Triplets Took The Same Birthday Picture For 33 Years, Not Knowing How Much Life Would Change In That Time



In 1985, Karin Scholtz took a picture of her triplets, Peter, Mark, and Dennis, on their first birthday. She was so happy that she color-coordinated their clothes and even made a cute sign for them to hold. She thought it would make a lovely memory someday, something the boys could look at in a few decades and feel good about.

Little did she know that this one photograph would lead to 33 years of pictures of the boys posing together, showing how much their personalities evolved over the course of their lives. You’ll be amazed to see how much of a difference there is between three decades and three years.

It Started on Their First Birthday

The photo series of the triplets began in 1985, on their first birthday, when their mother Karin just wanted to take a picture of her boys while they were shoveling cake into their mouths, and inadvertently started the tradition. Now, it’s a family tradition.

Soon, Peter, Mark, and Dennis made it a tradition to take their picture in front of a birthday sign every year. Their parents started it as a lighthearted little custom, which their children continued for the rest of their lives. However, their fifth birthday was a challenging one. Keep reading to find out why.



Turning Two Means Soccer Jerseys and Smiles

When the boys turned two, Karin created another sign for them to hold, and this time, they were more aware of what was happening and more than happy to pose for the camera.

The two-year-old triplets were beaming with happiness as they sported blonde hair and matching soccer jerseys. Their smiles were identical, and they looked adorable. When can we expect to see more of this? Let’s find out.



Birthday #3 Is When the Photo Turned into a Tradition

It wasn’t until her children turned three that Karin decided to start the tradition of taking an annual birthday picture with them. In fact, her sons were the impetus for it because they were standing there with their sign to have their picture taken with it.

Peter, Mark, and Dennis sat on the couch with their sign, grinning broadly at the camera. They wore sweaters depicting Snoopy, which matched each other. They seem to be looking at something behind the camera, perhaps something that caught their attention and prompted them to take this photo.



Age Four: Their Personalities Began to Show

When the triplets celebrated their fourth birthday, it was time for them to start their first year of elementary school. However, the tradition continued, and they continued to dress alike and keep their birthday sign at the ready.

At this point, Mark and Dennis were perched atop a playset, and Peter was lying down. This was the birthday on which their individual personalities began to emerge. They may share a similar appearance, but their personalities couldn’t be more different! Nonetheless, there’s a smile on each of the three boys’ faces.



Their Fifth Birthday Was Tough

The concerned expressions on the boys’ faces suggested that their fifth birthday was difficult for them. It was the year their mother, Karin, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and started treatment. Despite this, she planned to honor her triplets on their fifth birthday with the same celebrations they had every year.

She baked a cake for her sons, bought them matching sweaters, and took a picture of them with the yearly sign that corresponded to their birth year. This time, they weren’t as happy-faced as in the previous photo. Perhaps they were picking up on the tension. Nevertheless, they remained steadfast in observing the birthday tradition…



During Their Sixth Birthday, They Regained Their Smiles

After celebrating their sixth birthday, the boys were able to smile once again. They were doing well in school, making new friends, and even their mother was starting to feel a little better. They couldn’t contain their excitement as they prepared to take their yearly birthday photo.

Of course, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the matching sweaters. They continued the tradition, and on their sixth birthday, they were happier than they were on their fifth. Their youthful radiance had returned. Now let’s see how they progress from this point…



Matching Sweaters Were So Last Year – Birthday #7

As the boys grew older, something was different when it came time to take their traditional birthday picture. On Peter, Mark, and Dennis’s seventh birthday, they decided to do something a little bit different – yet somewhat the same!

This was the first year the triplets didn’t wear matching sweaters! Instead, they opted for overalls with different sweaters underneath. But they still had matching jumpers, which they apparently loved! However, as we can see, they had a puzzled look on their faces – we wonder why?




Their Eighth Birthday Was the Last in Their House

When the boys celebrated their eighth birthday, they continued their new tradition of wearing a different sweater each year. They chose different colors but kept the polka dot pattern on their clothes consistent. However, there was still a sense of unity in how they coordinated their attire.

Unfortunately, their house was destroyed by a fire a month after the birthday photo was taken due to a gas leak. It was a trying time for everyone, and we’ll be able to see how much their smiles changed by looking at the next picture, which captures them celebrating their ninth birthday…

Birthday #9 Was Somewhere New

Wilma, the family’s next-door neighbor, took in the three young children and their mother for a period of time. She even helped Karin make the sign for the boys’ ninth birthday party so it could be photographed. The little family moved to a trailer as soon as possible while waiting for their house to be rebuilt.

After a year had passed, the boys and their mother were finally able to move back into the house. The boys had every reason to beam with happiness now that they were reunited. They looked nothing like they did when they were younger. Continue scrolling down.



Peter Captured Their Tenth Birthday Picture

The boys matured at a rapid rate. As their tenth birthday approached, they decided to do something different. Peter, who had been saving money, was now the proud owner of a top-notch camera equipped with a timer and a flash, allowing them to take better pictures.

So, after setting the timer, the boys grabbed their yearly birthday sign, and with Peter’s brand new camera, they took their customary picture. The results were fantastic. At age 10, the boys already had a dashing appearance. Their looks hadn’t changed, but they were getting closer to being their true selves every day.



A Girl Entered the Picture on Their 11th Birthday

Even though Peter had recently turned 11, it seemed that he was already quite the ladies’ man! He was the first of his brothers to start a relationship with a girl named Eva. After school, he and Eva would often hang out while Peter and Dennis ran around being typical 11-year-olds, getting into mischief.

Nevertheless, they still took their yearly picture, with two of them maintaining neutral expressions and the third appearing to smile sarcastically. This expression of contentment reflected Peter’s satisfaction with the romantic commitment he had made, as well as the fact that his two friends remained single.



Peter Was Diagnosed with Epilepsy on Their 12th Birthday

The triplets faced more struggles than usual on their 12th birthday. While Mark and Dennis were preparing to transition from middle to high school, Peter was dealing with an unexpected medical issue. He was constantly in and out of doctors’ offices, and that year,

he received a diagnosis of epilepsy and began experiencing sporadic seizures, which forced him to miss multiple days of school. Nonetheless, the brothers took their yearly portrait and beamed with happiness. They continued their tradition of taking photos with the same sign, proving that birthdays are still worth celebrating.



Their 13th Birthday Saw Peter Separated from His Brothers

When the time came for the brothers to celebrate their 13th birthday, Peter’s parents made the decision that it would be best for him to continue his education at the elementary school level while his brothers moved on to high school.

They wanted to avoid him being separated from them in a school setting again. Unfortunately, the switch to a new school triggered Peter’s seizures due to the unfamiliarity. Nevertheless, the boys continued to celebrate each other’s birthdays by taking pictures with the same sign, and they remained as inseparable as ever.



Peter Finally Entered High School on Their 14th Birthday

At the age of 14, Peter finally had the opportunity to enroll in high school, having consistently been ranked as one of the brightest students in his class. He seamlessly transitioned and found it easier since he was back with his brothers.

However, as full-fledged teenagers, the boys are shown in their annual picture with their lips tightly closed, a typical expression of teenage angst, except for the one on the far left who still believed in smiling. The following year would become known as the year of the necklace.



They Were Put Back in the Same Grade for Their 15th Birthday

When the brothers turned 15, Peter was placed back in the same class as his older brothers Mark and Dennis. With his high IQ and willingness to put in effort, he excelled, evident from the broad grin that adorned his face throughout the interview.

They took their annual picture again, this time including bead necklaces, confirming the unmistakable 1990s era. They thought they could pull off a surfer vibe, but as we now know, they couldn’t. Nonetheless, they looked adorable!




It Was All About Hair Dye for Their 16th Birthday

As the boys turned 16, they fully embraced the rebellious stage of their teenage development. In their traditional photograph, two of them decided to experiment with different hair colors. Peter, on the left, dyed his hair red, while Mark, on the right, went for a very dark black.

They were truly starting to differentiate their appearances from one another, but the one consistent feature across all of them was their faces. Could they really dye their faces too?

They Were Making Their Way Through Their 17th Birthday

When it was time to celebrate their 17th birthday, the boys were still navigating their way through high school, so they decided to invite their teachers. It was also around this time that they made the choice to stop using hair dye and embrace their natural long braided hair. They looked incredible with their hair in its natural state, and we fully supported their decision.

In their annual photo, each of the boys had a similar look, showcasing their casual style. The days of matching sweaters and sweet smiles were gone. The boys were growing up, and they seemed less thrilled about taking pictures. Ah, teenagers!



18 Years Old And Looking Towards The Future

Before turning 18, both brothers had received their high school diplomas. Mark and Dennis had decided to pursue careers in the helping professions, with Mark aspiring to become a teacher and Dennis aiming to become a sports masseur.

On the other hand, Peter had a passion for architecture and was preparing to enroll in a prestigious architectural program at an accredited university to turn his dreams into reality. They were maturing at a rapid rate!



Just Before They Turned 19, Peter Had An Episode

For several years, Peter had been free from epileptic attacks. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the triplets turned 19, Peter experienced one of the most severe seizures of his life. It was a grand mal seizure, and everyone feared he wouldn’t recover due to its intensity.

Luckily, someone was present to provide assistance during the seizure, but it left a lasting impact on Peter’s life. Throughout the ordeal, his brothers stood by his side, offering unwavering support. No matter the challenges they faced together, their bond remained unbreakable.



The Brothers Moved To Berlin During Their 20th Birthday

After the recent episode, Peter developed anxiety whenever he was alone. As a result, when Mark and Dennis reached the age of 20, they decided to relocate to Berlin to be with their uncle Peter. Their friendship knew no bounds.

At that point, they were spread out across the country pursuing their studies in different locations. However, whenever Peter needed them, they didn’t hesitate to be there for him. By the age of 26, not only Peter but also the other two brothers had exceptionally long hair. Keep reading to witness their transformative journey.



They Were Together For Their 21st Birthday

In Berlin, where they lived and studied for their respective majors, the brothers celebrated their 21st birthdays together. They were determined not to let their early twenties deter them from capturing their traditional birthday photo. And so, they took it!

The boys posed for yet another picture, holding the sign that had been with them since their childhood. With their beautiful blonde locks starting to shine, they looked the part. Living in Berlin brought them closer than ever, but what the future held for them remained unknown.



22 Saw The Boys With Some Dark Hair

At the age of 22, Peter, Mark, and Dennis were still residing in Berlin, continuing their studies. Despite their busy schedules, they paused to recreate their annual birthday photo. And why wouldn’t they? They looked absolutely adorable!

This year, their hair appeared a shade or two darker, with Peter opting for a haircut before letting his long locks grow again. They were truly coming into their own, and even when they were all together, people still found them intriguing. What awaits them next year?



The Boys Graduated and Moved Back Home at 23

In 2008, the boys celebrated their 23rd birthdays, marking the end of their academic journeys. It was supposed to be a joyful time for them. However, their mother, Karin, had recently discovered a cancerous tumor in her intestines, requiring extensive attention and care to continue her fight against the illness.

After thoughtful consideration, the three boys decided to move back to their childhood home to take care of their mother. They understood their responsibilities and the reasons behind returning home, harboring no resentment. It was a necessary step for them.



They Took Care of Their Mom at 24

At 24, Peter’s girlfriend at the time, Suzan, joined the boys in taking care of their mother in their childhood home. Karin received the collective support and care from all four of her “kids” living under one roof, ensuring she had everything she needed.

As part of their caregiving duties, they maintained the tradition of capturing a picture of the three sons together on their birthday. Despite her illness, Karin experienced a moment of immense joy, witnessing the big smiles on the boys’ faces.




Brotherly Hugs to Celebrate 25

Despite the challenges posed by their mother’s illness, the strong bond between her and the boys remained intact. They continued to reside in the house that held many precious memories from their formative years, with Suzan becoming a permanent resident.

Of course, the boys didn’t miss their annual birthday photo, a cherished family tradition. They managed to uphold these traditions despite the adversities they faced. In the picture, the boys showcased their unique hairstyles, no longer trying to match each other.

26 = Long Hair, Don’t Care

Upon reaching 26, two of the brothers sported considerably longer hair than before. Peter tied his hair into a ponytail, adorned with a headband, while Mark’s thick locks cascaded almost down to his chin. However, one thing that remained unchanged was their tradition of taking a picture while holding their birthday sign.

Not much had changed since the previous year; their radiant smiles remained, and their hair was still untamed, except for Dennis, standing on the far right. Discover how their 33rd birthday photo became their final one together as you continue reading.



When the Boys Turned 27, Karin Passed Away

Sadly, Karin lost her battle with colon cancer when her sons reached the age of 27. Inheriting the house, the brothers decided it would be best for all of them to continue living there due to its spaciousness. Through the shared struggles they endured, they grew closer than ever before.

Moreover, Peter and Suzan received joyful news that they were expecting a child, bringing another generation into the same house where they had spent their childhood. As they wished to raise their child in the same home, continuing the legacy, the question of what lay ahead arose.



Noah Was Born on the Brothers’ 28th Year

On April 23, 2013, Peter and Suzan welcomed their son, Noah, into the world, experiencing the joy of parenthood for the first time. Peter embraced fatherhood with overwhelming happiness, while Mark and Dennis were delighted to become uncles.

Amidst this significant turning point in their lives, the brothers managed to pose for their birthday picture. No matter what happens, returning to familiar traditions has a way of centering everyone. That’s the beauty of traditions; they provide comfort and continuity, regardless of circumstances.



They Settled into a Routine by 29

By the time they turned 29, the brothers had established a daily routine. Peter had recently become a father, while Mark and Dennis embraced their roles as uncles, all while working full-time jobs.

Unbeknownst to them, another milestone was approaching: their thirtieth year. As triplets, the anticipation was soaring! They had never missed celebrating each other’s birthdays and had always done so together. Stay tuned to witness their 30th-year celebration…



Their 30th Birthday Was a Grand Celebration

When Peter, Mark, and Dennis reached the age of 30, they commemorated the occasion with a lavish party, inviting all their closest friends to join the festivities at their childhood home.

Over fifty people, familiar with the triplets, attended the event. This age not only marked a significant milestone for the brothers but also witnessed Peter marrying Suzan, his lifelong love and the mother of his son. Together, they reveled in the splendor of the moment.



A Bright Future at 31

As the triplets reached the age of 31, they eagerly anticipated the next chapter of their lives. They continued to dote on their newborn child, surrounded by wonderful friends, and happily residing in their purchased home. Co-living had brought them much joy.

Moreover, they had successfully maintained the tradition of capturing a birthday picture every year without fail. This heartwarming story has been the most inspiring thing we encountered all week. No other story comes close. How is it that such a tradition has endured for so long?



Contentment at 32

At 32, Peter, Mark, and Dennis were all content with their lives, seizing the opportunities that came their way. Preserving the birthday sign their mother had made years ago added to their joy. They took good care of their belongings, didn’t they?

With broad smiles, they posed for the camera, repeating the annual tradition of holding the sign. Can you spot any noticeable changes since they turned 31? What will their future appearances hold?



One Last Photo at 33

In the final photograph taken on their journey, the brothers look up at the camera with optimistic smiles. They have experienced many highs and lows, but the future continues to hold promise for them. As long as they remain united and keep each other in mind, they won’t encounter any trouble.

We can’t help but wonder about their future plans. The passing years make it increasingly challenging to envision what lies ahead for the brothers. We anticipate that they will retain their essence while showcasing their unique growth. Witnessing their development over the years is truly fascinating.