The network party was Blogfest only.


networking and mingling with the coolest chicks around


urban party glammed up

3. Flexing and not even slightly feeling weird about it, because everyone else is doing it too! Okay so this one is silly, but if you know me I think flexing is cool as heck if you are showing your strong (not being a meathead).


at the sweat pink booth


after workout group poses are the best

4. Fun workouts specially planned for only Blogfest attendees. We are so dang lucky to get private workouts with some of the most awesome fitness clelasses out there and their owners. We got to do Kaia Fit, Zumba w/Beto, HighX w/Gabby Reece and this year we are getting. Pop Pilates class and working out with Gunnar Peterson (celebrity trainer).


finding zen


sorry it is blurry Gabby Reece was kicking our butts


partner routines with Kaia Fit

5. Last but not least, my most favorite-ist part of Blogfest is getting to be in a room with other passionate go-getters who are trying to make the world a healthier place! These talented bloggers, fitness leaders, and social media powerhouses so inspire me to be the best blogger I can.


do you see me in the pink hat? soaking up all the info

Well now that I have told you mine, maybe you will tell me yours? If you have attended Idea World Blogfest or Idea World what were your 5 faves? If you haven’t what 2 would you look forward to the most?

Sweat ’til You Shine,



What’s super and green and packs some protein?

Have you ever wondered if the Hulk even likes green? Maybe he doesn’t want the green life. I mean he seems super mad to me, maybe it is because he is green. I get it Hulk, I get it. Not all things that are green are super. hulk

I know it is gonna sound so weird because I am all for green living from the Ever”green” state, but I DON’T love all things green, not even really the color. Oh especially not green juice. I pretty much CAN’T EVEN for lack of better terms. So when I see the word green describing super foods, I lace up my running shoes and search for some hills. Don’t get me wrong I love greens, in their veggie form, but as soon as they are juiced, the very smell of chlorophyll makes me gag. Now it wasn’t always this way. Thanks to Jamba juice giving me a moldy wheat grass shot, I am now the recipient of a fun gag reflex and migraines. I partially blame this one the lack of adult leadership at our local store and the fact that I am pretty sure they were more worried about dates (flirting) than dates of the food. But seriously, I have never been more sick in my life. Ingesting mold is no joke. Now because I don’t like bashing anyone or putting negativity on companies that probably have no clue it even happened, I will be honest, I went there almost daily before it happened, so I liked them well until then. But my freak incident has actually completely changed the way I eat health food. I can’t even cut kale (see can’t even is the perfect description). The darker the green the stronger the smell. And if you have spent anytime around me you know I can hardly use anything because of my sensitive sense of smell. Makes me sad, I used to love wheat grass shots.

Okay, so I am done sharing my random story. I just wanted to give you some background why I don’t like green juice.

Okay so I don’t hate it. I actually drink a lot of green juices, but finding green things without the taste of chlorophyll is actually hard. So I have to mask it or go for sweet greens. I really don’t enjoy plugging my nose and chugging just to get healthy options. So you can imagine finding plant superfoods have been interesting.

Oh hey, in walks Amazing Grass. I got this happy mail package from Amazing Grass thanks to my Fit Approach community. I love packages!!! They make me sooo happy! When ever you see me post #happymail you know a happy dance came with the delivery! But I mean look at all these goodies! I adore mason jars, all yoga things, and protein, of course.



Okay so I usually start with vanilla or chocolate flavors of protein, because masking “green” and pea powder is hard. But for some reason I ordered the original. I guess something in me wanted to do a review off their base. Simply because as I am trying so many proteins, I want to be able to taste what sets them apart. I already use enough yummy fruit in my smoothie bowls anyways.


The first thing I look for in a protein is obvi -protein content, source and grams. As well as there are a few other important players, like additives, if it if organic or non gmo, and sugar. I guess I need to start a grading system. Let’s go back to school  A B C D E F.

Protein grams- 20g per scoop

Protein source- Organic pea, hemp, chia, and quinoa

Addititives- xanthan gum, natural vanilla flavor, organic madagascar vanilla

Superfoods- ALL organic-

greens- wheatgrass (powered doesn’t bother me), alfalfa, barley grass,spinach,spirulina,chlorella,broccoli.

fruit and veggies- carrot, acai, banana, beet,sweet potato, pineapple,raspberry, rose hips, and goji

and the calorie content is 110 per scoop.

fiber is a little bit lacking at 3g (dietary) but they make up for it  because there is <1g of sugar


I am also falling in love with this company! Not only do they take the steps it takes to provide the healthiest products they can for adults, but they have a whole kids line too!!! Major score in my book, because as a mom, I choose products that have family health in mind. Part of the reason I chose fitness is because I wanted to be a good role model to my kids anyways. One of the best things about Amazing grass is their products can be bought at Target!!! Yay, I have an extra excuse to go shopping!!!!

Oh and a fun fact- they actually engage with you on social media! That is a huge plus for me since I share content and tag them. I love companies that love their consumers! IMG_20160419_073447

So for this specific product I give it an A. Based on the fact that the texture is nice, the flavor is easy on my taste buds, but also easy to mask, and that it is a non- gmo organic protein. It being vegan/kosher pareve are extra credit since I am not either but like the benefits both offer to my green living.


3 AMAZING flavors to choose from

oh hey! check out the fun hash we have all been conversing on #feelamazingeveryday on your social media channels to check out the other flavors in action! Maybe you will even find a few blog posts from my friends to read!


look at this super cute barcode


So hurry and snag your family some superfood goodness. I recommend adding a sample kit to your order so you can test out Amazing meal , Green Superfoods, or their Protein Superfood, they also come with a fun shaker.

Have you ever had a superfood protein? Have you ever heard of Amazing Grass? What is your favorite protein? Do you think you would try Amazing Grass after this review?

I am so glad you popped over to my blog, If you would love to try Amazing Grass products 40% off I have a special online coupon for you 40SWEATPINK1 (expires July 1, 2016)


Sweat ’til You Shine,



As always, my smoothie bowl recipes are always available on my Instagram I would love to hear feedback or engage with you, so please feel free to give me a shout out!



Disclaimer: I received Amazing Grass to review as part of a SweatPink campaign. Learn more about becoming a part of Sweat Pink (ambassador) at I also practice truth in blogging, so every one of my posts are based solely on my experience with each product. To collab with me in the future, email me at


Kids In The Kitchen- Marshmallows

Hello lovies!!! I have a simple recipe for you! I actually found it on Instagram and then adapted by adding a homemade acai blueberry jam to it.

Acai Blueberry Jam + Homemade Marshmallows



1/2 cup of homemade acai blueberry jam (recipe below)
2 1/2 tbsp gelatin
9 tbsp cold water
1 1/2 cups organic sugar
1/2 cup water
2 tsp organic vanilla
dash  of salt

Acai Blueberry jam


finger lickin good

1 cup organic blueberries
1 tbsp mammachia chia seeds
1 tbsp of nektar naturals honey crystals (or regular honey)
1/2 packet of sambazon acai

combine all in a pot over medium heat until light boil (3-5 mins) and blueberries start to get soft. mix and mash blueberries until they thicken and take off heat. allow to cool completely before adding into marshmallow mixture (about 10 mins)


no mess honey, yes please!


blueberries are kinda my jam…get it, my jam lol


my favorite chia seeds


best acai I have found and it is in the freezer section at your grocer


let’s get this party started, right?!


that’s my kind of bubbly


Now let’s make some mallows!

In a small bowl, mix together gelatin and 9 tbsp water and set aside.

Prepare an 8 x 8 baking dish buy lining it with wax paper and then sprinkling it with icing sugar/corn flour mixture. Set aside. Start heating sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a medium saucepan over medium heat until it is dissolved.

Add gelatin to saucepan and bring to a boil, then promptly remove from heat and transfer to a large heat proof bowl (mixing bowl). Allow to cool for a few minutes. Add blueberry jam, vanilla and a pinch of salt.

Beat with a mixer until it gets big, and fluffy like marshmallow fluff! Then transfer the fluff into your prepared dish and let it sit over night to set properly ( 4 hours or more to get the best results) sift your sugar/corn flour mixture and then cut.


recipe by @Caileigh_belle






“I shall call him ‘Squishy,’ and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.”



sneaky little thing, stealing from underneath my lens


bite sized squares o’ joy



I love the swirls and berries poppin out


I bet I can fit all three in my mouth!


marshmallows for breakfast anyone?


get that treat and those boots off my couch girl!!!

Hope you enjoyed our first ever attempt at making homemade marshmallows! Bitty loved making the acai blueberry jam and eating the mallows, of course.We had lots of fun testing our recipes and plan on putting our mallows into a special treat tomorrow! p.s. check out my snapchat @mamarazza21 to see what it is!

Fit chicks need a lil sugar every now and then and I strongly believe cheat days aren’t so bad if you home make your yummies with less than 10 ingredients! Plus what better way to teach our kids healthy habits then to show them how to eliminate processed foods , by making their own food and treats!



Sweat ’til You Shine,







Finding my way back

Hello! I know it has been a while, sorry. Life as been busy and challenging to say the least, I have been experiencing setback after setback, and now I have decided it is time for a comeback. Not just a peek-a-boo, but a real deal renovation. And with a make over comes a reveal, but we will chit chat about that more over the next few posts. If you follow me on social media you more than likely already know what I will be sharing in the days to come about the hardships that come along and try to knock us off track. Trust me there is plenty to share as my blogging schedule amps up during the set up of my new blog format, and prepare to make blogging a more prominent part of my journey. I am pretty sure this space is needed to process and hold myself accountable.

Until then, I am not sure if I ever told you about the coolest thing I took on this year. Did I? Well maybe I did but just incase, I am starting race blogging. Well, as you can see I haven’t posted any blogs just yet, but I have quite a few to recap and plenty of fun pictures and stories. I just wanted to give you a heads up because at the end of every week and month, I will be doing recaps of the races during the month. All the rest of the days in between will just be for sharing ways to sweat, food that is worth trying, product reviews, family friendly activities, and cool events I attend or will be attending. Don’t forget to check back here for giveaways and coupons for Seattle races and products I am reviewing. With that being said, I am excited to be back. I have missed this little corner of my world, where I can be me without filters.

Omgosh I can’t even explain how different I see things now and I want to share with you all that I have going on and the way God is digging into me and establishing the new direction in my life. I am ready to be who he wants me to be and oh how he has been using SALT to cleanse me and heal me. Sound funny? Don’t worry it will all make sense soon. But so you know, I am choosing to LIVE health. Keep a watch out for my next post which will explain more. xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,


Hemp Heart Bar Review

Hey there lovelies!  I know, I told you in my last post I had quite a few products to test and one of which was the brand new brain child of Manitoba Harvest the  Hemp Heart Bar . 

I mean you remember some blog posts back when I shared with you the hype on hemp hearts right? I intrigued you with some bright and fun ways shelled hemp hearts could be used to trick your kids to eat healthy amp up your recipes. Here is a reminder of my yummy smoothie bowl


Oh look hemp hearts!



Well boy was I excited to hear they were bringing out a to-go bar!

I love products that you can throw into your gym bag, kids lunch, or purse as run out the door. And you know I am always running (late that is) so I need quick protein to fuel my shenanigans.



learning to be an on-the-go pro!

What makes this bar different from the rest? I mean every protein bar has…well protein? here is a couple things I found.

  1. it is plant based nutrition for those who cant tolerate animal products
  2. hemp contains heart-healthy fiber and unsaturated fats
  3. we often get over the amount of daily protein needed in our diet and 10mg is a light option for those of us who enjoy a lil protein in between our protein.

but guess what? these bars also offer another sweet treat. Omegas.


Omegas are that awesome little fatty acids that our bodies DO NOT produce, so food is the only way! And not only does this Hemp Heart Bar have omega 3’s , but also omega 6’s. Not only does our brain need them to function but they help lower heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in America. The American Heart Association recommends that at least 5% to 10% of food calories come from omega-6 fatty acids. (source WebMD) So go ahead girl, get some!


I do have to admit hemp protein is a taste that sometimes can be a little different on first bite, but I am happy to say after a few more bites I got used to it. My favorite flavor was the Apple Cinnamon. I was sent chocolate and apple cinnamon, I am hoping to get my hands on the vanilla, since I tend to side more with vanilla as a protein flavor. Hope you will give them a try for yourself and let me know what you think!


Have you tried the Hemp Heart Bars? Which flavor did you like best? Have you ever heard of Manitoba Harvest? What is your favorite pre- workout snack to fuel with? What is your favorite post workout snack to replenish with?


Sweat ’til You Shine,




I was provided Hemp Heart Bars to review by Manitoba Harvest‘s collaboration with Fit Approach, a company I ambassador for. If you would like to submit a application to join #SweatPink click here. As always my opinions are my own, I strongly support truth in blogging.






The Skinny on PrAna and Kara

Hey everyone, Long time no hear, speak, see? Did ya miss me? I hope so, I sure missed you! Oh my gosh so much!

It has been a little bit! Let me tell you why.

As many of you have noticed, I took a month off from my blog, not because of anything negative, but because I needed to get myself together after a few major life changes. Part of which made me think about my purposes in life and if my voice was worth sharing, if anyone wanted to listen, and why. Well funny thing is, blogging keeps coming up! I have written many posts and they are all in my drafts. Sitting there lonely waiting to be released from blog jail. Some of my best shares are just waiting for the right time.

In my little hiatus (from blogging and fitness) I have had many opportunities to work with amazing brands trying new products. And even one company, PrAna again! It made me so happy to hear they felt like my voice fit something in their brand, well because I have so many of the same passions. First off, I have to apologize, I accepted this blog before some pretty large things happened in my life causing me to have to push back some of my extra credit activities for the health and longevity of my family. PrAna, my deepest apologies. I am so very thankful to be able to work with the amazing brands that Fit Approach connects me with and I am a woman of integrity so I wanted to own up for my own flaws.


Now let’s talk about the goods. I know you all got to get a little bit of a taste of PrAna with my first post a few months ago, but oh boy have they upped the market this year with their new Spring Styles! Not to mention their commitment to the impact their products have on our world. Did you know they have been partnered with Bluesign® since 2012? That is huge, it means that their products fabrics meet the highest environment and human safety standards, with no harsh chemicals that could pollute our air or water! Don’t even get me started on their materials.IMG_4358IMG_4305IMG_4356

Oh wait this is a review, so then let’s…

Organic cottons, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and re-purposed down, I know all you granola’s just got so excited! I am a mostly crunchy mama myself, so I do love to buy from brands that put a little thought and action into making their impact on our resources, light. I actually must admit, I totally pay extra for it. Words like fair trade, organic, and recycled draw my eye and 9 times out of 10, earn my money. I have kids, I want them to be able to enjoy the forests, oceans, and mountains like I do, here in the PNW. I mean if you have been here, you know exactly what beauty I will pay a few extra dollars for! here’s a little preview.


trees, oceans, drift wood oh my!

I could honestly talk about this company ALL DAY! Because I am that passionate about health and my State, but l know you came for the goods! PrAna chose me as part of a campaign with the babes at Fit Approach and fellow bloggers to pick one item out of their spring line to review and then gush over, because come on, I cant see anyone complaining after my legs slid into my stretch skinny Kara jeans.


beachcomber vibes

Heaven. Okay so I spilled the beans  about my choice. But, I have to admit, I already have a pair! and I jumped at the chance to add other color to my (to be) collection! Trust me, ladies, they are like butta!!!! First, let me back up a bit. If you are about to hop, skip, and a click over to their site, make sure to downsize! And for you petite ladies, consider the fact that they are made long on purpose so you can roll the cuff! Okay the link is  HERE and if you buy tonight you get 15% off with code PSSS16MOAM the link has been live on my insta and twitter for a while but it expires tonight.

Personally I rock mine cuffed or long with heels. Either way, they fit my curves (DANG THIGHS!!! that just wont quit) and make me feel super sexy comfy in my own skin. I know your jeans probably do that too…but can you do yoga in yours? I can in mine. I mean a full split, not tree pose.

At any given moment I can go from city streets to mountain hikes to beach walks, did I mention one of the phrases the like to identify their brand with is- Live fully, play long, and travel well? I find it fits perfectly because I have no problem going between adventures with ease because of how versatile these jeans are.IMG_20160321_003345[1]


The great thing about these jeans are that they are skinny stretch. Throw that thought about jeggings out the window, these are high quality jeans. Organic cotton to be precise.20160320_101838[1]IMG_20160320_214401[1]IMG_20160320_214622[1] I totally feel like Vana White, but hey! if they made evening gowns I would absolutely rock one to walk up and tilt the hanger toward you with fancy hands. LOL jus’ being honest. I totally don’t get paid to say that. As a matter of fact, once a product has won me over, I have no problem sharing almost profusely about them. Don’t believe me? Here is my instagram to prove it. I am pretty sure it will be hard for me to wear another brand of jeans after this, I would swoon if they had multiple colors and styles of denim (stonewashed, micro tears, and light wash) I wouldn’t complain if they made khaki colored, darker grey, or suede either.

Okay, so because this is a review I have to give a slightly less than stellar feedback about the sizing, where I adore being able to fit into a smaller pair than I really am in, it is kinda hard to order, soooo make sure you as the consumer do your part ans check their very detailed size chart (shared from their website below), otherwise you will be getting to know their nice customer service people. I didn’t have any issues ordering the yoga clothes, just the jeans. Please remember  jeans often start to sag after a wear or two, stretchy ones are just as touchy.

I am happy to say their customer service made it right every time, that is always good news, in online shopping. I have gotten to know a couple of them because when I first ordered I was a size bigger and when the sent the replacement I was a size smaller. It was fun, but took a little time since I had to be able to find my size by mail order dressing room. They were patience with me and made sure I got the size that fits. Sadly, all of the clothes from my first review are way too big! Sometimes weight loss can be bittersweet, like when you go shopping and get the cutest stuff and a month later NOTHING fits. Any one wear a size 8? lol

I would love to hear about any spring styles you found on the PrAna website, I personally have been day dreaming about page 25 of the online catalog and this Parker Sweater and the Steph pants for a spring night bonfire under the stars.

If you had the opportunity to pick one item from their Spring line to review what would it be? Would you like to see more clothing reviews from me? Where do you think you would wear the Kara jeans most? To order the style of Kara jeans I am wearing visit this link

Sweat ’til you Shine,


This post is sponsored by PrAna who understands that this review and the opinion stated is that of my own. I promise my readers to show each brand respect and integrity and maintain my honesty in blogging. Many thanks to the team at Fit Approach for bringing us together.



Meet Your New Bestie, Matcha

Hey Girl, HEEEYYY!

So, I woke up today like COFFEE! <mombie voice> I neeeeeeeed coffffffeeeee. Yes, just like that. I didn’t sleep well and had sneaky bed invading little feet upside my head all night long, oh Bitty.  Not only did we toss and turn, but we ended having to drive her big brother to school after he missed the bus, and way EARLIER than this mom functions. So you can picture me all jammied up, with my morning Mojita (Kevita- acv and prebiotic elixir of goodness) in hand to the high school. I was a hot mess suv mom express. Trust me there will be NO pictures of my hair! But what I can share is the way I decided to get a quick super mom power boost!


Two green girl bosses, right here! MATCHA made in Heaven


Okay ain’t she purdy? This is a boss babe’s new bestie!

Matcha green tea packs a powerful punch, dare I say coffee is going green?!? Green tea is known for having some natural caffeine, but wow! Who knew she had such a rich and powerful older sister? Matcha tea is a super dee-duper food. I had never tried Matcha before, but it is just green tea leaves ground into powder. The word matcha means “powdered”. You know what’s crazy? Matcha green tea does taste like regular green tea, but with oomph! Definitely more earthy and bold. I think the matcha is a little better mixed into things like smoothies, chia pudding, and lattes, but still like my organic traditional green tea for comfort sips! One thing matcha has going on, is that no matter what recipe she’s in, her green glow makes her the star of the show.

Let’s talk about the supporting actresses real quick. One thing about smoothie bowls I love and adore are the toppings.



Thanks to for the super food toppings chart!

They are so much fun! There is so many different ways to decorate and flavor combos! Here are the brands I like of each of these

  1. Raw cacao powder – Nativas naturals or Sunfood
  2. Homemade granola- I prefer Larabar’s
  3. Chia seeds- Mammachia
  4. Hemp seeds – Manitoba Hemp hearts
  5. Organic Burst- maca
  6. Pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe’s
  7. Nativas Naturals -goji berries
  8. Bee Pollen-local sourced!! So important
  9. Cacao Nibs- Nativas naturals or Theo Chocolate

Okay because I want you to have time to make your smoothie, here is the recipe I used for the Matcha made in Heaven bowl

3/4 c zico organic coconut water • 1/4 c frozen pineapples • 1/4 c frozen mangos • 1 tsp Organic Burst maca and spirulina • 1 tsp Epic Matcha organic matcha • 1 scoop of EAS lean 15 vanilla • handful of kale

Toppings- nativas naturals goji berries, manitoba harvest hemp hearts, bee pollen, and shredded organic coconut

Now before you go devour this yummy smoothie bowl, I want to say a couple words about Matcha’s bestie Kale. Because though she isn’t the main attraction in this smoothie, she is definitely the equivalent to Matcha in amazingness. Not only is she a leaf as well, but this co star brings depth and some drama (not everyone likes her) to any scene she is on. Look at these accreditations in just one cup (my handful was about a cup). Wow.


Oh sister, you go girl! (Found this image on )

If you aren’t so found of Kale, she can be a little bitter if she isn’t rubbed the right way, get less of her at a time. Okay, but if you are smart you will see having her around is way more enjoyable than you think once you get to know all the roles she can play (soup, chips, salads, even southern) This show stopper is a great replacement for collards in a dish!

Seriously, if you like piña coladas🎶 this smoothie just right for you. If you want more of a tropical vibe with a hint of green, just lessen the amounts. Ease into it. No one ever said you had to go GREEN all in one day. Give her an audition. I promise you can always tweek the script. Just make sure you get ready because this Boss babes combo is coming for that red carpet dress!Design-2016-01-22-08-11-52

I hope you will give this award winning duo a try! Don’t forget to give me a tag if you do! You can find me at my social channels alongside this post!

Or leave me a little comment below to tell me if you have any special recipes where Matcha or Kale have stolen the show! Xoxo

Sweat ’til you Shine,


Emotional Rollercoaster

IMG_20160111_164404A lot of you know, my husband and I recently split for almost a month. This time has been very difficult for my family and my husband hasn’t been well, fair, or in a good place. We haven’t been able to function or stay civil. Me included. I have been miserable for the last 2 weeks with him being gone and haven’t been honest when I say I was hurting. <insert Vivian Green’s Emotional Roller Coaster, song>IMG_20160116_210240

I wasn’t eating and reverted back to anorexic tendency in my stress and emotional pain. I have been over training and not nourishing. I haven’t even been drinking water unless I was working out. Not safe. I didn’t feel like blogging this. But I will. Because I can’t ask you to share your journey with me when I haven’t been being truthful. Well,I mean I have, but not full disclosure. In the last 2 weeks, I have eaten a total of 7 meals. 7. Full meals. I have been living off of a few saltines, a few bites here, or there when I got shaky. I have lost 3 lbs. If that tells you how much I haven’t been eating. 9000 calories deficit. Scary. And sadly,my body has reverted to starvation, I feel it, I remember what it feels like.

Do you remember when you would stay up all night and half way through the next day you got a burst of energy and could stay up another full day? – Okay, first I have to tell you I was such a partier as a teen, and a insomniac as a military wife with a deployed soldier this is how I know.-

I have been on that buzz for days. Energy like crazy. That means my body is literally eating my muscles to get nutrients. I have been weaker and my muscles have been a lot a little bit twitchy. I had a banana today. It is almost 7 pm. 1 banana. I am not even hungry. The ugly truth about ED (eating disorders) are they never really go away. I can snap in and out of it when stress strikes, like nobody’s business. Oh I am busy, I will eat later. Oh I have a teenager meltdown, I will eat before bed. Oh, I missed my daughters bus, I will grab something when I pick her up (after school). Do you see? Emotional eating isn’t just about food binging; You can also starve yourself. Neither is healthy, both make you gain weight. Wait! WHAT? Yep, if you do not eat your body goes into starvation and starts to store fats to be able to burn them later! But seriously, it thinks it is dying! <dramatic body> Well, when it stores it can seem like weight loss, because there is no calories, but it is packing away BAD FAT for a later day. Yeah, so hey, you eat a donut after a long busy day without any meals, your body says “it’s good girl, I will store this right in your thighs!” (Hence, my thunderous thighs) I like to eat sugar instead of meals. Quick energy, tastes good, and bam instant happy…until the crash. I have said it before, I will say it again. Food IS FUEL. carbs, proteins, sugars. Energy. But if we don’t balance it, it is like topping off your gas tank with cheap watered down fuel. Putter Putter. Slow move until the next fuel station. Am I hitting any of you with this?


Babes, we have got to be able to recognize the signs. Am I gonna be able to kick this? Truthfully, I can try and I want to, but I am not 100% positive I won’t require help. I have a awesome nutritionist friend who has been being my inner voice an encouragement. We are both going through something right now, we are gonna bounce some support off eachother this week. I am super lucky I have friends who have been checking in on me, but I just haven’t had the energy to eat. I am hosting a pot luck this weekend “comfort food” is the theme. I am seriously mentally prepping for the calories. Right now my body hasn’t been able to eat over a couple ounces, or my stomach feels sick. The dark side of ED, anorexia- your stomach shrinks and bulimia- it stretches, which messes with all your -I’m full- sensors. Sorry this isn’t more scientific, but I am just a regular girl. I just want to process all this along with sharing how it works for me. Maybe you have all these non scientific findings too?!

Have you ever had ice cream sitting in front of you, your favorite flavor and didn’t want it? I know I am a freak. But for 4 days, I have a ridiculously amazing flavor of frozen bliss and I haven’t touched it. I have looked at it a few times and shut the door. Ok so there is a problem. Are we all seeing how real eating disorders can be? How emotional trauma can change a girl? I mean chocolate freaking icecream. It should be a sad girls go to, especially after her man leaves her. I need help ladies. I have kinda asked and kinda gotta response. It probably would have helped if I wouldn’t have deleted it off FB a few minutes later, but I got scared someone would judge me. I am a fitness and health girl. I don’t want to discredit my hard work and credibility. But, we all have problems. We all have to be vulnerable. Be HUMAN, strength is in the moments when we could be quiet or rise our voice. I gotta tell you one area I definitely don’t want a dark clouds hanging over me is in the profession I plan to work. But I also, want potential clients to see I am a normal girl with normal problems, but I didn’t let them own me.IMG_20160111_070515

Today, I got a call from my husband. Let me give you a teen background- Just a few days ago, we signed a paper stating we didn’t want our marriage anymore and that we were dividing assets with out a mediator. I wrote about it the other day on my blog. – Well last night we had a blow up and verbally ripped eachother to shreds for lawyers. I went to bed feeling horrible and so did he (he told me today). I love this guy. I waited for years for him during deployments, waited months for him in field training, and waited days for him to level out when we had PTSD cycles. But today, he called me and asked to come home. He said he was sorry/wrong/confused and he doesn’t want a life without me, because he wasn’t complete. We have actually both been fine with the impending divorce, because we have had such a rough go for the last decade. But something in us fights, even a flicker. I made him one promise after the war, if he tries, I will stay. Simple. There is a ton of open wounds, words that can’t be taken back, and even more worries, but there is love. Still. So remember when I said Love isn’t enough? I meant it. Morale is needed. So we are going to seek counseling and try one last time (hopefully there is no more times) and see if we can heal. There is always a chance we will struggle and perfection isn’t needed. But trying is.11058486_1382572685406654_6711610906306187568_n


So more stress, and I still need the comfort and support. I am still hosting my potluck, because really, we all hurt and need a tribe of arms. Some just don’t wont admit it, some are embarrassed of it, and others just don’t air it. But we all need someone to hug and tell us, Tomorrow is a new day. Try and live it best we can, or can live with what we let slip away. No one else’s opinion matters but the one you have  to sleep at night with, yours. I haven’t been sleeping, why because I wasn’t happy with my decision. Let me be totally transparent, my husband is almost impossible to love. And maybe he doesn’t deserve it, maybe I should run for the hills in search of myself without him. But when I lay my head down, he is the one. I may love him (and hate him sometimes) and be cautious with my heart around him, but if I can’t forgive OLD drama then I won’t heal and no body has time for baggage. Forgive people, not for them, for you. Even if you do run for the hills that is okay too. Because you deserve to give your all, complete happiness or complete brokenness, but completely. Live, love, laugh, cry, hurt, be human. Oh and finally sleep and eat. They are important. Xoxo.

Sweat ’til you Shine ,







IMG_20160118_174352Ladies, #selfies are so controversial. I hear from people that they think it is being “obsessed with yourself” but really I don’t think that is the case. Girls who post selfies are confident (or really don’t have anyone to take the dang picture) and they want to share their lives with with others. I mean you see your local friends faces almost everyday?! Does that mean they are obsessed with showing you how pretty they are?
On a fitness journey, we really don’t have time to set up perfect composed photos and strategic places items. We just wanna be accountable and show you we are checking in! I am dripping sweat and cold, hungry, and I smell, let me selfie, so I can go home! Lol

➡What we really should be worried about are girls who don’t post selfies, (not the ones who don’t want to) but the ones who don’t think they can. There are so many women who feel ugly, fat, worthless, and are scared to be judged or critiqued by the public. Women who won’t post a picture of themselves or workouts because they don’t wanna be vulnerable. They need us to tell them they are GOOD ENOUGH the way they are! No makeup, acne, extra skin, extra weight, and flawed. Baby you are beautiful, show us YOURSELF. YOUR FACE, YOUR DETERMINATION. Put yourself out there, not for praise or glory, but for support. We got you. I love selfies, I love to see women owning their beautiful. I love faces, I love to see uniqueness and facial expressions. So I say selfie, with the right motivation. Now if we get all, ooh ain’t I cute, look at me? Then there’s a problem. Don’t be self absorbed, but don’t be selfish either.


Sweat ’til you Shine,


Plot Twist



There are times when the current book doesn’t get a new chapter or happy ending, sometimes you have to start a new story. Please stick with me as the Mamarazza on a Mission, gets a plot twist.

2016 started with life changing character rewrite. And the theme is PURPOSE. As 2015, came to a close there were some very different things being foreshadowed, though it wasnt until a week ago I finally caught on. I could tell you I am happier and healthier in this fresh start, but I promised not to lie. Truth is I am on a detox, and not all of the things I am losing are creating a glow.

Most of you have seen on my social channels that I joined in on and awesome #resolutionchallenge with For the Glow, a local Seattle fitness community, to relearn how a nourishing diet can release impurities and sculpt my body. I am happy to tell you phase 2 is open for REV enrollment, how many ladies wanna boost that metabolism?!? I GOT MY HAND RAISED, three babies and 30’s sure know how to E break a body in motion. I drifted like crazy. Here is where the honesty alarm goes off, I haven’t been able to stay on track. I will tell you why don’t worry, but first let me take a… oh sorry…tell a story.

I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, in a new state, in a new room, and in walks this guy with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. He was gonna be all mine, girl! I knew it. It was like all the fireworks on the fourth of July around the world were going off in my heart. Even better, he could wear a set of BDU’s like they were made for his body. Oh gosh, be still heart. It was a whirlwind romance, we were inseparable and every moment we could we were locked at the hand and lips😉 5 months in and we were walking down the aisle, and 3 months later he was deploying to Bosnia. 6 months later we were parents and a little over a year later he was off to war. Maybe whirlwind is an understatement in military love? 

Did you know that the military can redeploy after being home only 15 months? Even after a 14 month deployment? Yeah, neither did I. But we found out quick and back to back he deployed for 10 years. Every time he came home, a little piece of my dream guy, soul mate got left overseas. Uncle Sam got his fill and put him out on a medical board retirement in 2012. I, then was deemed his caregiver and became his soul (spelling intented) morale/moral support outside of alcohol. Little did we know that battle buddies, was a term we would take quite literally.

Love is hard, loving a service member is harder, loving a wounded warrior is a whole new level. Every second of love is worth it. Love is best quoted a battlefield. And sometimes there are casualties. Sometimes things in a person die, and war doesn’t give a purple heart, bronze star, or combat ribbon for bravery under fire once they are stateside. Sometimes the mission changes. Today, I sadly signed away the future I so dreamed of walking alongside my hero. There is a hole in my heart, I quite literally feel it. I took heavy shrapnel, and the blast shook the foundation of not only my home, but of my being. No more fireworks this time. Friendly fire is actually pretty common when two people shoot off their mouths standing facing eachother. Love is quite honestly never going to be enough, so you had better put extra time into the morale part. Both parties get wounded, sometimes you bleed out over time because the wounded weren’t dressed properly  (addressed in our case) or sooner, which can cause toxicity to take over in create bad blood. Please do not hum or sing the Taylor Swift song, though I know you want to. Catchy as it is, marriages ending are nothing like a break up with a killer hook. Especially, not with 16 years of mad love in the mix.

I am not sure if it counts or not for my detox, but my face definitely has a glow to it, but I don’t think tears are what she meant.

This year was supposed to be about finding the JOY in the journey, and living a purposeful life. It still will be, but maybe in a different way. My mission is definitely going to change, but the name will remain the same, for now. Mamarazza is really just a regular old Carleeh, in a cute package. And this regular old Carleeh, is gotta find who SHE IS. I have lived my whole entire adulthood as a wife, and mother. Maybe the wife part has ended, but the mommy never ever will. I will always be a mamarazza. And I will always be on a journey to get closers to who God wants me to be while sharing sweat and motivation. I hope you will continue along with me as I process, grow, and learn about myself. I promise not to let this space become a downer, but instead a run with endurance kind of place! Here is a few things to expect in 2016-

  1. Run reviews
  2. Family friendly adventures, recipes, and workouts
  3. Fit tips, workouts, and #foodisfuel recipes
  4. Seattle events and PNW finds
  5. Awesome brand reviews
  6. A sprinkle of fashion, girly events, and me time tips
  7. Motivation and Unfiltered honesty, of course.

New year, new me. Now let’s go find out what that means! xoxo

Sweat ’til You Shine,